Hiding Your Phone from Your Partner

Hiding Your Phone from Your Partner

A hallmark of a real partnership is trust and honest communication.  How open and transparent are you with your partner. Can you honestly say that you would be able to allow your love to look at your calls or texts without any anxiety?

Are you so obsessed with your security that you have created an insane pattern to lock your phone only to forget the pattern?

We are in a digital age and many people connect to the world through their phone.   Hiding a phone is literally hiding a large part of their life from you.  Conversely, if your partner shares the information on their phone with you, they have nothing to hide.

There are several reason you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who protects their phone from you.

People don’t have passwords.

The best relationships have total transparency between partners.  If you feel that you have to know your partner’s password so that you can check for fishy texts or errant dating apps then there is something between you and your partner that is much more troubling than a four-digit code.

Phones can create separate realities.

Phones and their apps can build a separate reality. It is no secret that there is an attractiveness to the anonymity of the internet and phones make this incredibly tempting.

Since it is so tempting, a phone can become an extension of the person.  If you don’t trust your partner to stay in reality with you because of the temptation of the phone, perhaps you aren’t in the right relationship.

It’s not an extra limb.

Some people are so connected to their phones it’s almost as if it is part of their body.   While it is important to be connected a phone should not get in the way of reality.

Do you love them?

Make sure that you are with someone that you can love and trust. Trust between partners is the most important thing that can happen in a relationship. Without trust, the relationship will never be as strong and as special as you hope that it can be.

If you love your partner and you want to build a life with them, make sure that you are not ruining the relationship by something as trivial as hiding your phone from them. Your phone should be like every other thing in your life, an open book that is talked about and known. There should be no secrecy when it comes to your phone or your partners phone.

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