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  1. PsychicKim1 thanks for the honesty!

  2. I can’t believe how you are so spot ON. Thank you so much, you helped a lot.

  3. Harper , your amazing like always and you know how I feel and my situation. You always have the right words to say. Your so full of love and peace. Your honesty and comprehension means alot to me. Your my number 1 in my heart. Your not judgemental. Thank you for being there when I need to talk to love you and have an awesome day.

  4. “Jaclyn’s insight and savvy has been extraordinarily helpful as I
    navigate the twists-and-turns and spirals of a deep spiritual
    connection with a complex and sometimes-befuddling
    woman. I deeply appreciate Jaclyn’s compassion, concision,
    and long/broad view of the situation. She’s a VERY talented
    reader and you should give her a try if you’re looking for an
    awesome reading at a very reasonable rate.”

  5. PsychicKim,always there for me!!! wonderful!

  6. Very accurate, can always count on you Aldwyn.

  7. Thank you Haper. I will stay in touch..

  8. “Thank you Thulla. Your so kind to me its good to hear your
    voice. I live you because today you made me feel very
    good about myself.”

  9. “Thulla is helping me tremendously in navigating a slowly-developing
    relationship with a woman who does not easily share certain things because
    of some very old abuse & trauma.”

  10. “Topaz is fantastic! She is usually always right even if at the time it seems impossible.
    I trust her judgement and psychic abilities 100%”

  11. Samantha McComb

    100% value for money. CherryLyn gives so much insight into personalities and situations and not least she reads you and how you feel and what you need. The best!

  12. Saying that Caitie has been my savior for months now is putting it mildly! Cannot begin to express my gratitude for her in my life at this time and she certainly knows why!

  13. Luxepetite, you left me speechless… I’m reading what you said to me again and again… every word you said is important, and you understood me immediately and my growing spirituality… It’s just amazing! I had a reading with you maybe a year ago, but I didn’t understand you then, thought there was no connection! you are now my number 1! and we speak again soon! 🙂 Thank you!

  14. Everything has worked out just as you have said. you are amazing Nadia.

  15. She is brilliant, very accurate and no nonsense. Do expect honesty and you will get exact answers. I also love her strong enthusiastic presence. Topaz is truly one of a kind; fantastic.

  16. MissTUla has an amazing spiritual approach to all her readings. Hard to get a hold of, and it’s obvious why.

  17. She was good. Some of it was vague and maybe a couple of things that was accurate as well as somethings that were inaccurate. I’m not a fan of chat readings and sometimes feel the connection is different than over the phone

  18. Thank you TarotBae. I kept revisiting an experience I had at a funeral. You helped me to realize all is meant to be.

  19. Very positive reading overall and very different. In line with other top advisors. I felt better after chatting with NIcola. Sometimes it’s our attitude in how we perceive what’s happening.

  20. She’s always honest and straightforward. Was a able to confirm what she said about persons feelings. And my own. Thank you.

  21. Outstanding expert she is indeed so candid frank and will tell you what she only sees. LadyLight is indeed so positive too… Thank you Topaz i wish i can talk to you too on the phone.

  22. Nadia is there for me always! No judging no nothing just telling me what she sees 🙂

  23. “Good:) I’m waiting for the out comes.
    After taking with Robin, I felt very calm and at peace, you are very empowering!!!”

  24. Another wonderful reading with Catalina..she is such a shining star who understands me..great..until next tiime

  25. The predictions that Robin said about Chris a few months ago, it’s all coming true and unfolding!

  26. Excellent Reading. LadyLight also cleared my energy which was in pretty bad shape with all the emotional turmoil…she is fantastic at doing that, I felt better by the end of the night. Love her she is comfort for me. xoxo

  27. Always a great reading with Vincent. He just knows me and can read my energy so easily. I love how he clears me and always feel better after we have chatted. big hugs!

  28. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you, Catalina. Thanks for your caring and kindness and for to encourage me to stay strong.

  29. Fantastic Reading!! Angela Thank you for being so clear, compassionate, loving and such a divine guiding light. Your reading helped me get really clear on my life. In Gratitude!

  30. Amazing read…info just unfolds without u realizing it. Thanks for the guidance Lucas.

  31. Thank you! Suzanna has been one of my rocks and I am looking forward to tomorrow!

  32. This girl helps me to maintain my sanity in the midst of an otherwise long, drawn out, painful situation. I can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel…..and i can almost touch that brass ring! smiles ….. happiness is just round the corner .. we can both feel it! Thank you so much Robin

  33. Thank you Sirene for making me feel at ease and I will be patient. I will wait on predictions hoping it will come true.

  34. Lucas is positive and what he says will occur seems impossible to believe at the moment.. but I believe him. He doesn’t waste your minutes, just enriches the reading and I feel he is accurate. Time will tell. I feel he is on target.

  35. Loved my reading with Arius! She was spot on with my situation and gave a lot of information. She is a fast typist and does not waste time. Does not sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed.

  36. Really great reading a lot of detail without asking questions as he explained every card I understood where it applied. Lucas is really good and I will be back.

  37. Michelle, what would I do without you! Thank you!! Love you!

  38. CherryLyn is accurate on the POI. She sticks with what she sees despite knowing sometimes it is hard to keep believing. Last year she said the same & the prediction came true. Her style is different but comforting.

  39. So much info and details! I love Hunter. She’s really a psychic and i feel that she really cares

  40. Hunter’s a wonderful lady! Very good at reading the other person. Very in depth and in tune. Thank you.

  41. You deserved more than 5 stars! Serenity, you made me happy and all predictions came to pass

  42. Lenard is a valuable asset to my life..amazing! He messaged tonight but just a happy face tho..but its ok u said he would.

  43. Phenominal!!!!! You’reright I am tired n need of a break big time! All that you told me were true and one of your prediction already came to life.

  44. CherryLyn is great. She is straight to the point and told me not to worry. I am very thankful for choosing her as my psychic.

  45. The best. I chose AnnMarie because you looked genuine and loving and friendly and empathetic. someone similar to me maybe, open minded and I felt like what you would say would be positive.

  46. As always, Solutions was on point with her guidance and support…such a steady beacon in a stormy sea. Thanks Solutions!

  47. Thanks so much! this has been a long journey with many ups and downs and more to come …could not have done it without your help and prayers! luv ya Ms. Solutions!

  48. Thank you Robin! I had another amazing reading. I’ll follow your advise and thanks for being truthful, i needed that. 🙂

  49. Thank you MissTula! You’re the best. I’m having a better day whenever i talked to you.

  50. Fiona is very sweet and honest. I like her style of reading and she’s always right.

  51. Very quick to pick up on situation and honest. From all the readings I’ve had with readers, Serenity’s one of the very few that have left me feeling great! Thank you so much!

  52. Kendra Kimberlin

    I want to thank Annmarie for her kind and sweet nature. She is very down to earth and and I believe wants to give her clients an accurate reading. She understands the situation and uses her gift to help add light to it. God bless.

  53. Jonalyn Schismenos

    I love MissTula. She’s a bright light and a breath of fresh air. Her prediction came true in the time frame she gave on our last reading. Her guidance has allowed me to stay positive and that resulted in great things. She speaks the truth even if you don’t like what the message is. I will continue to endorse and recommend MissTula!

  54. Robin was wonderful. She was warm and kind. She was very understanding and gave me great insight about my situation. Will definitely call her again!

  55. Annmarie is so lovely, kind and caring person. I loved her reading. I feel with so much hope. She was accurate in the situation I am right now and I’m still waiting for predictions come true.

  56. You’re so amazing. It was amazing how well things were going in my life all around when I practiced these things. The moment I did not make these things a priority, life slowed down a little bit. As soon as I am back into my practices, I will definitely contact Lucas again to let her know how I’m doing. Thank you Lucas.

  57. Anjali Loharuka

    Guys! I recommend MysticTopaz. She was quick accurate to the situation and straight to the point. Thanks & God bless.

  58. She is good. She will tell what she sees. Very gentle in voice and insight. Thank you for doing my reading Robin.

  59. Subrina is funny and she tapped in quickly and didn’t waste my minutes! I pray it comes to pass! I’ll be in touch to let you know how things are going.

  60. Keishlyann Marcano

    Gigi’s holding my hand through some very very difficult times n she has been right on. She will even admit that sometimes others free will make some things different.

  61. As always, Doreen is the best. She is on, Doreen picked up on so many things—amazing!

  62. Julian is exceptionally astutue, aware, and sensitive to all kinds of information that is coming in. She is able to explain it all in terms of progression, timelines, destiny, in a wonderful way that is comforting. She is wonderful reader.

  63. Robin is the best she knows how to calm me down. And has been correct. With everything she says. She remembers me everytime I talk to her. I highly recommend her.

  64. MissTula is the best, she always put me at ease. She’s a no nonsense psychic and i love her for her honesty.

  65. She is the best I logged on afraid and scared for my new adventure in love. She put my mind so at ease. She told me to pray to the the angle. I do that at least 3 times a day. She is my new friend??

  66. Celia Mcpherson

    Thank you for going so in-depth with me. I appreciate everything you do. You are truly amazing Julia.

  67. She calms me down so much…..shows me things from a different perspective. If you want to get your life in order…. Robin is the one you GO TO.

  68. Paulina Mcguire

    Lucas, you mentioned a date for when i would meet him, and i was really skeptical but so pleased as what you said came true. Thank u Lucas.

  69. MissTula is always on point, connecting strongly to all my situations and able to provide very useful insight.. with both my personal, and business matters. Predictions keep coming true, so of course i keep coming back.. thank you, MissTula!

  70. Great!! And thank you for putting my mom in your prayers I will keep u updated. You’re the best Robin.

  71. I love speaking with Beth, she has so much knowledge, she is great.

  72. Robin has this uncanny ability to pick up on people. I have enquired about and sometimes even the ones I didn’t enquire about. She has seen my current love interest sleeping in his childrens room and the room having two twin beds (I didn’t even ask her this). In another instance she had seen this particular gentleman sleeping in his Jeep during his divorce (again true and I had not made any mention of if), she also kept seeing this “airplane guy” around me, well the love of my live is a pilot etc etc. Robin is also kind beyond measure.

  73. Fantastic! love talking to Martha. She even remembers details from a conversation going back a few years. Truly gifted.

  74. Margo, thank you again for being there and sharing your gifts with me. Your voice and laughter and wisdom have always been such a blessing in my life. So grateful for you….

  75. LInda Gerringer

    Vero, I am so looking forward to speaking with you. You provide such an amazing service. It is always an honor to receive your wisdom.

  76. MissTula was really sweet her words calmed my broken heart & my silenced my cry. Somehow I know things will pan out like she says because I’m truly a good person and deserve the life she described for me in just a few short months . I’m laying low and staying out the way.

  77. How AMAZINGLY, AMAZING you are Margo!!! Finally, after a long time and long sufferance, I started to get closure!!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. So sorry for the abrupt interruption due to account limit at this time, but will be back in line. I can’t thank you enough!!!

  78. I appreciate all you see Hunter. I hope what you see for work materialized soon as well. Thank you and again Hunter. I cannot call for sometime, I have to exercise restraint, which saddens me, but I must. All I ask of you right now is to keep positive and warm thought where I am concerned and please keep me in your prayers. I have a strong faith, as if it were not for that, I would of crumbled by now. I wish you nothing but the best, God Bless you, XOXO

  79. Jewell, is the most compassionate person, not to mention her insights are on target. I hope you are right about the coming events and the end to a bad situation soon. It has drained me mentally. Thank you Jewell for being there.

  80. I am so glad we were able to talk today.. You, Martha, to me and to all of us whom you guide day to beautiful day, are a priceless gift from the bosom of Heaven. Thank you once more Martha for the rejuvenation of the spirit, the replenishment of the soul that readings with you bring about.

  81. Marjorie Mottinger

    Thank you Ariana. I will take your advice and not contact and have faith that he will contact me as you see it. Sorry our time got cut short, Ill be waiting for your word of affirmation that you wanted me to repeat after you. Hope to talk to you soon and with good news. From the French Canadian girl. lol

  82. Hi Solutions, it was lovely speaking with you on Sunday night. I wanted to make sure to say thank you again for your insights. Incredible how you picked up on those “significant” dates. You are so warm and your voice is very calming! I will certainly keep you posted. I hold Chuck very near and dear to my heart. Thanks for listening. Love and light – Dee

  83. Thank you Beth for your help regarding my situation with my sibling, also my love life. I hope you are right with your predictions. Thank you again!!

  84. Is there anything I can say different that has not been said here by others? Robin– YOU ARE ONE FABULOUS ADVISOR WHO IS EXTREMELY GIFTED. Thank you!

  85. Great! Thanks Beth! You are so honest and i feel comfortable talking with you.

  86. Thank you Robin for your comforting words and insight. I have to be patient with my soulmate. |It is the most difficult trial I have ever lived in my life. Ultimately, there was a purpose for this. Call Robin for a reading, you will be amazed in her abilities. She tells it like she sees it, not what you want to hear.

  87. Ginnie is amazing without a doubt. Though to me, your kindness and your humility is what makes you the best of all.

  88. Julia is very sweet and I enjoyed my reading with her. She was able to pick up on the emotions and personality of the person-in-question so accurately, and that was amazing!

  89. Hunter remembered me from our first reading and even my zodiac sign. She read what I was feeling without saying a word and described the man in my life as if she knew him, even his zodiac sign. Hunter you said to cut the ties so he can feel it. I will do the cleansing and wait for his response. I’ve jumped back in line so we can finish our reading. The fact that you knew about the trust issue was beyond amazing. Thank you for letting me know it is not over. The words I need to use and how I need to regain my energy back will be done. THANK YOU!

  90. Well Robin, I deleted her from my FB yesterday! I decided to live my life in spite of others. That means her and M. Quite freeing. Not sure how he feels about it, but I don’t care. No more damned if I do, or damned if I don’t. Thank you for your constant reminder.

  91. Alex is kind, understanding and accurate but does not give exact timings because he correctly states only God knows but being in the proximity is fine with me. He is fantastic.

  92. Martha is an angel and a messenger from God. Martha is very kind and unbelievably accurate. Some small things have happened but the reuniting of me and my former fiancee is certain.

  93. She’s very exceptional. She is like one of the girls you go out with and always know its going to be a fun time with caring friends and no judgement given! The best part is that Ginnie is always on and always is quick to get into!

  94. Sympathetic and kind, those are the words that define Starangle!

  95. Renee is always amazing, astounding and wonderful! I wont look for other psychics anymore.

  96. Gosh, this was the 1st reading ever that gave me goose bumps. She gave me incredibly detailed info on what the future holds for myself and my future partner. I would definitely go back to her. One last thing, she makes you feel very comfortable, as though you are talking to a good & dear old friend. To sum it up….incredible!!!

  97. It was much more than I expected Sita, thank you! I’ll know to be more prepared next time (without guest coming) So informative and I have to call back for the rest!

  98. Perhaps the universe was telling me that the amount of time and information that you had given me was enough. Since you told me not to give up, I will continue on. How would I give up anyway? There have been times when I thought about doing that, but it doesn’t happen. Talk to you soon. Thank you Ginnie.

  99. Robin is always fantastic! You can always count on her to be truthful and honest.

  100. Always on point. Ruby is the REAL DEAL! God Bless You Ruby for helping me and others that need your insights! And love:)) – Tamara

  101. Naomi is great!!! Talking to Naomi is like talking to someone you have known for years!

  102. Angelica thank you for sharing your gift. I have spoken to many psychics on different sites and by a mile you are THE REAL DEAL. Without ANY information she immediately picked up on the sign of the person I called about, the other person involved and the party coming up. I have never been left in awe after a reading because i had gotten a bit cynical, but my faith has been restored just by this one call!

  103. My first reading with Noel- i had only three minutes in my account- and in those three minutes she: layed out my situation, described the person, described his gestures towards her, and was SPOT ON. In three minutes this woman eased my soul more than 200 minutes of past readers. RECOMMENDED!!!

  104. Always a pleasure to speak with him. It’s just a real joy to talk to Eduardo, such a positive force.

  105. Julienne Nordstrom

    You’ll never go wrong talking with her. Ginnie is truly gifted and I am so glad I have found her.

  106. Liam… I have one more message from R…. You picked up on my situation right away and had great advice. I will definitely call again!

  107. Joan is always great. I have had her read for me many times and she always remembers our previous conversation and is very compassionate and forthcoming with excellent information. She is always run on with her predictions also.

  108. Wow! I am very happy to get a positive outcome from her. Blessings to you & keep up the great job! Will be in touch.

  109. Noel was an intelligent reader… whatever that means to you. As I was listening to her it was clear in my mind that she was real and what she sees and hears are from the spirits.

  110. I really appreciate your honesty, while delivering in such an extremely caring and candid manner. Love you! Thanks again! I will definitely be calling you again!!!

  111. Diana Westmoreland

    Viv is the best psychic here!! She is non judgmental, honest, caring and has a lot of info to share with you. She helps me a lot.

  112. Sita stayed on course with first reading, always a pleasure talking with her. Sita can be brutally honest but i felt her concern. Thank you.

  113. Sorry for the late feedback! Robin is a fantastic, gifted, and amazing lady! I love her vibrant, positive energy, and caring manner. IDK how she does it but she totally BLEW me away with all the specific details she picks up. Thanks Robin you are such a sweet caring and amazing lady! 🙂

  114. Serenity really has a gift. She has been accurate with timeframes down to how my POI mood and focus will be for a period of time. She is very reassuring with her sound advice.

  115. Vickie picked on the 3rd party involved w/o me mentioning the person. Everything that I’m currently going through she picked up on.

  116. Thank you so much Alex. I will be back to update you soon enough.

  117. Luke still remains the best on this site. He is the only one I call. He is a true intuitive and picked up on things and events that I know to be true. He couldn’t have known other than by being the expert psychic that he is. So gifted..

  118. Amazing- There are no other words to say about CherryLyn. I can’t wait to talk to CherryLyn again.

  119. Perfect. This was my first reading with CherryLyn. Instant connection and amazing accuracy on multiple levels! Thanks so much for all your insight and advice.

  120. Alex was spot on. He is amazing, pending predictions but very accurate about present situation with my career!

  121. Ginnie, that was amazing. I love all the details. That’s what makes a reading interesting and even more so when things occur, it sticks in your memory.

  122. Hands down the best! Stephanie knew what type of work he did! She said she would be posting a lot of picture and she is! Everything she talked about during our call….completely accurate!

  123. Georgina is such a gifted psychic, she is amazing with accuracy, goes right to the fact. She gives clarity to sometimes a complicated situation and is non judgmental and very compassionate.

  124. Sorry for short amount of time I have to talk to you Noel. I’ll make sure to be able to talk longer next time. Noel, I wanted to thank you for all the help. You talking about me being in abusive situation is correct. Thank you for all the help and all the messages from his mom. This man has screwed himself and I hope he will be able to get himself on a right path, as he deserves to be happy. He is a great man with broken path… but he has a huge heart.

  125. Christopher has been on point with timing. If he says someone will call me in a few weeks it’s normally exactly that. Hoping he’s right again this time 🙂

  126. I hope you are right lol. Trip isn’t happening this weekend but you see a trip and I still think it’s happening in the near future. You’ve been right so far Shemere. 🙂 thanks again… I will keep you posted!

  127. It’s really hard to put into words how truly gifted this lady is. Maria is so gracious, so soothing–she puts you at ease and asks only your name and date of birth (and any SO name)–and then–bam! She just starts and off she flows effortlessly with detailed information that reveals the people and events in your life. She’s not shy about making predictions, she may volunteer these automatically in the course of your reading.

  128. Astonishingly accurate. Delilah is worth every penny.

  129. Shelly was kind and gentle with her approach. She was able to pick up on all of the people I talked about without giving names. She told me what I needed to hear even though some of it was not want I wanted to hear. I appreciate her honesty.

  130. Tammy picked up on my energy immediately and was very intuitive.

  131. Amazing! Spot on with everything and her spirit guide says it all. Highly recommended. I will be back to speak to Maya again.

  132. Amber did very well. She’s very professional and I was very impressed.

  133. Serenity, I feel like we just reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro together! Ready to drop the heavy backpack and breathe in the clean, fresh air. Serenity, your accuracy and guidance have gotten me through this week!! Love & Blessings!!

  134. She was quick and to the point. Tula’s always consistent and honest.

  135. Donovan was kind, fast, helpful and accurate. Thank you.

  136. Carol’s always honest and on point. She really knows her stuff.

  137. Serena is the real deal. She not only relays the thoughts, feelings and yes even the actions of POI but a clear understanding of the how’s and why’s Serena gives it to you straight with compassion and support!

  138. Thank you , thank you , thank you Ginnie for your insight and advice. My journey is nearing the end and I am ready to embrace the outcome you have been reading for over 2 yrs now. Through your guidance, support and love I have been able to remain patient and positive . I love you angel!

  139. Thank you Dee for the detailed update on POI. I appreciate your advice too.

  140. Dee is the best when it comes to knowing what people feel. She is fantastic.

  141. Robin never been wrong for a year I been talking to her. She’s so accurate I be scared to call her lol

  142. Serenity is quick and thorough. I felt better after talking with her, she was truthful and helped me feel confident with my decisions.

  143. I cant say enough about how fantastic Madison is. She really explained everything.

  144. I have had many wonderful readings over the past two years with Carol. I can’t thank her enough for her insight during this difficult time. Carol’s psychic abilities always amaze me.

  145. Cathy! Speaks straight and to the point!! Thanks Cathy!

  146. I love Maya, she remembers me and who I talk to her about every time. She can give me clear insight with honesty. She’s awesome.

  147. Thank you, Will. It was a good reading.

  148. Stefania Ramos

    Serenity has been my go-to advisor for over two years. I looked back over my notes of our readings and Serenity has been incredibly consistent.

  149. Love Debra! She is always there for me, honest and caring!

  150. Serenity is my favorite. Almost always accurate and spot on with tuning in on the people I ask her about. She truly is connected with the spirit realm.

  151. My first reading with Sita was astonishingly accurate, as all of them have proven to be! I was amazed how specific the information was — what a gift she has!

  152. Savanna Brossart

    Excellent! Always there for me and reads with honesty and Shanti is always accurate.

  153. Will is great in reading other people’s emotions!

  154. Thank you Nicole for your patience with me. I know I tend to ask you the same questions. You are right every time. Thanks for being so caring.

  155. Dee is good as always. Definitely will call again!

  156. Give Katherine a try and you will not disappointed. She is the embodiment of a true gifted psychic.

  157. Clarence Royal

    Aurora is really amazing, direct and to the point with her answers. She has read for me several times and she is always truthful, quick, connected with the spirits! Thank you Aurora!

  158. I have to say that Debra really picks up the truth and gives it like she see’s it. Overall, Debra is amazing and has been very accurate on current persons feelings.

  159. Thank you Sita. I am just so lost that I don’t know what to think anymore.

  160. Great reading! I’ve spoken with Luke a couple times and his time frame for contact in regards to the man in question contacting me has happened.

  161. Ginnie has read for me for 2 years. There is no doubt in my mind that Ginnie has a gift. She’s not afraid of hurting your feelings if what she hears is not what you wanted to hear. I respect her for that.

  162. Great reading! I will be calling back soon Violet, I forgot to ask one more thing. Talk to you soon.

  163. Susie Armstrong

    Nicole is amazing. So much info and it just flows out so quickly. Looking forward to the outcome though like you said, timing is everything. Thank you Nicole.

  164. Pamela Everhart

    Lucinda is always reliable and specific in regard to others thought feelings and emotions. definitely love her.

  165. She’s always good and she doesn’t to sugarcoat. I like that, Nicole.

  166. Amber’s definitely picked up on stuff going on in my love life. Timing prediction is iffy.

  167. Accurate! I ran out of dollars so I called back next day. Nicole is great!

  168. Selena is absolutely incredible and she’s the real deal. I couldn’t not believe her if I tried. She pinpointed everything about him and his life and things he has said to me, word for word. First time reading with Selena and I don’t think I will be calling any other psychic from now on!

  169. Absolutely extraordinary! Patricia is very patient and insightful. Thank you for addressing all my questions with extreme accuracy. You read all in questioned like a book. Will definitely call you back soon. Highly recommended.

  170. Richard is so reassuring and seems to know exactly what is happening.

  171. Richard, thank you. I think you are sincere and accurate in your reading. I hope he will reconnect as you have said. Talk to you again soon.

  172. Wow! This is the best reading I have ever had. Aurora is very detailed and informative and true. Thank you Aurora from the bottom of my heart.

  173. Robin is very accurate. I did not have a hard time understanding her. She is quick and does a great job. I trust her and highly suggest using her. Does not waste your time with explaining things, just gets right to the point.

  174. Debra picked up quickly and effortless what the person in question was thinking. She also picked up on the specific office dynamics that has been going on and she was accurate!

  175. Simply amazing! Katerena is very nice but it doesn’t stop her from telling the truth straight to the point.

  176. OMG… Shana have been making all the right predictions for me. I used to doubt her so so much because she changed her predictions when I asked her about my ex. However, not just one, but many times, I looked back at my notes, she got so many right. She predicted everything correctly.

  177. I had my first call with Richard and he was on target. I really appreciate him.

  178. Shana really sounded like the person I inquired about. Will be interested to see what comes to pass, but will most definitely try another reading with her. Thanks!

  179. Very impressive. Richard was able to articulate the thought process and actions that someone is going to have and take in the near future. It was as if he could see and hear things in real time and relaying them to me.

  180. Sabrina, you are definitely one of my favorites! Thank you for a detailed reading.

  181. This was my 3rd reading with Robin and she was great. She has the ability to connect with the spirit of the person in question. It is amazing!

  182. He is so accurate on everything. I will continue to call Leon. He’s good.

  183. Shana’s able to described the person I was inquiring about without me telling her anything. That was great.

  184. I will wait for predictions to unfold but it’s a great reading. I will call Richard again.

  185. This was my second reading I had felt she had picked up a lot in the first reading so wanted to check on few things. She’s really good. Samara hit it on the nail.

  186. AnneMarie is good and funny. You should give her a try.

  187. I still have goosebumps right now with my reading. I’m going to call you again very very soon, Gary…

  188. My reading was chillingly accurate and emotional. Connecting with my grandma and friend were priceless experiences. Thank you so much Alice.

  189. Katherine is terrific. She’s been spot-on with everything. Even when it didn’t seem correct at the time, when I look back at the reading I noticed how on the money it was. During one reading, she briefly mentioned a situation about a horse and this brought tremendous clarity for me – I hadn’t even mentioned that situation to her. She is supportive, thoughtful, and I highly, highly recommend her!

  190. AnneMarie is a real deal. Why? She provided me a clear picture of my job hunting situation which I totally agreed. In addition, it takes one to know one. I am an amateur psychic so I know she is an authentic one.

  191. Truly amazing! Luke has helped me see into the heart of every issue and provided insight on both professional and personal matters.

  192. Aurora was able to very quickly tap into the energy and didn’t ask a lot of questions like some other psychics do.

  193. Sam is such an amazing person! He helped me ease my heart and soul.

  194. She tuned in and gave good advice. Richelle was honest and compassionate. Thank you.

  195. I followed up with Luke after a few months to be sure things are still on track. He provided a lot of details regarding the slow progress when he comes back in I’ll be sure to validate!

  196. Thanks once again for a wonderful reading, Elizabeth. You give me so much clarity and hope and I so treasured the fact that you could make contact with my late husband. Will be in touch soon!

  197. Sophie has wonderful personality! Won’t sugarcoat but tell you how it is but in a very kind way.

  198. As always, Ginnie provided a great reading. I will follow her advices as I always do. Thanks!

  199. I love April! She was able to explain thing and make my heartache go away.

  200. Peter was very calming, comforting and on point. I will wait for prediction to pan out like last time.

  201. Thank you Sena for helping me get out of the heavy mindset I was in. You answered a lot of doubts that I had and boosted me back up again. Thank you!

  202. I read with Donna frequently and she has been spot on with the information she has given me with my POI.

  203. Wonderful. She was fast and tuned into the energy of the situation right away. Very accurate.

  204. Elizabeth really tried to help and left me the nicest email message. We also seem to have a lot in common which helps a lot.

  205. If you are having one of those days where you need to know why you are going through what you are going through, Sable has the inside scoop.

  206. She stated my POI and I would not speak til after graduation and she was right. Waiting on the next prediction to come to pass. Much love and thank you!

  207. Pretty accurate reading. I have already reading with her several times and she’s very nice!

  208. I will definitely keep in touch with Sable! I am unjustly being held back from a couple of good things that I deserve and Sable is helping me to resolve them!

  209. Marilyn Stauffer

    Spot on. Thank you, thank you! It was so amazing.

  210. Such an amazing reading and the phrase Sita has mentioned was “Failures are gateway to new opportunities.” Thank you so much for your time, Sita.

  211. Loved talking to Luke. He listens to you and gives you honest answers. I will be calling him back soon.

  212. Always good and he’s usually very accurate. Luke’s a keeper.

  213. Stephanie’s a true psychic! I wish I knew her sooner. She is my psychic for life.

  214. Amazing! Zen is the best I ever worked with. She’s so personable. I believe she is the real deal. I wish I knew her sooner.

  215. Sable was very accurate on the information provided. Call her, she’ll be able to help you in whatever issue you might be facing.

  216. Mimi just really seemed to get me and my thought process. Definitely would recommend this advisor.

  217. Denise was the one who was accurate among all who were nice and giving me some hope. There was nothing from the beginning, and Denise was so right. I’m glad I sought for more than one perspective.

  218. Amazing. I highly recommend Carol. She’s not just doing it for the money.

  219. Lisa is so wonderful, comforting and sweet. Not judgment of anything that’s going on in your life. Lisa uses her gift to guide you to a better place. Nowl, I feel more comfort then I have in weeks. I will be getting another reading with her.

  220. Thank you Abigail. You told me things I didn’t want to hear. It all makes sense now and I feel that you have pushed me into a better direction. Everything you told me makes sense and now it’s my choice. Thank you.

  221. This was my first time having a reading and OMG! Ariel was so thorough and knowledgeable about my situation even when I didn’t say much about it. We will speak again.

  222. I had a very good reading with Samara. Thank you so much for your insight! I will be a loyal fan of yours for a very long time.

  223. I love talking with Stephanie. She is straightforward and speaks from the heart. Stephanie takes the time to hear you and answers your questions. The first time I spoke with her she was able to tell me about a conversation that had just happened.

  224. Very good! Alex read my POI and he’s spot on. I will be keeping in touch. Thank you Alex!

  225. Thank you for the reading, Stella. I definitely will be calling her again. Thank you so much.

  226. Katerena was excellent and picked up on my problem immediately. She was extremely accurate with no waffle.

  227. Abigail had a great reading. Picked up on my situation well, was honest and her delivery is kind and honest.

  228. You are totally spot on, Carol. Thank you for not giving up on me. I know I’m a hardheaded but you’ve been patient. Thank you for being my psychic.

  229. Brandy is such a blessing and a wonderful soul! She’s very honest with all of her readings.

  230. I appreciate your thoughtful insights as it’s been extremely comforting. Give April a try, you wont be disappointment.

  231. Thanks for your help, Ariel. You are such a blessing.

  232. Sena is a wonderful and compassionate reader. She’s helping me to be brave and she’s very accurate. Love her.

  233. Barbara always knows exactly who I am and literally picks up where we left off. She picked up on my tremendous growth in 2014 without me saying a word and she always picks up on my connection. It’s seriously uncanny how much she knows. You are the only psychic I want in my life. Light and love to you.

  234. Excellent reading. Confirmed what others have said but also added more detail to the situation. Looking forward to the predictions. Jasmine made me feel more at ease with more hope towards the future. Will keep you posted. Thank you so much.

  235. Sofia is a star. I will always call her back for her her no-sugarcoating truth. Such a gem.

  236. Matt was really in tuned to my situation with D. We are going through a very challenging and difficult time in our relationship and he made me feel at ease and that things can get better. Thank you Matt!

  237. This was the 1st reading ever that gave me goose bumps. With just the 1st name and date of birth, she gave me incredibly detailed info on what the future holds for myself and my future partner. I would definitely go back to Rachel. One last thing, she makes you feel very comfortable, as though you are talking to a good and dear old friend. Totally none judgmental and with a smile in her voice which is very endearing. To sum it up, she’s incredible! Waiting for her predictions to come true & will post again to update.

  238. Great Reading as always. Thank you so much Ella. I did what you said last night. Talk to you soon.

  239. Blossom, you are right! I’ll be transferring to another store at the end of this month. Thank you so much for seeing what I needed to know! You are Fantastic! A million stars to you Blossom!

  240. Olivia is a very nice lady and picked up on things and time frames. Asked if they meant anything to me and they did.

  241. Zylisaa, you are an angel sent for me! Thank you so much. God bless you!

  242. Just a pleasure. Ella is really concerned with her clients. You will feel that’s not just about her income.

  243. Robert Atkinson

    Molly has always positive and has been accurate. I will see if things turn out the way she says it would be.

  244. She’s genuine, compassionate and caring. Thank you my dear, Aurora.

  245. I am trying really hard to work on my affirmations/law of attraction. Thank you for always being clear on everything, Lila.

  246. I enjoyed talking to you and getting an update on my current situation. I know that I have to move forward and will definitely keep that appointment. I just got to get over this hump. Great reading as always! We will talk soon!

  247. Meredith Hancock

    You heard me sob! Amelia, thank you for letting all those pain out. I can start to move on now.

  248. Jean, you are the best! Thank you for being non-judgmental and trustworthy. I fully trust your guidance.

  249. I loved my reading with Serenity today. This was the second reading with Serenity in a month’s time and same outcome. This reading was very accurate with person and situation. I feel that Serenity is very genuine and she really cares.

  250. Thanks Ronnie! I finally saw him after so long, you were right! He’s ready now.

  251. Chelsey Campbell

    Thanks Blossom. You’re a real master psychic. You answered quick and was totally spot on with everything you mentioned. Thanks again.

  252. Annaliese Norris

    AnneMarie, you made a lot of sense and I am not going to allow anyone or anything to get me off my path… I promise! Thank you so much for helping me stand in front of my truths! D and I are going to be fine! You are awesome…

  253. I love Rita. She is on point with somethings that is going on in my life. She gave me such great advice.

  254. I love getting a reading with Fran. She’s very professional yet funny and loving.

  255. Shirley Blakely

    I must say that I am very interested and impressed with a couple of things that Kim has pulled out of thin air in our last few sessions. She kept on seeing this young guy with long dirty blonde curly hair and a happy smile with a face that looks like Matt Damon in my life. Thought he was in his early 20s or so. Well, a guy who fits exactly that profile has entered my life and is showing a passionate interest in me! Thank you, sweet Kim!

  256. If you have not had a reading with Alexander, you are missing out on his knowledge and insight. Never a dull moment. Alexander will awaken your spiritual awareness and energy at a time when we all need all the help we can get.

  257. Rita gave me really good insight into a situation. We shall see how it pans out. she is my go to person.

  258. One of the things I love most about Donovan is his ability to see beyond the surface and in doing so. He remains so strong in his intuitive convictions, it’s truly uncanny. Time will tell but it’s almost impossible to argue with anybody who sees things with such clarity, heart and compassion. Namaste.

  259. Thank you Tracy for comforting me. You are not just a psychic, you are a friend.

  260. Thank you for being very sweet and honest, Ginnie! I will have a chat with you again.

  261. You’re the best! Thank you, Sita.

  262. Always great checking in with you, Luke. I tried to resume the reading and got disconnected… We’ll talk soon!

  263. Thank you for keeping me grounded, Ginnie. Sorry about getting dropped, I will reach out tomorrow.

  264. I am gonna have to go on my faith with you that all will be better than I even know. I wish I could see what you do sometimes cause this is hard but I am thankful for you and a few selected others.

  265. Thank you for listening me tonight, Astra. You really put my heart and mind at ease.

  266. Iris’s like a best friend, you can totally trust her! She delivers her predictions with warmth and kindness. You’ll find yourself opening up to her like no other! She is truly an angel! I can’t thank Iris enough for being there for me!

  267. I had another wonderful reading with Tula. What happened did happen. I trust Tula, she’s always speaking the truth.

  268. Erika is great. She stands by her original prediction.

  269. One of my favorite readers. Luke is honest and to the point and he will not lead you on. I enjoy his readings.

  270. Again, a wonderful reading with Vanessa! She is always consistent with my readings and is so detailed. She is the real deal! I will update you on my situation soon.

  271. Sylvia is excellent. I will definitely choose her as my advisor in the future.

  272. I love Alexander. I think he really connects to my situation with the man I am hoping to have a relationship with.

  273. Emmanuel, things are happening exactly the way you said they would. I am in shock after waiting so many months, it finally came to fruition.

  274. I’m sending love and hugs to you, Vanessa! Thank you for sharing your gifts with your clients! You’re really awesome.

  275. I want to say from the bottom of my heart that Sydney is an amazing psychic! Everything she told me happened just like she said it would. Sydney is an accurate psychic with timing, feelings and events that will happen like she says they will. 5 stars isn’t enough for this advisor!

  276. I have been speaking with Ronnie for a couple of months now. Very in tune with me and she is a true blessing!

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