Communicating to the Dead

Communicating to the Dead

Humans have been talking to spirits since ancient times. Even ancient Egyptians would keep the tombs open so that the spirits could have a place to live. They would listen to the dead to give them wisdom and advice.

There are some families that built altars in order to be able to talk to the dead spirits. They would use traditions all over the world to find out things from the dead. They might have grandparents or parents that have died, and they will call out to them when they are having a hard situations so that they can get help from them.


One way that people communicate with spirits is through dreaming. This is an easy way for the spirits to communicate with humans. They have a hard time going into the material world sometimes and so when they want to communicate, they will come to you in dreams.

Sometimes the dead will visit people that are alive right after they die. They will still have a connection to the living world for a few days after they die and so they will take time to speak to the people during this time.

The visits that the spirits make with the humans is sometimes to tell them goodbye and to show them that they are taken care of, and they are safe. The visits can be felt, and it can bring people comfort that are dealing with grief.

Methods of Spirit Communication

Talking to the spirits is something that comes through the occult. There are different methods that people will use such as talking to a medium, using a Ouija board and doing seances. These methods all have a history to spiritual traditions.

There are different methods that other cultures use to talk to the dead and in Europe, they would use different systems is a way to get wisdom and knowledge from the spirits.

Using Your Intuition

People will often feel a spirit around them, and they wonder how they can talk to them or know that they are there. They can feel different sensations in their body, but they can also use their intuition to really know. These spirit visits can be comforting to them, and they can help people to feel better.

Sometimes humans really want to talk to the dead and they will try to find a way to offer the spirits a place to come to speak with them. If you want to talk to a spirit, you can just notice if they are around you, first. Notice your environment. Do you have a feeling that someone is there, and you aren’t alone? Do you get goosebumps out of nowhere? Do you have your thoughts speaking to you or is it something that isn’t a thought of yours at all? By listening, you can find out what the spirits want to tell you.

Deceased Loved Ones

Deceased loved ones will have something important to tell you. This could be an aunt, uncle or grandmother that died. You might have paid attention to all the advice that they gave you while they were alive but now you feel that you need more advice and so they will show up. You will feel their presence when they come to you, and this will be full of peace and love.

A loved one can visit you when you are awake and when you are dreaming. They can come to you in different ways. They will long speak to you after they have died, and this is to bring you comfort and peace. The dead will see more things around you than you do and so sometimes they might even come to offer you advice to keep you safe.

Historical People

Some people are able to talk to people from history such as George Washington or other famous people. Some have said that they have talked to Gandhi or other historical characters. If you have a strong feeling that you are speaking to one of these spirits, find out what they have to say and gather as much information as you can.

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