What Does it Mean to be an Empath?

Being an Empath

Do you find that you are overly sensitive or when a relationship or situation has problems you can sense it before it happens?  Are you able to feel the emotions of people before you even get to know them?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are you might be an empath.


Being an empath means that you are very sensitive, and you are someone that cares about the feelings of all living things.

The entire life of an empath revolves around other people.  With this gift, you can connect with people that you don’t know, and you can help solve problems for people.  The problem with being an empath is that you become exhausted by always having to care and worry about everyone else.

If you are an empath, here are some tips to help you keep your energy strong and positive.


When you begin to date someone and an are an empath, chances are you have made a good choice.  The beginning of the relationship will be wonderful, and you will be excited and happy.  This is a special treat for an empath because they have a hard time meeting people that they connect on that level with.

When the relationship is going well, you will always be sharing your partners feelings.  This is a 24/7 thing when you are an empath and can sometimes be more than you want to handle.  When you keep yourself strong and positive, you can handle helping your partner in all things.

Don’t Change

Never change to be someone you aren’t.  Being friends with an empath is an honor and people should love the fact that you are someone that is always there for them and someone that always cares about their feelings.  Ask your friends if they are lucky to have you.

There are some people that will come along in your life that will not appreciate your gift.  They will think that you are too dramatic and will do things to push you over the edge.  Don’t be tempted to be angry, just let them go.  If they can’t be comfortable around you, why do you need them in your life?

If It’s Over, End It

Being in a relationship as an empath means that you are engaging and always sharing strong emotion.  This exchange of emotion is with your partner or a friend that needs you.  You will always be there to guide them and give them advice.

When people are always having problems, it can cause you to lose your energy.  You will always feel like you have to take care of everyone that you meet that has a need but when the relationship becomes toxic, end it.  You can end a relationship that is not healthy for you, and no one will blame you.


An empath can be easily drained because they pick up all the energies around them.  Try to keep a journal to write down all of the things that you are feeling in a day.

When you are an empath, you need to meditate and do yoga each day to keep your energies positive.  This means that you can have energy when your friends need you.

When things make you happy and energize you, know that there are things that will come in your path that will drain your energy as well.  If you are always concerned with people, like the old man across the street or the lady at the grocery store, you will drain your energy caring about them.  Find activities to do that give you positive energy.

Take Time for You

An empath is always taking time for everyone else and sometimes they forget to take time for themselves.  If you find that you are an empath, take time for you.  Do something that makes you happy.  Go for walks in nature, take an exercise class or just take time to be alone.

Love Yourself

The best thing about being an empath is that you are kind, loving and caring.  Don’t let anyone change you.  Always be happy with who you are and know that you have a gift that the universe has given you.

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  1. This article provides some much-needed validation for those of us who identify as empaths. The suggestions for setting boundaries and taking time for oneself are particularly useful. Thank you for shedding light on these unique emotional experiences!

  2. Oh great, another article telling me to ‘love myself’ and ‘take time for me’ as if that will magically solve all my problems. How about offering some practical tips for dealing with the everyday emotional onslaught instead of this feel-good fluff?

  3. While I appreciate the sentiment behind this article, it strikes me as overly simplistic. Real relationships and emotional dynamics are far more complex than the dichotomy of sensitive empaths and unfeeling others. Life can’t be boiled down to such clear-cut roles.

  4. This article is an excellent starting point for understanding the struggles empaths face. However, I believe it could benefit from more scientific backing. Psychological studies on empathy and emotional intelligence would add depth and credibility to the advice provided.

  5. I’m amazed by how this article effortlessly romanticizes being an empath. It almost sounds like a superpower! But for those of us dealing with real-life emotional fatigue, it’s more of a burden than a gift. Real solutions require more than just meditation and journaling.


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