Scrying and Divination

Scrying and Divination

Scrying is something that many people use as a tool of divination. Some people use this method and don’t even realize that they are. Scrying is an Old French and English verb that means to discern or to see something.

Scrying can give you answers by allowing you to see images or reflections from surfaces that are reflective. It allows you to go past what is in your mind and to show you things beyond your conscious and into your subconscious thinking.

Using Scrying

Scrying can help you to open up your mind and help you to have more perception. There are different techniques that you can use and using scrying can help to boost your intuition. Doing this can add emotions to your spiritual life and help you to sharpen your skills.

Kinds of Scrying

There are different kinds of scrying that are used by people, and these are kinds of things that the medium or the psychic will use in order to reach their mental places. Here are some of the most used tools for scrying:

  • Smoke

If you have a fire and you see the smoke flowing, chances are that you have seen shapes. Some people see more than this and they will be able to see scenes and to get answers from this surface.

  • Oomancy

Oomancy is a type of scrying that uses eggs. The egg is cracked into a bowl or a container of water that is hot. The shapes that the egg make are what you can look at.

  • Fire

Just like smoke, fire can be reflective. You can light a candle and look at the flame and find out if you see different things. This is one of the oldest ways that scrying was used.

  • Mirror

Mirrors are great for scrying. You can look in mirrors and you can choose a mirror that works best for what you want or need. You can pick a mirror that is big and hanging or you can pick one that you can take with you. The glass is where the reflection will come from.

  • Water

Another method for scrying is using water. This means that you can add water to your bath and look that way or you can go to a pond, the ocean, a lake, or some other body of water.

  • Crystal Ball

Many people think that you have to use a crystal ball in order to be able to do scrying but even though this is a great way, it isn’t the only way.

  • Bones

Bones can be used as a way of scrying. Not all methods are used by seeing things reflecting but when bones are polished or wood is polished, you can use these for scrying.

  • Dime and a Bowl

Some people will put water in a copper bowl and add a dime. The dime will sink to the bottom, and you can use this method for scrying.

  • Proxy

Divination by proxy is the most known divination when it comes to scrying.

Why Use Scrying

When you have a feeling that you need to try scrying, it is best to do it. This means that you have a mission or a purpose that you need to get answers to. You might have something in your heart to your mind that you need answers for, and scrying can help you. The great thing is that this can be simple, and you don’t have to be limited.

Scrying can answer almost anything and the results and the information that you can get is something that you can’t put numbers to. Use scrying when you have time to focus or if you are out and you want to use scrying, concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish and set your intentions.

Doing Scrying

The best way to start is to find a place that you can be without being distracted. You can do these for added benefits:

  • Add incense.
  • Light candles.
  • Find a place that is dark.
  • Make the room look mysterious.
  • Meditate.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Set your mood.
  • Ask your angels and guides to come and help you.

Using Scrying for Convenience

Scrying can be a convenient tool when you need to find out something. You can use it for answers, and it can help to get rid of the questions. It can almost be used like a GPS to help you find answers and it is simple and easy. You can do this wherever you are.

Scrying Helps You Relax

Scrying can help you to relax and help you to concentrate in a peaceful way. All you have to do is focus on the surface in front of you and pay attention to the reflection. Notice what you are seeing and when you are finished, here’s what to do:

  • Write down your thoughts. You might smell something different, or you might see an image or hear a sound. Even if you don’t see anything in the reflection, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t use scrying. It can come with different senses.
  • Be playful and have fun. Make sure that you are practicing this like a child that is learning something new. Your power will come when you embrace the gift, and you learn to not be so serious about things.
  • Know the results. You can put the results in different categories in your journal if you need to. You might want to separate them from things that you asked such as questions about your job or questions about your relationship. See how the different images and other things came. Did you get any symbols? Write this down.

Final Thoughts

Scrying is something that is spiritual and anytime that you open up yourself to the spiritual world you are opening up the door to different kinds of spirits. Make sure that you always protect yourself with love and a white light and that you do a protective circle when you are doing any kind of psychic work.

Surround yourself just like you would if you were entering a city or a place that was unsafe and make sure that you are always ready to have an open mind and an open heart when you start. If something doesn’t feel right, stop doing it and if you have questions, talk to a psychic to give you answers.

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