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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone from Your Partner


TEENTECHIn a real relationship, there should be transparency and trust because that is the foundation of it all. How transparent are you in your relationship? how many of us can confidently allow our partner check our phones with no fear or no anxiety?

And with the latest technology of phone locks, which has made the whole issue more complicated on one side and less stressful on the other side, many people tend to go for a phone with the latest technology of phone locks.

Talking about phone locks, I have witnessed a particular person, who actually forgot the pattern lock he created for his phone. I am sure he had so many zigzags while creating the lock. I mean, why do we try to complicate matters.

Here are 10 reasons why you should never date people who hides their phones from you.

Today, in many cases, your phone is indicative of your life.

In today’s “digital age,” or whatever you’d like to call it, people’s faces are plastered to their phone screens nine times out of 10. What does this equate to? Our phones becoming little, hand-held versions of our own lives – full of all our likes and interests tailored into “apps.”

By preventing someone you’re in a relationship with from having access to your phone, you might also be preventing him or her access from a part of your life he or she may feel more secure being let in on.

If the names don’t add up, the story probably won’t either.

Woman Checking Mobile PhoneIf your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t doing anything shady on his or her phone, there’s zero prerogative to try and keep things from you.

If, however, you start noticing texts from certain names you have no knowledge of, within your partner’s life – and the excuses aren’t really adding up – it’s probably not by any great coincidence.

Your partner isn’t guarded by a password.

When in a relationship, you should have full openness with your significant other. This concept can’t follow a “sometimes” policy, though, and only be enforced when it’s convenient.

If a four-digit password is the barrier between you and certain aspects of your partner’s private life, I don’t know, that feels as if you’re on the outside of something important.

There isn’t anything you could find on there your partner wouldn’t say to you

Your significant other shouldn’t feel protective over the contents of his or her phone, at least not when he or she is the same person in real life, as he or she is under the surface of that touch screen.

If your partner is fearful of you seeing something you wouldn’t like, well, then, maybe you’re not the right person after all. Phones should serve as phones, not sources of inconsistency regarding someone’s character.

Phones can create separate realities.

unnamedWhether you choose to accept it or not, phones can often create an entirely separate sense of reality from one’s own physical life. If this weren’t the case, catfishes would still just be ugly fish – and not an ugly person posing as hot chick, behind a phone or computer screen.

While you’re pretty confident your girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t living a double life, inside that iPhone, you really can never be too sure in today’s era.

It’s not an extra limb.

People should stop taking their phones so seriously. For many people, it acts as an extension from their hand – and they treat it with as much seriousness as they would a part of their body.

Sure, I get it, phones are certainly important – but when people start mistaking them for aspects of reality, that’s when they become troublesome.

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