Ethics and the Mission of Expert Psychics

In the last 10 years, interest in psychic arts has dramatically increased. More than ever before, people believe in supernatural and paranormal phenomena such as angels, psychics, spirit guides, astrology, spiritual consciousness, and alternative forms of healing. Professions related to the psychic arts are experiencing dramatic growth. Exceptional minds are being attracted to metaphysical studies and divining techniques. It’s an evolution that’s been a long time coming!

The psychic profession is very interesting. Psychics, astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, palmists and many more are working in a field that is completely unregulated and prone to a wide variety of “scams.” Our work is generally not accepted as valid by the world of the “establishment” and society in general. This presents professionals with an interesting challenge.

The Ethics of Expert Psychics

There are no professional associations or boards to regulate professional psychic readers. Therefore, it’s left to individual practitioners to create and uphold their own list of professional responsibilities and ethical code of conduct. At Expert Psychics, we therefore felt compelled to establish and publish our own Code of Ethics:

  • We honor each person’s free will.
  • We acknowledge each individual’s right to choose their own path.
  • We seek to empower and uplift each person we encounter.
  • We do not judge other people.
  • We act as the channel for communication between peoples’ higher selves and their ordinary selves.
  • To the best of our abilities, we express what we perceive.
  • We keep secrets. We honor peoples’ right to privacy. We never release information about our interactions with clients.

The Mission of Expert Psychics

In its most basic form, the mission of Expert Psychics is to deliver psychic answers and insights, so people are enabled to tap into the universe’s abundance. In short, the goal is to help everyone see what they’re creating, so we can lovingly help them adjust their courses as necessary. Our intent above all is to empower and uplift. We do this by:

  • Leading people to discover their own loving selves and their own personal power. This helps people clarify their goals and their purposes. This enables them to do what’s necessary to attain wisdom, love, joy, and prosperity in both their professional lives and their personal lives.
  • Presenting holistic, uplifting guidance and insights through psychic professionals such as mediums, spiritual advisers, medical intuitives and animal communicators, and thus advocating for a more magical and more loving world.

As psychic arts increase, it is important to make sure that we follow a strong ethical guideline and that we treat people fairly and honestly.