Know the Best Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

Best Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

The holidays are here again — time to think up some fun gift ideas for your friends and family members. Try consulting the zodiac this year!

Considering the astrological signs of those on your gift list is a great way to get your gift-giving spirit in gear.


Give them what’s hot, unique, and original. Find something that everyone else will want as soon as they see it. You don’t have to fly to Milan in search of a special treasure, but if you want to give them jewelry or clothing, make sure it will make people ask, “Where did you get that?”


Trinket-loving Taureans love the valuable and durable (think diamonds), and if it comes with a lifetime guaranty, even better. Although they love the finer things in life, this down-to-earth sign also loves what’s cuddly, comforting, and relaxing. How about a fluffy pet or fluffy slippers?


Information, automation and all things socially stimulating interest your Gemini. A remote car starter, the latest iPhone or anything they can talk about, and share are all good examples of thoughtful gifts with a gadget twist.


If your gift says, “I know you and I love you,” it will be a hit. It can be big or small, but it must be from the heart. You could give them a beach vacation, a spa day, or a hand-painted framed picture of the two of you. If your gift has a water/pampering vibe, it will be a hit.


This fire sign is a go-getter, so think about something that enhances their life or career.  Tickets to the latest Tony Robbins seminar, a shiatsu massage, or a new gadget that keeps them ahead of the curve identifies with their need to be on top of things.


Anything that helps them achieve order is a welcome holiday gift. Virgos are also into living a healthy life, so a natural food delivery service or some organic beauty products are something they’d enjoy. If you’re not sure, just warm some oil and give them a pampering body massage.


The zodiac’s symbol for Hollywood, they love clothes that are elegant and unique. Think retro faux fur or velvet gloves with a silk lining. They also love to entertain, so unique martini glasses, serving trays and richly scented candles are always a good bet as well.


If you buy them clothing, just pick something sexy and black. A spiritually intuitive sign, they’d love a psychic reading to balance their energy. Scorpios are also fond of music, so dinner with classical music playing in the background will soothe their busy brains.


Try to honor their need for constant movement, whether it’s exercise or travel. You could give them luggage or fitness gear. Perhaps the zodiac’s philosopher would like a nice journal to record their travels.


The goat is always climbing to the top of the mountain, whether it’s literally or professionally. Climb the pyramids or take them skiing for the holidays. Organizing office essentials with classic appeal are always appreciated, and any items of clothing you may choose should be unique, yet classic as well.


The best holiday gifts should be fun, funny, unique, and quirky. Aquarius will be hosting a party, so give them something to share with their guests that will make them chuckle. A vintage strobe light, oddly-shaped drinking glasses or a fun party game should do the trick.

Tap into the thoughtful, heartfelt, and meaningful, like a collage of all your favorite moments spent together. If you really want to bowl them over, take them to a spa retreat; they may never want to leave. You can’t go wrong with a special evening of music, scented candles, and massage.

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