Love and Astrological Karmic Charts

Composite Mars

Some people wonder if their relationship is going to last or not. When you feel this way, you can look at your astrological charts in order to know what is going to happen. Composite charts can have different planets and it can tell you things about your life and about things that are working and not working.

People that have problems in their relationship and those that find themselves in a place where they are always arguing might have a chart that shows composite Mars in Aries. This is when Mars might need to get rid of some energy and that when the couple hides their feelings, it can cause them to have anger that will come in the form of fighting. Once they are able to understand that anger is just in the relationship because of their chart, they can find a way to deal with it comfortably.

Women and men can know their karmic agreements and make better choices in their relationships. They can find the right thing for them, and they can work together to have great sex and to feel great in their relationship.

Composite Mars

Mars will express itself in your love life and you can see this in your chart. It will help you to understand what keeps the relationship full of energy and what helps you to have a stronger union.

  • Mars in Aries in the First House

This will be a time where you are passionate about what you are feeling. You might be someone that expresses affection outwardly or someone that will fight in public if that is where the feelings come up. When working together on your relationship, work on learning how to express your anger in a positive way.

  • Mars in Tarus in the Second House

Mars can be hard to deal with and this is a place where you can create good things. You have to get rid of your stubbornness and allow loyalty to grow. The sex in this relationship will be great but it won’t be full of adventure. You will do great as a couple if you do things together like raising children or planting a garden.

  • Mars in Gemini in the Third House

When Mars is in this location, it can be a time to get rid of jobs that need to be done, to start new projects and to be open to your sexual needs. Couples in this situation work together and they are able to express their anger and frustration easily.

  • Mars in Cancer in the Fourth House

When Mars is in this place, it can be hard to express yourself. This is a time that you have to create community and you have to do things that make you feel safe with each other. This is a time of growing in your emotions and in your own life and doing things together to reach a place of good communication.

  • Mars in Leo in the Fifth House

Mars can make your relationships need energy and attention. This can be couples that have a hard time getting along one minute but make up the next. Kids will love this couple even though they are embarrassing at times. These people are usually extroverts, and they express their actions easily.

  • Mars in Virgo in the Sixth House

This is a couple that works together well. They are great at organizing things and they are humanitarians. Sometimes though they will be nitpicking, but they have great sex and are expressive.

  • Mars in Libra in the Seventh House

In this house, Libras that are in relationships with families and friends will be committed. They will create life together and they will want to change the world. They might have anger in conversation but in sex, they are passionate and on fire.

  • Mars in Scorpio in the Eighth House

This is a place where someone wants to express themselves intimately and sexually. They are creative but they can be passive aggressive, and they might have time with power. They have to find a way to have good sex and to help others as a team. Without sex this relationship won’t work.

  • Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House

This is a couple that loves to travel, and they learn by looking at different cultures. They express themselves loudly and they believe in personal and group growth. They don’t like it when things get stagnant. These people like to go out and have fun and they are intimate and fun when having sex.

  • Mars in Capricorn in the Tenth House

This relationship has to have integrity, but they need a safe place to be able to be able to talk. They will do projects together and they will want to have sex after they feel safe.

  • Mars in Aquarius in the Eleventh House

This is a kind of couple that can make a good life for themselves. They like relationships but they don’t want to have a normal or boring relationship. They have fun in the bed, and they experience things mentally, physically, and more. They don’t follow their anger and they have energy that is sometimes unpredictable.

  • Mars in Pisces in the Twelfth House

Mars is one that explores the spiritual aspect of things. They love servicing others, and they get taken advantage of because of their giving attitude. They express their love by giving. They also like to travel so they can help others. They like to have sex that is connected and emotional and they are a water sign and can be passive aggressive.

Final Thoughts

Mars in composite can cause a relationship to last or to end. They are people that like to have sex and they will put their energy into reaching common goals. They will make sense of things going on around them if you give them a chance to be available to you.

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  1. The concept of using composite charts to understand relationship dynamics is intriguing. It highlights the intricate interplay between astrological placements and interpersonal behavior. For example, Mars in Aries in the First House suggests that the couple should channel their intense energy into constructive outlets. This method of evaluating compatibility could be a valuable tool for those seeking deeper insights into their personal relationships. Understanding these astrological influences might provide a roadmap for resolving conflicts and fostering effective communication.

  2. The exploration of composite Mars within astrological charts is indeed fascinating. By analyzing these placements, couples can gain keen insights into their relational dynamics and potential areas of conflict. For example, Mars in Aries in the First House indicates a need for effective anger management and positive expression of passion. On the other hand, Mars in Cancer calls for the creation of a secure emotional environment. Understanding these nuances can offer practical strategies for enhancing relationship harmony.

  3. This article provides a fascinating look into how astrological charts can impact relationships. While I’m personally skeptical of astrology, I appreciate the detailed insights and how it attempts to explain relationship dynamics through planetary positions.

  4. Astrology has been around for millennia and offers a unique way to understand our interactions. The breakdown of Mars in different houses gives us valuable guidance on how to navigate relationship challenges.

  5. Ah yes, because clearly the alignment of Mars will tell me why my husband can’t remember to take out the trash. Next time he forgets, I’ll just remind him that it’s all in the stars. Hilarious!

  6. So, let me get this straight: if I’m fighting with my partner, I should blame it on Mars in Aries rather than, you know, addressing our actual issues? This sounds like a fantastic way to avoid taking responsibility.

  7. Oh, great, another pseudoscientific attempt to explain human behavior. Newsflash: relationships are complex and can’t be boiled down to where Mars is on a chart. This is just oversimplified nonsense.

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