Get Rid of Unlucky Items

Unlucky Items

Some people believe in superstitions while others believe that there are items that they would never want in their home. According to feng shui, things that you decorate your home with can bring good luck or bad luck.

Bad luck is something that has been talked about since ancient times. There are some items that people believe can bring bad energy into your home. Some of these things are objects that you would just have in your home and others are things that people would cringe about keeping.

Here are some of those items!

  • Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs in a home might be considered dark. Think about a chair in the room that can move on its own. Irish legends say that having an empty rocking chair in your home can evoke spirits to come and have a seat in the home. If the chair is moving on its own, it is believed that a spirit is already there.

  • Green Paint

Green paint is something that is thought to be bad luck because in the past, green dyes in paint were toxic and could cause toxic gases to be released in the home when it got damp. Even though green paint is safe today, some people won’t allow it in their home.

  • Broken Clocks

Feng shui talks about having clocks and other things but if you have a clock that is broken, it can clutter your home and bring bad luck. It is believed that a clock should be working, or you can get stuck in a rut. If a clock breaks, it sometimes is believed that death is coming.

  • Cacti Plants

Feng shui believes that cacti or other plants with spikes can invite in bad luck. This is said to bring in bad vibrations that can cause your relationships to come to an end. Roses aren’t considered bad luck though and they are fine to keep.

  • Unkempt Bed

Even though everyone has a bed, superstition talks about having a bed that isn’t made. It is thought that it can distract your sleep and cause you not to be able to rest well.

  • Umbrellas That Are Open

Opening an umbrella inside can get people thinking that you are bringing bad luck in the home. Even though umbrellas are meant to keep you safe from rain and bad weather, it is thought that opening an umbrella inside will upset your guardian angel. Another superstition is that an umbrella inside can bring in jealous spirits.

  • Dead Plants

Having plants in your home can bring positive energy but if the plant is dead, it can bring dead energy. When a plant is dropping leaves, it needs to be gotten rid of.

  • Taxidermy Animals

Having taxidermy animals in your home is also another thing that is said to bring bad luck. It is also advised not to have pictures of disasters like battles or natural disasters.

  • Old Calendars

Having a calendar is a great idea but having one that is outdated is thought to bring bad luck. Feng shui says that you shouldn’t use a calendar that is outdated, or you can fall behind the times instead of being able to move forward in your life.

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  1. Very interesting! I didn’t know that having a broken clock can bring bad luck. I’ll make sure to keep my home free of these things!

  2. Opening umbrellas inside can bring jealous spirits? That is a new superstition for me. I will keep umbrellas closed indoors!

  3. An enlightening article that ties traditional beliefs with modern practices! It’s fascinating to see how objects as mundane as a rocking chair or green paint can hold such significance in different cultures.

    • Indeed, it’s amazing how ancient wisdom continues to influence our contemporary settings. Feng shui certainly has a pervasive reach.

  4. Ironic how the article speaks of feng shui and bad luck when the biggest piece of bad luck would be to actually believe in these absurd claims. Dead plants bringing dead energy? Seriously?

  5. The nuances of feng shui are quite intriguing. For example, the belief that broken clocks can halt progress is a profound metaphor. It’s less about luck and more about the psychology of our surroundings.

    • Precisely, Pamela. Feng shui is often misinterpreted as pure superstition, yet it’s deeply rooted in the understanding of energy flow and human psychology.

  6. Oh great, now I have to add ‘green paint’ and ‘broken clocks’ to my list of things causing my bad luck. What’s next? Blaming my unkempt bed for global warming?

  7. This is absolutely preposterous! How can a piece of furniture or a color of paint possibly influence one’s luck? It’s time people moved past these medieval superstitions.


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