Rejected by Your Soulmate

Rejected by Your Soulmate

When you meet your soulmate, it can feel magical and can be an instant connection.  Something about them will make your heart jump and will give you chill bumps, you will know instantly that they are the one that is meant to be with you.

Everyone wants a chance to meet this person and hopes that it will be a magical connection, but it isn’t always that way and sometimes you will see them, and they might not be interested.

Dealing with It

Even though you know how you feel, you have to understand that they might feel the same way that you do but they may not find it as rushed as you do.  If they are distant and confused, it can just be resistance that is causing them to not feel what you are feeling.


Sometimes when a person meets someone and the connection is strong, it can cause them to be afraid to move into the relationship.  You never truly know if you should keep pushing or if you should listen to their body language and pay attention to how they feel.  You might want to make a friend first and then see what happens and if love comes.  They might like your patience and not be so distance.


If you are someone that has been rejected before, you might not want to get into a relationship because you don’t like to be rejected.  This can be fear or the feeling that you might get hurt that is holding you back.  When you meet someone, they might have those fears as well.

Get Over It

It isn’t easy to come to the fact that your soulmate is not interested in you.  Even if you have a connection, you might not want to accept that someone doesn’t want you and have a hard time moving on.  There is no reason to spend time trying to win someone over that isn’t interested in you.

Besides that, there is always a chance that you will meet someone else down the line, another soulmate and it might be someone that will want to be with you from the very beginning.  They will be willing to open up to you and share the connection with you.  This person will be worth you are waiting for them.  You never need to be rushed into a relationship.

Take Time

Give yourself time and if you feel that the person that you are chasing is your soulmate, decide if they are worth trying to win over or decide if you would be better off to move on and to find someone else.

Multiple Soulmates

Remember, the universe might send you multiple soulmates along the way and not all soulmate relationships are perfect or will work out.

We have to learn to trust our gut feeling and to know when something is not working out the way that we want and when we should move on or keep pushing.  Be open and listen to your intuition and let your intuition guide you in what is right.

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  1. What a beautifully articulated view on soulmates! It’s so refreshing to read something that acknowledges the complexities and nuances of human emotions. The idea that the universe might send multiple soulmates is both comforting and liberating.

  2. The article is intriguing, but I find it somewhat contradictory. How can one advocate for pushing forward in a relationship while advising to ‘get over it’ if there’s no interest? Clearer guidance would be appreciated.

    • Debra, I think the article is trying to say that balance is key. Sometimes persistence is necessary, but other times, letting go is the best approach. Context and intuition play pivotal roles in making that decision.

    • Right, Debra! It’s like saying, ‘Hey, follow your heart but also, don’t get too carried away.’ Classic advice—confusing as ever!

  3. I must say, this essay is overly romanticized drivel. The concept of ‘soulmates’ is nothing more than a societal construct perpetuated by fanciful literature and media. Relationships are built on mutual respect and effort, not mystical connections.

  4. The notion of dealing with rejection and understanding the complexities of human connection is indeed compelling. However, scientific studies on attachment and human behavior could provide a deeper understanding, which would enrich the discussion further.

  5. Ah, the soulmate myth! Because the universe really has time to play celestial matchmaker, right? This reads like the script of a rom-com. How about some real-life advice for a change?


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