How to Avoid Toxic Life Choices


Ask yourself a simple question: Are the people in your life supportive or do you find yourself feeling terrible after you talk to them?  If you find yourself at odds with life, do you feel like someone else caused this to happen? And when you encounter someone new, do you try to bend yourself to fit the mold of the person they assume you are?

Choices and assumptions like this unnecessarily complicate your life and can add to the problems you already have.  If you find yourself facing the same issues and getting the same results, you are probably making toxic life choices.

Here are ways to avoid toxicity:

Be aware

You wouldn’t climb a mountain without looking where you are stepping would you? Of course not, if you get distracted you could miss a step or fall. Such a stumble could be fatal. So, it goes with your life.

You already know that it is important to watch where you are going, but we often forget this advice when things seem to be going well or are succumbing to distractions.   It is at this time when we have to be aware of what choices we are making. If you spend a few more minutes being mindful, you can avoid some pitfalls, even though you may have to face some tough choices initially.   Overall, you will avoid trouble.

Be genuine

Very often we find ourselves wondering what others will think of what we do and/or say.  We wonder if we can shape ourselves into the mold that will make them love us or prefer us or hire us.  This leads us to actions that brings to what we think we want, only to find that, upon arrival, we really didn’t want to end up where we’ve landed.

This is because our actions didn’t come from a place of truth.  We did not act in our own genuine interests; therefore, we didn’t get what we want.  True happiness will come from being honest with yourself, not from trying to be what you think someone else wants you to be.

This honesty will lead you to the life you really want to lead and will help you to avoid dangerous choices.

Be Open

In today’s society, there is a lot of emphasis on appearances.  Too often we are afraid of appearing weak or vulnerable, thus, we don’t ask for help.  To be honest, if you don’t ask for help, you more than likely won’t receive it.

Without help from a more experienced person or from a trusted friend, you may not improve or grow.    Be open to assistance. Relying on someone for help doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are open to help.

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