Common and Recurring Dreams

Common and Recurring Dreams

Most people realize that dreams are extremely important and that they have a meaning. There are dreams that might come over and over again and even your nightmares can be something to help guide you.

Why Dream?

Dreams have symbols and signs, and they can recur to show you things that you need to understand. Some people have the same dreams even from their childhood and the dreams can show them people that are familiar to them and other things. These dreams can cause people to feel stressed because they don’t understand the things that are happening in their dreams.

Not all dreams are negative though and don’t have negative situations or danger. Some can be exciting and going on new adventures. Dreams can cause fear though and those that have anxiety or sadness might experience nightmares that cause them to feel scared or worried.

All dreams are part of your subconscious mind and trying to resolve some kind of problem that you are having internally but there are some nightmares that come at different degrees:

  • Some dreams can come over and over and these can be emotional dreams where you have an attachment to a childhood friend or place.
  • Dreams that have the same themes such as being late or not showing up can have an emotional attachment.
  • Repetition of dreams might happen of being chased or falling.
  • There can be nightmares that are there to help get rid of trauma in your mind.

The universe will give you dreams to help you to notice things that you might need to pay attention to. Dreams and themes that keep repeating might have an emotional attachment to you and these are full of imagery.

This dream can be something happy or it can be a nightmare, but the thing is that all dreams normally have some kind of message. If you can figure out how to interpret these dreams, then you can understand what is going on in your life more. These might be trauma, fears, desires or more.

Common Dreams and Meanings

Here are some of the common dreams and their meanings:

  • Falling Dreams

These dreams might be full of anxiety, or you might feel that you are out of control in your life. These dreams might be telling you that you are afraid of failing and you are fearful of something coming in your life.

When you have falling dreams and you wake up right before you hit the ground, most likely these come form something in your inner child. The dreams that happen might happen because you feel that you aren’t safe, or you feel that you need to fix something. This can mean you are stressed, and you need to seek help.

  • Running Dreams

Some dreams might have you running, and this can mean that you are stable in your life. This is a dream that might indicate that you have a problem that you are choosing to ignore when you need to accept it and face it so that you can move forward.

  • Chasing Dreams

Being chased in a dream can be a nightmare. This can be a person, animal, or something else that is trying to find you and kill you. You might hide in your dream, or you might run, and this can mean that something in your life is making you feel threatened.

The things that you do in this kind of dream show how you respond to this kind of stress. If you face it, you are someone that is strong, and you can deal with issues. If you feel fear, it can mean that you are afraid of love, or you have strong anxieties.

Chasing dreams can have different interpretations and they are symbolic. They can mean that you are fearful, or you feel like you are victim. No matter what is happening in your dream, you need to find out what you are afraid of and learn to face it.

  • Drowning Dreams

When you swim in your dream and then you are drowning, it can mean that you have things in your past life that you have hidden deep. This can also mean that you are struggling with your emotions and that you need to get away from someone.

  • Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are one of the most common dreams. These dreams can mean freedom, or they can mean that you are ready to stop restricting yourself. It can also mean that you wish that you had freedom. You might feel excited and liberated when you fly in your dream, and this can make you feel powerful. It can mean though that you are not able to control something when you are awake or that you flee from your problems.

You need to find out more about your dream such as if you are flying freely or where you are flying. This can depend on what the dream means. If you are not able to stay steady when you fly it might mean that you are fearful of success.

  • Dancing Dreams

These dreams make you feel good, and this is a way that you can express yourself in your dream even if you can’t in real life. You might feel that you are worried about being possessed though.

  • Being Late Dreams

This dream can happen if you are not prepared for something that is going to happen in your life. It can mean you aren’t able to handle change.

  • Abandonment Dreams

Dreaming of being abandoned can mean that you are fearful of losing someone close to you. It can also mean that you had hard childhood situations, and you are afraid that you might have to face them again. You might also be dreaming this because it is time to leave things behind in your life.

  • Being Naked Dreams

This dream can men that you feel out of control and that you are not open to what is going on around. Dreaming of being naked can mean you feel embarrassed.

  • Losing Teeth Dreams

Dreaming of losing your teeth can mean that you have a health issue that you need to face or that you need to take better care of yourself and your energies.

  • Spider Dreams

Dreaming of spiders will depend on what kind of spider you dream of. You might dream of a spider because you have a fear of being trapped. You might dream of killing a spider which means you might have some bad luck. If you see a spider spinning a web, it can mean you work hard. If it is climbing your wall, it can mean that you will have your desires.

  • Escalator Dreams

This kind of dream can mean that you are ready to face your emotions and your problems. It can mean that you have conflict in your life. If you are going down it can also mean that you need to face your feelings.

  • Water Dreams

Here are what some water dreams can mean:

      • Choppy waters: You feel frustrated about something in your life.
      • Floods: Emotional problems.
      • Muddy water: Feeling confused.
      • Washing: Feeling negative.
      • Clear water: Pleasure.

These dreams will depend on what kind of water you are in.

  • Tree Dreams

Here are what some tree dreams can mean:

      • Full leaves: You are open and personable.
      • Small leaves: Restrained.
      • Fallen tree: You need order in your life.
      • Roots: Enriched.
      • Strong limbs: You love life.
  • Desert Dreams

You feel lost and hopeless or lonely or you might feel stranded.

  • Circle Dreams

Circles can mean that you are significant, and you are going through things in your life that are going to bring you changes such as death or war.

  • Boss Dreams

If you dream of your boss, it can mean you are assertive. It can also mean that you fear authority or that you feel that something is controlling your life. If you work a lot, this can mean that you are spending too much time being a workaholic.

  • Money Dreams

Dreaming of finding money can mean you are going to be successful. Money can mean that you are spiritually strong and that you are seeking success in your life.

  • Having Money

This kind of dream can mean that your life is satisfying and that you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong.

  • Getting Money

If someone gives you money, this can mean that you have a strong relationship with that person. It can also mean you are confident and prideful.

  • Needing Money Dreams

This can mean you are lacking value in your life and that you are not able to see your own worth.

Pregnancy Dreams

Here are what some pregnancy dreams can mean:

      • Passion.
      • Creativity.
      • Finding fulfillment in life.
      • Craving new things.
      • Being creative.
      • Dreaming of a new project.
      • As a man you can dream this, and it can mean you question your own creativity.
      • Women can dream of this to see that they need to have more self-development.
  • Dreaming of Babies

Having a dream about a baby can mean that you have forgotten something. It can also mean that you want to raise a child or that you are creative.

  • Rebirth Dreams

These are dreams that can come if you are increasing your spiritual self. It can mean that you want to plant a seed and that you want to grow and see things change. If you are dreaming of rebirth, you might see snakes, and this can indicate that you need to move forward.

Another rebirth dream might be to see birds, and this can mean that you have hope and desires and that you want to fly into your future.

Eggs can be part of rebirth dreams, and this can mean that you are going to have a new idea come to your life or that you are ready for something new.

  • Death Dreams

Here are some death dreams and what they mean:

      • An accident: You need to face your fears.
      • Death: You want to grow and move forward in your life and are seeking truth.
      • Something in your life is ending such as a job or a relationship.

What Do Dreams Mean to You?

These are some of the most common dreams and some of the most common meanings. Find out what your dreams mean to you by talking to a psychic. Let them help you to get the meaning of your dreams.

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  1. It is interesting how the article attempts to decode and categorize different dreams, but I would argue that dreams are far more nuanced. For instance, falling in a dream could mean various things depending on the specific circumstances and individual psychology of the dreamer.

  2. The concept of dreams as a window into our subconscious is fascinating and has been explored by various scholars, including Freud and Jung. While the article provides valuable interpretations of common dreams, it is essential to consider that dream symbolism can be highly subjective. The repetitive and emotional nature of certain dreams could be indicative of unresolved issues or lingering subconscious thoughts. Understanding these symbols may require a more personalized approach, often involving introspection or even professional guidance. Furthermore, exploring cultural and historical perspectives on dreams can enrich our understanding and interpretation.

  3. So, if I dream about being chased by a giant spider on an escalator, should I just check into a therapy session immediately? 😂 On a more serious note, I think the article oversimplifies complex psychological phenomena. Dreams are unique to each individual, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t quite capture that.

  4. Ah, the classic, ‘dreams have meanings’ trope. Next, we’ll be consulting crystal balls and tarot cards. It’s both amusing and slightly concerning to see how people still turn to such pseudoscience for answers. Dreams are just random firings of neurons; let’s not read too much into them.

  5. I find the article insightful and a helpful guide to understanding common dreams. It does a great job of categorizing and interpreting various dreams, such as falling or flying, with clear examples. This could be a useful resource for anyone looking to explore their subconscious.

    • I concur. The detailed analysis of different types of dreams provides a reasonable framework for those trying to decode their nocturnal experiences.

  6. While the article is well-written, I find it overly simplistic and lacking in scientific rigor. Dream interpretation is far from a precise science and often leans heavily on subjective interpretations, which this article does not adequately address.

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