13 Ways to End a Karmic Relationship

13 Ways to End a Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationship are ones where you “love” hard but fight even harder.  You feel like you are on a nonstop rollercoaster that has you feeling the highest of highs, but the lows make you feel sick to your core.  You feel challenged and drained because you are constantly exposed to lessons that you aren’t able to master.  This prevents you from growing and reaching your full potential in love and other areas in your life since this relationship is so all-consuming.

Only when you are able to leave the relationship and have allowed time to heal, can you gain clarity and see the situation from a nonjudgmental lens.  Through that lens you will be able to understand the lessons you needed to learn and patterns that prevented your growth in order to ensure you attract healthier and more fulfilling love in the future.  If you suspect you might be in a karmic relationship here are 13 ways to help end the cycle.

Become aware of the red flags

If something feels off or if anything they say causes you physical pain, don’t ignore it!  Intuition is a gift to help us fix things that are misaligned in our life.  These feelings we get deep within us can signal a karmic relationship at work and lessons we need to learn.

Stop justifying their behavior

Does your significant other act disrespectful to your family or act in a codependent manner?  It is healthy to respect a person’s time alone and be gracious to their loved ones.  You must become aware of how your partner is acting and how it really is affecting you.  You don’t deserve anything less than supportive and positive behaviors from your lover.

Selfishness is never okay

Relationships are a two-way street.  You both need to be willing to make compromises and honor each other’s values, needs and goals.

If you’re constantly fighting, you need to walk away

Arguments are healthy in a relationship, but only if you find a resolution.  In a karmic bond it feels like Fight Club is happening in your living room every night.  Being on eggshells that dirty dishes left in the sink will cause a blowout is sure sign you need to breakup.

Quit playing defense

You need to stop feeling like a victim.  If something is bothering either of you, you both need to feel safe enough to have an open and honest conversation where you both can share your perspective.  If you can’t, this is a sure sign that you are in a toxic relationship, and you need to end things.

Honor their privacy

In healthy love there is mutual trust.  If either of you is constantly snooping, you need to reinvestigate the health of your relationship.

Investigate why you don’t feel at ease with the relationship

You shouldn’t feel like your romance is a game or a thrill ride.  If you constantly talk about your relationship drama with your social circles you need to do some soul searching about your “love.”

Even a hint of abuse in a relationship is red flag!

Abuse can be a tricky situation and easy to gloss over since it’s so uncomfortable to address.  However, nothing can be gained by staying in a relationship where you don’t feel safe!  If you even suspect abuse is occurring, you must leave the relationship immediately and seek professional help.

You deserve to have your authentic self to be honored

In karmic relationship partners often feel compelled to hide facets of themselves to appease their love.  You don’t always have to be your “best,” but you need to act in an open and honest manner about your experiences and be able to share your perspective with each other.  If you feel like you have to hide behind a mask in order to be loved, then you are seeing a major red flag and need to address this problem straightaway.

Love is not painful

Mood and energy flow are strongly affected by interactions with people.  In karmic relationship it will feel like you are constantly around an energy vampire, and you never feel rested.  If you constantly feel drained being around the person you love and worse might require multiple days for your mood to rebound you need to take steps to address the issue and if necessary, leave the relationship.

You only need you!

You can only be responsible for your happiness.  You don’t need anyone in your life to validate your joy and light.  Instead of wasting your energy on the love rollercoaster, walk away and enjoy the resurgence of “me time” and watch the opportunities to grow flow your way.

Break the addiction cycle

The stress of karmic relationships can lead to addictions.  This will prevent you both from being emotionally present, let alone supportive.  When you leave the karmic union, you will quickly see improvements in you physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Choose you and have more joy in your life!

If your friends have recently commented on the tension you bring or a new pattern of neediness you might be in the throes of a karmic union.  If you notice more fight-flight-freeze responses and it deviates from your pre-relationship self, then you have some issues you need to address both within yourself and your relationship.  You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and joyful.  If you suspect your relationship is bringing you down, it probably is, and you need to reprioritize your thinking.

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  1. I found this article incredibly illuminating. It’s essential to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship and prioritize one’s mental well-being. The advice provided here is both practical and compassionate, encouraging self-awareness and growth. Highly recommend this read for anyone feeling trapped in a relationship that feels more burdensome than uplifting.

  2. Wow, reading this was like a rollercoaster itself. Who needs amusement parks when you have a karmic relationship? The idea of being around an energy vampire is spot on. If you’re in a relationship where you need more recovery time than a marathon runner, it’s time to call it quits. Or maybe just get a vampire slayer on speed dial. 😂

  3. This is such generalized advice. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and labeling every problematic relationship as ‘karmic’ feels reductive. Life and love are complex and cannot be neatly categorized into such simplistic terms. What works for one person might not work for another.

  4. Oh, great! Another article telling us to throw away relationships because of rough patches. We might as well all become hermits. Relationships are work, and not every bump in the road means it’s time to cut and run. This kind of advice creates more fear than resolve.

  5. The notion of karmic relationships is quite fascinating. It aligns well with psychological patterns observed in co-dependent relationships. It is vital for individuals to recognize detrimental patterns and take proactive steps to break free. The steps outlined here are not only insightful but could be transformative for those willing to introspect.


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