Synastry Astrology with Aspect Patterns

Synastry Astrology

When you use astrology to help find out if people are compatible with each other, this is called synastry. This can be used to give information on any kind of relationship from a friendship to a romance and everything in between. You can use a synastry chart when you have two people, and you want to know if they fit together well or not. This can not only tell if you are compatible but if the relationship will likely last.

Using synastry astrology can use your chart such as your natal birth chart and the natal birth chart of your partner. It is put one on top of the other and there is a way to look at the angles and patterns that come between the planets. This tells if someone is compatible or not and it also shows if the relationship might work. The angles are called aspects when it comes to astrology and there are five major of these that are used when looking at the synastry astrological chart.

Aspect Patterns

There are five aspect patterns including conjunction, opposition, trine, sextile, and square that is looked at in synastry astrology:

  • Conjunction

This is a pattern that comes when there are two planets that are beside each other in the chart. It means that they have to be within 8 degrees to be considered beside each other. Conjunction can boost and get stronger when the two planets are by each other, and this can either give them both more power or it can cause one to gain power and one to lose it. Conjunction amplifies things no matter if they are for the better or for the worse.

  • Opposition

This aspect happens when there are two planets that are across from each other, and they are around 180 degrees away from each other. They are considered to oppose each other, and this can mean that you have differences or that you are someone that butts heads with the other person.

The struggle of this can happen where there are two energy extremes, and this can happen at the same time in both people. It can be differences that you have and not being able to agree on things or to see things the same way.

Even though there are items that opposites do attract to each other, when there is opposition, the differences can be too much for someone to handle and it can cause there to be challenges and problems in the relationship. Of course, this can help people to grow at the same time and so it can be a good thing and worth the challenges.

  • Trine

The trine aspect happens when the planets are 120 degrees away from each other. These are people that are considered to have harmony in their relationship. When there are a lot of trine’s this can mean that the relationship is even more positive. This can be a lucky thing and is associated with having good vibes. Most people will not have more than 3 trines which is a triangle, and this is rare but significant and can bring purpose into the relationship.

  • Sextile

Sextile aspects happen when there are two planets that are 60 degrees away from each other. This is another positive aspect, and this can leave the relationship full of peace, friendliness, and kindness. It can be a harmonious relationship that flows easily, and it will be people that likely have things in common with each other.

This aspect shows that there are two people in life that flow together, and they don’t butt heads hardly at all.

  • Square

The last aspect is the square aspect, and this is when the planets are at a 90 degrees distance from each other. This is a challenging aspect, and it can cause there to be a lot of struggles. The relationship will likely struggle a lot and it could lead to a lot of fighting and arguing. This is a couple that most likely won’t see things the same.

Synastry Chart and Aspects

There can be a relationship that has many aspects in a synastry chart, and this can mean that you are compatible but there can also be some that are negative. It is important to look at the differences and why they are there and if the differences are enough to make the people not compatible. This can be reversed as well with a lot of negative and little positives. If there are a few challenges, it doesn’t mean that the couple won’t be compatible.

Using synastry astrology can help you to understand your relationship better. It can help you to know things in your relationship that you need to identify and that you need to understand so that you can be more compatible with each other. You will see that having a ratio of aspects can be okay as long as there are more beneficial ones than challenging ones.

Looking at this can help you to know every detail of your life and can help you to have positive thoughts and feelings in the relationship that you are in.

Synastry and Planets and Luminaries

There are different energies that can come along with the planets when looking at the synastry chart. You will see that the planets have their own symbols and meanings and that the two planets together can make the couple compatible or not compatible. Here are some of them:

  • Sun: Ego, mind, stamina, and personality.
  • Moon: Inner self, moods, subconscious mind, emotions.
  • Ascendant: Appearance, personality, demeanor.
  • Mercury: Communicating, mental intelligences, thinking a certain way, logical.
  • Venus: Loving life, having values and desires, attraction.
  • Mars: Sexuality, intuition, passion.
  • Jupiter: Luckiness, growing, expanding.
  • Saturn: Laws, discipline, being responsible.
  • Uranus: Changing, being rebellious.
  • Neptune: Dreaming, intuition, and mysticism.
  • Pluto: Power, obsessing, changing.
  • North Node: Fate, future, and destiny.
  • South Node: Past life, karma, karmic lessons, connections.

Reading Planets in Synastry Chart

When you take your knowledge and the aspects that are represented by the planets you can figure out what the chart is saying about how compati9ble that you are. Venus and Mars aspects are ones that are extremely important to look at, but all the aspects of the planets play a big role in how your relationship can go.

If you are looking for a relationship that is a shared relationship with responsibility and with stability, you can look at where Saturn aspects lie. You should consider what you are looking for and then figure out who you are. Are you someone that is very emotional? The moon might be something that is more understanding for you. You might see that your emotional nature needs to be more respected.

Mercury compatibility can tell how you communicate with others and how incompatible that you might be. This can mean that you have poor communication in your relationship and that can be a struggle.

Having Mars and Venus where they are balanced can mean that both your love and your emotions are balanced with your passion and your physical feelings for the person. Jupiter can be a positive sign that can mean that you are able to have great relationships in your job and that you will be successful. This can go on for each and every planet and that is what makes them important.

Whatever you are looking for in the other person and what values you want, there are some of the aspects that are going to be more important for you than others. There will be some that you have to deal with that you can’t resolve just by noticing them and these are relationships that can be more challenging. The best thing though is that you have awareness of the problems that you face, and you are able to have guidance in how your relationship should go.

Positive Aspects in Synastry Astrology

There are some aspects that are going to be positive, and some are beneficial. Read on to see how some of these work:

  • Venus Conjunction Venus: This happens when there is love that is easy and you are compatible in love. You are attracted to each other romantically and you have energy that is caring and affectionate.
  • Venus Conjunction, Sextile or Trine Mars:  This is when your relationship is romantic, and you would have physical as well as an emotional connection. This attraction will mean that you are compatible romantically and you will make a great team that has lots of fun.
  • Moon Conjunction, Trine, or Sextile Venus: This aspect is one that means that you will care for each other. This will be someone that you are easy to get along with and you are comfortable with them. They make you feel safe. This can be someone that supports you in your emotions, brings you peace and is nurturing.
  • Jupiter Conjunction Venus: Jupiter expands energy and when these two planets are together it can mean that you have a lot of love for each other.
  • Saturn Conjunction Venus: When this happens, Saturn is a long-term energy. This means that the relationship will last and will be stable it a strong foundation.
  • Saturn, Sextile or Trine Venus: This is like the conjunction that is stable and loyal. The trine and sextile though make this connection even better and you will commit to each other and have fun.
  • Ascendant Conjunction Venus: This can mean that there is a physical attraction and that you find each other pleasing and you want to have desires with each other.
  • Pluto Conjunction, Trine, or Sextile Mars: This is a sensual and passionate attraction between partners.
  • Pluto Conjunction, Trine, or Sextile Venus: This is a love that is magnetic. This is a healthy love, and you will be loyal and dedicated to your partner. This energy will be balanced and sweet.
  • Sun, Sextile or Trine Moon: When there is a deep connection, the Sun will help the Moon person to feel that they are being heard and that they are safe in the relationship and the Moon will help the Sun person to relax and to stay calm and positive.

Hard Aspects

Just like there are good aspects, there can be challenging ones as well such as:

  • Saturn Opposition Mars: This is when the relationship will be challenging because one person does their own thing, and the other person is more reserved. It would be differences in lifestyles. The free-spirited person would feel that they are being judged but the Saturn person would just want someone around that they are compatible with and someone that is reserved and responsible.
  • Pluto Conjunction or Opposite Sun: This happens when Pluto comes, and it can cause there to be obsession and control. Pluto will be a person that isn’t easily flattered, and they have a darker energy that makes it hard for them to be compatible with someone else. This is when the shadow self often comes out and it can leave the Sun person feeling obsessed with Pluto and Pluto just wanting to be left alone, leaving the relationship toxic.
  • Pluto Opposite or Square Moon: This happens when the Moon person will feel that they aren’t safe because they feel that they might be hurt by the Pluto person. Pluto would be a person that would have to be careful not to hurt the Moon and not to manipulate the relationship.
  • Pluto Square or Opposition Mars: This is a magnetic relationship, but it can become possessive and destructive fast. It can be hard and manipulative and would include things like ego, drama, survival battles, mind games and maybe even abuse.
  • Mars Square or Opposition Venus: This is a first sight kind of feeling but not love but lust. This can cause burnout fast.
  • Mars Conjunction, Square or Opposite Moon: Mars has strong energy, and the Moon is calm energy. This means that the conjunction can cause there to be incompatibility because Mars will dominate the energy of the Moon. This can mean that there will be drama, gaslighting, insecurity and disagreements in the relationship.
  • Square or Opposition Neptune Aspects: These are indicators of deception and lies and can cause there to be many red flags.
  • Square or Opposition Saturn Aspects: Saturn is hard and can cause someone to not give into the relationship or to be able to have fun. One of the partners will express their superiority and will try to control their partner and judge them.
  • Square or Opposition Venus Aspects: This is when Venus loves the relationship but there is no sign of romance, and the relationship is incompatible right away.

When there are negative aspects in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your relationship will end. It means that if you are willing to put effort into the relationship and let things grow, you can make it work. Just because there is incompatibility in the chart, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the relationship work. You can have a lifelong relationship that has incompatibility, and you can make it work or you might be miserable if you stay together.

There are different aspects that will let you grow as a couple. This doesn’t mean that your way of life is wrong, if you and your partner grow together then you will be able to see that you can do whatever it takes to heal and grow. If one or the other is not willing to grow, you won’t be able to make the relationship work.

Destiny Points Aspects

There are two things that you can look at called destiny points on the synastry chart. Not all relationships will have these aspects and so you have to look at them and base them on the astrological law.

  • South Node

This is when you can look at your past, karma, and the lessons that you have learned.

  • North Node

This is your destiny point and where your future and fate and purpose will go.

There are different aspects that will indicate that you have a future with the person that is in the South or North Node. You might meet someone and feel instantly connected to them and it might be someone that you have had a past life connection with. This can cause you to feel compatible. You might be compatible with them in your trine or in your sextile and you might have Venus in your South Node, and this can be good for your love.

If you are incompatible with this, if there is opposition with Venus in the South Node, it can mean that you have karma that you haven’t resolved yet and this can indicate that you are in a karmic relationship.  You will feel drawn to someone that you have karmic business with, and you will have to figure out how to resolve these issues before you ever spend a lifetime with this person.

The North Node is one that you can understand more because it helps you to understand your life. You will have compatible aspects between the North Node and Venus, and this can mean that you have romantic future, but you might also have incompatible between your North Node and Venus, and this can mean that you still have a romantic future, but it will be challenging along the way.

The aspects in your natal birth chart relate to what kind of karma that you have and the lessons that you have learned along the way. This can be things that you have gone through in your past life and the lessons can still be there for you to learn along the way.

Final Thoughts

When you use synastry astrology, you can look at the compatibility of your relationship. This can help you to understand what kind of situation you are dealing with. You Cn look at the chart and find out which positive aspects you have and which negative aspects that you have. This can tell if you are compatible or if you aren’t. You can look at this and see if there are issues that will cause you to be unhappy or to not grow and if so, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

If you want to get a synastry astrological reading, talk to a psychic and find out just what your chart says about your relationship. You can then move forward in your love life or with any relationship that you have.

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  1. The article provides a comprehensive understanding of synastry and its various aspects. Synastry allows us to gain a deeper insight into the compatibility between individuals by analyzing their natal birth charts. The five major aspects—conjunction, opposition, trine, sextile, and square—offer a nuanced view of potential dynamics within relationships. It’s fascinating how each planet’s position and interaction highlight different facets of a relationship, such as communication, emotional depth, and even potential challenges. This knowledge can be instrumental in navigating and improving personal relationships by recognizing inherent strengths and addressing possible weaknesses.

  2. The inclusion of the various aspect patterns and planetary influences in synastry astrology is a fascinating and comprehensive approach to understanding relationships. It’s remarkable how the alignment of celestial bodies can offer insights into human compatibility. The detailed explanations provided are highly informative and greatly enhance the reader’s understanding of astrological aspects in synastry charts.

  3. So, basically, if my relationship is struggling, I just need to check if the planets are squaring off at 90 degrees? What a cosmic comedy routine! Next time we argue, I’ll just blame that pesky Saturn for being responsible while Neptune daydreams away our problems.

  4. How absurd! So, according to synastry astrology, my relationship’s success or failure isn’t based on mutual respect or effective communication but rather on the positions of Venus and Mars? Sounds like a convenient excuse for avoiding real relationship work.

  5. The concept of synastry astrology is certainly intriguing, yet one must question the empirical evidence supporting the correlations between planetary alignments and relational dynamics. While the article provides a meticulous breakdown of aspect patterns, it is crucial to approach these interpretations with a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking.

  6. Oh, so if my partner and I argue, I can just blame the planets now? That’s convenient! It’s amazing that celestial constellations are responsible for me bickering over whose turn it is to do the dishes. Thanks, synastry chart!

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