Knowing Your Twin Flame is Toxic

Twin Flame is Toxic

Having a healthy twin flame relationship can be the best thing that ever happened to you. A twin flame will only come once in your life and this is a relationship that even though it will have bad times, in the end it will be a relationship where there is support, healing and love that is unconditional. This will happen once you have done the shadow work that is needed, and you have gotten past any trauma that you have held on to since a child. Once both you and your twin flame are ready, you can have a healthy relationship that will continue to grow.

There are different people that talk about the twin flame relationship, and this can be a connection that is romantic. It will be a relationship that you have never experienced before because they will grow with you, and you only have one twin flame in your entire life or lives. Twin flames won’t be connections that are peaceful at first because you have to grow to make the relationship work.

Why Have a Twin Flame?

You might wonder why you even have a twin flame, but the purpose of this relationship is that you need to grow and better yourself. You need to look at the things that have held you back in life and let them help you to grow and be better. Look at the things in your life that you don’t want people to know about and the inner situations that cause you to have struggles. These are things that have to be fixed.

The universe knows that your soul will keep growing and the twin flame relationship is there to help you to do just that. As you find your twin flame, you will keep growing. There are different things that you will go through in this relationships from peace to pain and from chasing to running. You might even see that as you separate that you will have a time where the relationship is perfect and then it will get into a painful place again.

Finding Your Twin Flame

You might wonder how you find your twin flame or how you even find love. The best thing to start with is to learn to love yourself first and then once you are compassionate and supporting yourself, you can move on to loving others. There are things that you can do that can help you to find real love and to better yourself such as:

• Meditating.
• Visualizing.
• Automatic writing.
• Behavioral therapy.
• Breath work.
• Forgiveness.
• Letting go of drama.
• Finding a healer.
• Cutting cords from past lovers.
• Taking time to love yourself.
• Knowing your worth.
• Knowing how desirable you are.
• Being accountable.
• Doing inner work.
• Honoring yourself.
• Relaxing.
• Taking a walk-in nature.
• Reading a good book.

You can even take time to make a vision board and on this you can put the qualities that you want your mate to have. These are things that can help energies attract to you. Make sure that you are cleansing your space and that you are doing this with joy and peace. Being positive can raise your vibrations and that will be when the universe knows that it will be time for your partner to come to you.

Notice if you have triggers or if you have wounds that you keep thinking about. Find a way to set goals and to work towards your hobbies to create a place that will help you to have good thoughts and feelings. If your emotions are strong, chances are you will be closer to finding your lover.

Twin Flame Connection That’s Toxic

Being in a twin flame connection can be toxic at first but it will eventually get better. This can lead to codependency and other kinds of behaviors. Some relationships have physical, emotional, and mental abuse and this can be a twin flame that you love. If you have lived many past lives, you will have a hard time getting yourself to a point where you have healing and love for who you are. You have to get past the relationships that have held you back and then take note of any toxic behaviors that you hang on to.

Don’t put up with a toxic relationship and learn to look for the warning signs. You should feel safe in your own life and in your relationship and if you aren’t, then you will be ignoring the red flags. Don’t do this and stay in something that is unhealthy for yourself. You need to make sure that you respect yourself enough so that you can learn to say no.

Toxic Twin Flame Characteristics

Look for these things with your twin flame or any relationship:

• Manipulation.
• Controlling behaviors.
• Codependency.
• Inner child issues.
• Addictions.
• Physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
• Narcissistic behaviors.

Never let bad things just slide or be hidden and learn to stand up for yourself and for your self-worth. Even if you love someone unconditionally, you can’t let them hurt you or abuse you because that isn’t even real love. You are finding that this kind of relationship is not loving and if you think it is, it is just putting you in a false sense of what love really is. Being in a toxic relationship is something that will never be right and if you can’t even determine what is happening, you need to find out how you can talk to someone.

It is important that you learn to fight for yourself and to overcome what makes you fearful and face it. Even if this is hard and overwhelming, you can do it. Remember, your twin flame is having the same situation that you are in and even though the qualities of the time aren’t great right now, you will be able to work through these things and move on in your life. Make sure that you are patient and that you are keeping your head up high.

A twin flame relationship won’t be without hardships and if you are facing this and challenges, that is normal. You will have a connection with them still and even if you separate for a while, even years, you will be able to speak to them in your inner self and this will help you both to grow. You will connect again when the time is right.

Not all twin flame relationships will be toxic and some of them will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You can see that some twin flame relationships will have ups and downs.  You might marry your twin flame and then get divorced but then you might come back to them later. Or, if you are someone that has been through a divorce, you might even meet your twin flame down the road and find that they are the person that you have been longing for your whole life. This can be a separation that has been years and years. Relationships that seem intoxicating and that are without any kind of abuse might be ones that are exciting and fun.

You have to learn to have love for yourself and to set boundaries that are healthy for you and your twin flame. As you do this, you will see that you can deal with the emotions that you have without having an up and down rollercoaster your whole life. Nothing will destroy you faster than dealing with a narcissist and if you are dealing with this, you will have to walk away, even if that is your twin flame. Walk away until you are healed and don’t let the painful experience hold you back from having real love. The inner work that you will have to do, and your twin flame will have to do will come in time.

Why Do You Attract People That Are Toxic?

There are things that show that a relationship is toxic such as:

  • Feeling depressed when you are around that person.
  • Not having support.
  • The relationship being all about them.
  • Negative energies.
  • No give and all take.
  • Being jealous.
  • Abuse.
  • Avoiding each other.
  • No respect.
  • They bring out the worse in you.

These kinds of relationships are toxic, and you might wonder why you get into these relationships. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • You have a great heart.
  • You care about others.
  • You listen actively.
  • You are an empath.
  • You love people.
  • You build people up.
  • You want what is best for everyone.
  • You are honest with your goals.
  • You trust too easily.
  • You give your energy to others.

Final Thoughts

Take time to meditate and to figure out what kind of relationship that you have with yourself and with others. If you feel that you are drawn to a certain place or a certain person, this can be a sign that you might have met your twin flame.

Take time to grow and to heal and as you do, the universe will know when it is time for you to move forward to meet your twin flame. You will see that love will come to you and as you fall in love with yourself, be wise and make sure that you are reaching your goals even when things are challenging.

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