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About Expert Psychic Readings
I'm BOB OLSON, one of the founders of Expert Psychic Readings and I am very delighted that you've dropped by to know more about our website.

Life can throw some unexpected things our way. Just when we think we have everything together, the universe goes and tosses it all up in the air! Many of us have found ourselves in jobs we never thought we would have, with partners we never thought we could get, living in parts of the world we ever knew existed. Life is exciting, challenging, and unexpected.
My Spiritual Awakening

I know this better than most- before I became a psychic and started this website to help others, I had very different ideas about where my life was going. Great change in my life occurred when I became very ill and had to seriously think about how I was living my life and the choices I was making for myself and my family.

During my sickness, I attended a few healing sessions that brought me from a place of relative disbelief in higher powers to a very real understanding of how much I had to learn about the spiritual realm. Through many lessons, classes, and soul searching, I realized that becoming a psychic was what I was meant to be.

I dove into the world of psychic mediumship and development, and have been studying these topics for 12 years and counting. In addition to running this website and conducting psychic readings, I teach Reiki Healings, have a wife and three kids, and love to be outside in nature. I enjoy cooking and interacting with others, and strive to have a balanced connection with the world around me.
Expert Psychic Readings
The Purpose of this Site
I founded Expert Psychic Readings as a place to help other people explore their opportunities in the psychic world. My small business has grown into this amazing place where people can gather to explore their own psychic journeys and find resources for spiritual development and encouragement.

With all the scammers and fake psychics out there, I wanted to create a safe and legitimate space for people to have their questions answered by tried and true psychics. Going online opens many doors for all of us, since we can discuss and talk to people of a variety of cultures and backgrounds around the world.

If you are looking for tools, resources, and other spiritual information, look no further! This website is open for all who are interested and we strive to maintain openness, transparency, honesty, and professionalism in all that we do.

May your Light guide you along your journey, and thank you for visiting us!

-Bob Olson
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