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5 Signs That You May Be Settling

Nobody should ever have to settle for less than they deserve just for the sake of being with someone. The problem these days is, sometimes mistreatment or “good enough I guess” is seen as normal and acceptable. It’s time to raise your standards. Here are five signs that you’re settling for a person who doesn’t meet your needs, whether they be emotional, physical or mental.

mirrorimage1. You’ve Changed Your Looks, Habits and Behaviors for Them

Do you keep your opinions to yourself in order to avoid arguments?
Have your modified your body or do you dress in a way that only appeals to someone else?
Do you only participate in activities that make them happy?

2. You Overlook Their Intolerable Behavior Because You Don’t Want to be Single

Friends_2680705bHave they cheated on you one or more times?
Do they disregard your feelings?
Are they overbearing and domineering?
Are they physically or emotionally abusive?

3. You’re With Them for Superficial Reasons

images (10)Are you with them only because they’re attractive?
Does their financial stability attract you more than anything else about them?
Are you mistaking great sex for compatibility and intimacy?

4. You Think You Can Change Their Annoying Habits 

Do you think you’ll get used to their annoying habits?
Do you think they’ll change for you?

5. You Think You Can’t Do Better

Are you convinced that you won’t find anyone better?
Are you letting insecurities about your age or looks keep you from meeting someone better?
Do you think you’re unlovable?

 Learn to be Alone and Happy

images (9)Dr. Phil said it best when he said, “I’d rather be alone and happy than be with someone else and be miserable.” This is a good attitude to have when looking for Mr. Right. Settling for someone is like putting a bandage over a gaping wound—it’s a temporary fix that won’t last. Settling for someone who isn’t right for you leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Settling in love is not fair to you, but it’s also not fair to the person you’re with. They deserve to be with someone who is attracted to them on all levels—not just for their looks or the security they can provide.

If you feel like you’re settling in love, know that you deserve better and that better is out there.

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