When You Dream About Strangers

Dream About Strangers

Some people dream a lot and other people dream about strangers.  Sometimes strangers will be in your dream and will knock on your door or break into the home that you are in.  These dreams can show strangers as our lovers or even someone that hates us.

Why do these dreams happen?  Why do we remember these dreams?  Will we ever see these strangers in person?

People that interpret dreams will help to tell you what your dreams mean, but you must know that you do not make these dreams up, but your psyche is making them up for you.  The psyche is creating a message or an image in your unconscious mind and it is bringing about emotions, feelings, and dreams.  This can be a psychic message.

About Us

When we dream about people, these dreams can be reflections of what is going on in our life.  This can mean that the stranger is part of our personality.

This is true for most things that we see in dreams.  The dreams that we have are our friends, families and loved ones and these are all parts of ourselves.

The strangers that we see in dreams can be just figures in our dream that are reflecting parts of our life that we are wondering about.


When we dream about people we don’t know, it can mean that we have been having negative feelings such as rejection or hate.  When these figures are unknown, we must see what they are doing and how we feel when we dream about them.  Are we happy or upset with them?

When the dream affects you personally, you need to figure out who these figures are and get to know them.  When you want to avoid something, this can cause you to dream about being there or avoiding something that is in your mind.

Once you understand why you are dreaming about these figures and who they are, you can take the information and figure out what it means for you.  Do not push these things away, find out what they mean to you.

Meeting Figures in Your Dream

When you meet a shadow in your dream, it can be a symbol.  The shadow is part of your personality that is dark such as rejection or pain.  This can be when we deny living life a certain way.  A shadow in your dream might impress you or make you feel that you are manipulated.

Best Friends

Dreams about having a close friend that we do not know is another aspect of your personality.  This can be the inner part of you that is searching, not for a person, but for the spiritual world and for guidance from your spirit guide.  This can be part of your ego.

Sometimes, best friends will be in your dreams because they are someone that you admire.  These can be people that make us feel happy and help to heal us.  When you have feelings of happiness with your dreams, this can be part of your personality where you love and can be helping to increase your self-esteem.

When you have dreams of these characters, the happiness will belong to you.  You will see their qualities as your own and you will discover the qualities that you are attracted to in people such as your lovers or your friends.

When you are attracted to someone in dreams or even in the real world, see what qualities in your own self that you are missing and work on those.

Breaking In

When you dream about someone breaking into your home, this can be a dream where you are worried about something in your life.  This can mean they are breaking into your mind, and they are bringing up your fears and your insecurities that you have.

Look at the figures that are breaking into your home.  Are they helping you or hurting you?  Try to see them in the light.

Some people that have grown up in abusive homes or situations will have dreams of people breaking in because they have feelings of unworthiness and feelings of uncaring.  They might feel that they are not good enough and so they have these dreams.

Other women have dreams because they are jealous or petty.  If a woman feels that she is being betrayed, this might be the dream she has.


When a woman has a dream where she is calling upon her friends to come, something is probably bothering her, and she needs someone to help lift the burden.

When a dream focuses on two women that have chains, this means that there is some kind of problem in her life and maybe even with herself.  This can show doubts and insecurities and can be a symbol of self-defense.

Being in chains is similar to a dream about death and this is where you can overcome things in your unconscious mind and to break the chains that bound you.  This can cause you to get rid of negative energies and can bring about a change in behaviors and get rid of terror.


Another common dream that women have is drinking at a bar with a stranger.  When this happens, are you having deep conversation?  Are you being intimate?

This can mean that you are afraid of being intimate and being out in public.  This can also mean that you have strong emotions and that you have a passion in your life.

If a woman is in a dream and there is a man, notice if he is strong, what does he look like?  Is he a businessman or a bum?  Are you connected with them, and can you feel passion while you are there?

Some dreams like this might mean that as a woman, you are looking to have a union and to seek marriage and a prince.  This can be a connection that comes after experiencing some kind of suffering.

Some women think that their soulmate is out in the world, but the soulmate is really inside of you.  If you are not able to see the man in your dream, you need to connect with yourself.  This is a good sign that you are working towards healing and that you are learning to connect within.


If you have a dream with an unknown lover, it can mean that you are becoming one with yourself.  If you have a partner, sometimes you miss loving yourself and finding what makes you whole.

The dream will tell you what you are missing inside of yourself and what you need to do to take action.  When you realize that this is what the man in your dream means, you have to work on making yourself more comfortable.  You have to figure out how to love yourself more than others.

Lover Interpretation

A demon lover in a dream can be someone that seduces and captivates you.  Women might have fantasies and make her believe that she has not met her soulmate yet, even if she is dating someone.  When these dreams come, look inside of yourself, and see what you are missing.


When you dream that someone is knocking at your door, this can mean that you are not being giving and that you need to learn to give of the world.  This can mean that you feel that you have lost hope and that you have no meaning in your life.

When a stranger in your dream comes and you give them what they need, this can mean that you are working to achieve a life of having meaning and that you are understanding what you have done wrong and know that you can do better.

If someone knocks and you resist it, you are missing out on getting a gift of life and being able to reflect on what needs changed within you. No matter how scary it is, if a stranger knocks on your door in your dream, open it, see what they need, and this will give you insight on what you need as well.

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