How to Know if They Are Not the One

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Are you interested in someone, but you wonder if they are the one or not? Sometimes you can get a relationship reading and you can find out if the person that you are in a relationship with is going to work out for you or not. Sometimes this can be a new relationship, or this can be someone that you have been with for a long time. If you keep facing things that are hard in the relationship, then chances are that you might not be with the right person.

Here are some cards that will tell you that the person you are with is NOT the right person for you:

  • Three of Swords Card

This card is one that you don’t have to really explain. It shows that you will have a breakup with a person that you are with, and it will be painful, if found in the future position. In the past position it will show you that your love interest has been hurt in the pat and they haven’t healed yet.

No matter which one the card means, it isn’t a good sign, and it isn’t positive for your relationship.

  • The Devil Card

This card can show you that you have a love interest that might not have pure intentions for you. The card shows that you have someone that is probably lying to you. If it shows up with the Moon card or the Three of Cups card, then it will mean that there is more than one red flag, and you should leave that person right away.

The Devil card might show up when you are too co-dependent in the relationship and when you need to move on.

  • The Hermit Card

When this card shows up in the future position it means that you might need to breakup with your love and live on your own for a while. It can mean that you will learn a lesson from your relationship and that you need to take time to heal.

This can also mean that you are not ready for a relationship right now, at least not a traditional one.

  • The Moon Card

The Moon card in the future position can show you that you have a lot of karma in your life and that you need to work forward to get out of it. It means that you are in a relationship with an observer, and you need to leave and find healing.

The healing that comes will help you to be able to find the right person in your life in the future.

  • Eight of Cups

This card is one that can mean that you or your partner are thinking about leaving the relationship. If it is in the future position, one of you will probably leave eventually. The one that is walking away is the one that feels that they are stuck because the relationship is too limited.

This can mean that things will get better after they leave, and you will learn your life lesson and find love again later.

  • Five of Cups

The Five of Cups card can mean that you are excited about the future, but you need to look at your emotions and find out if you are hoping for things for your partner that won’t happen. The card can mean that you have a partner that is going to be jealous, and it will cause the relationship to end.

Jealousy is a struggle for some people, and it won’t make for good relationships. This can create a place of disrespect and hurt in the future. Jealousy will ruin the relationship and one of the two in the relationship will suffer more than the other.

  • Death Card

The death card can mean that you and your partner will likely breakup. This can mean that your marriage or your relationship is going to come to an end. It can also mean that you will have some kind of change in your relationship that might be hard even if it’s nondivorced.

  • The Tower Card

This card can mean that your relationship will have a dramatic ending. It will mean that your partner might be cheating on you or that they are getting fired from their job. This can also mean a natural disaster and so you need to be careful how you get the answer in your reading.

  • Knight of Wands Card

This is a card that means that you have a partner that is interesting and kind but that they might actually be a player. They might be someone that only wants to please themselves. They want to do their own thing instead of being in a relationship. The relationship most likely won’t last.

  • Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords card is one that can mean that you will have a dramatic ending to the relationship because your partner is being deceptive. It can mean that you need to be ready to see something new and this is okay. Stop focusing on the pain and realize that something better is coming.

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