Office Romance Do’s and Don’ts

Office Romance

Given the amount of time we spend at work, it is little wonder that many people find their passion and excitement in the office. But secret trysts in the boardroom and chance encounters in the lift can bring misery as well as intrigue to your working day.

Why Work Relationships Can be Hard

There are legitimate reasons, old and new, as to why this type of relationship is a bumpier road than most partnerships. One partner might be in love and the other might just be working up the corporate ladder. The priority of a seduction could be to get out of doing work, love having no place in the motive at all.

Your coworkers can feel betrayed by a boss who is in a relationship with a colleague. Everyone in the company will find instances of favoritism, real or perceived, and in these circumstances, perception is everything.

A cute employee who flirts with a superior raises the ire of everyone; imagine if the two of them actually get together and you get stuck with part of that good-looking one’s work load as she leaves the office early for the weekend.

And office politics is not for the weak – employees may work to sabotage a relationship in order to advance in the company. If all is fair in love and war, the office is often a web of alliances and hatreds that rival an international summit – don’t count out a war getting in the way of love.

And yet, despite all these obstacles, coworkers meet and mingle and eventually mate with regularity all over the world and in every work environment and culture. A deliveryman in Venezuela hooks up with a woman who runs a small farm far from the city while the owner of a small chain of fashion outlets in New York invites one of her store managers out for a drink after he has met a bold sales target.

The types of workplaces are innumerable, but there is only one human heart, and there are a few ways for it to be seduced on the job. Here are some seductions to avoid and others that are worth trying:

Here are Some Office Don’ts:

  • Don’t Have an Office Affair: Don’t get involved with a married colleague or a coworker who is involved in a serious, committed relationship. While many good relationships begin at work, many if not most affairs begin there as well. And they almost never end up being good for either party. Being involved in an affair on the job is a self-destructive act first and foremost. Most affairs on the job are built on outright lies. If he says he will leave his wife for you, he is lying. If he says you are in line for a promotion, he is lying. If you say you will wait for him to make up his mind, you are lying to yourself about making sure you are available to meet the best possible man for a relationship.
  • Don’t Ignore Company Policy Forbidding Relationships Between Employees: If your office forbids relationships between employees, it must be adhered to … or you should at least be ready to quit. If you are summoned into a meeting with a superior and asked about your relationship with another employee, assume that those above you in the company have been reading your emails.

Since it is usually legal to do so, companies can find information about you in many ways. At some point, the relationship may be serious enough for you to no longer hide it. But if you cannot risk your job, don’t be foolish enough to think that he might be willing to be the one to look for another employer.

  • Don’t Get Involved in a High-Drama Relationship: Avoid pursuing a seduction if the passion between you two cannot be contained under the sheets. An office romance must be one that never pushes your emotional life out into the office for all of your coworkers to know about. Office gossip travels at the speed of sound and every intimate detail that is aired in front of colleagues in the heat of the moment will be the top headline on everyone’s gossip itinerary.

The reverse is also true … a passionate partnership that involves extending the lunch hour a little longer each day will bring immediate trouble in the office regardless of how much work you are getting done.

  • Don’t Sleep with a Someone Who Is Competing with You for a Promotion: Love is a battlefield, and some people still use it for nefarious purposes. A player who is up for the same promotion as you is to be avoided. He may flirt hard, simply to exploit your weaknesses. Never fall too head-over-heels about a flirtatious come-on from someone who has the same skill set and job qualifications as you.
  • Don’t Sleep with Your Boss or Subordinate: In addition to putting, you into a no-win situation at work whenever the relationship has its ups and downs, this also puts you in a no-win situation with every other person at work.

Office Romance Do’s

  • Do Pursue That Good-looking Single Guy at Work: If he is available, interested and you two are compatible, the shared career gives your relationship a built-in compatibility. If his position at the company is more important than partnership, you should at least risk finding out about his character in this regard.
  • Do Pursue a Seduction When You Both Have Job Security: If you are both secure at your job, and both irreplaceable, a great romantic partnership could actually enhance your mutual job performances.

If you are both happier and understand what each other is going through, you will have so many things to talk about and relate to, it will only deepen the love relationship between you two. Whether it is tenure at a university, a strong union preserving your working rights or a specific talent that your company needs that only you and he can perform for them, job security can be the root of a blossoming love.

  • Do Pursue Love in the Office if Your Job Is Not Important to You: Many people love their work and are loyal to their company, and that is a great thing. But if you must follow your heart and it leads you to the guy in the next cubicle, is your position worth sacrificing for a soulmate?

If you answered yes to this, at least go make sure that your boss knows how you feel. Go tell him right now … unless you would be interrupting him making out with his secretary.

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  1. The historical context provided in the article is quite enlightening. The mention of how perceptions of favoritism can cause workplace tensions is spot on. Understanding these dynamics is essential for maintaining a harmonious workplace.

  2. Well, isn’t this a delightful little guide for ruining your career while searching for love? It’s almost as if the author has experienced every office romance disaster personally. How charmingly pessimistic!

  3. This article is nothing but a rehash of old stereotypes. Not every office romance ends in scandal or sabotage. People are more professional than this article gives them credit for. It’s patronizing to suggest that the mere existence of affection between colleagues will inevitably lead to favoritism and chaos.

  4. I absolutely agree with the article. Office romances can be quite complicated and potentially disastrous if not handled properly. The advice to avoid high-drama relationships and not to sleep with a boss or subordinate is particularly prudent. It’s refreshing to see such candid advice!

  5. The article reads like a strategic guide to navigating office romances, which, while useful, assumes a level of intrigue worthy of a corporate espionage novel. If only the workplace was as dramatic as this article suggests, we’d all need popcorn at our desks!


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