Using Good Luck Crystals

Using Good Luck Crystals

Crystals can be used to bring you good luck and they can be different kinds of crystals.  This is called feng shui application because you use crystals to help increase your powers and to protect you and your home.  You can use different sizes and shaped crystals; some are cheap while others are more expensive.


Alexandrite is a good crystal to use if you want to have more creativity and luck.  This crystal was named after Czar Alexander II in Russia and is hard to find.  This crystal is a form of power and is not too expensive to purchase.  It is popular and is believed to be a healing crystal and to give you stronger creative juices.

Using Alexandrite:

  • Put it in the center of the home.
  • In the south center of the home, it is used to bring luck.
  • Use it on jewelry to increase your creativity.


The Amethyst is a popular crystal that is beautiful to look at.  It can be cheaper or more expensive based on how dark it is.

The Amethyst crystal is used to bring good luck and to get rid of bad luck.  Here is how to use the Amethyst crystal:

  • Use it during meditation to give you spiritual enlightenment.
  • Put it in the south sector of your home to bring you money.
  • Put it in the east to bring good health.
  • In the northeast, it will bring you luck in education.
  • If it is heart shaped and in the southwest, it will bring you love.
  • Wear it as jewelry to bring you luck.


The celestine crystal is very pretty and pale in color.  It is sky blue and is known to bring healing and to open communication with the spirit guides.  This crystal is thought to connect with angels.

Using Celestine:

  • Use it for health by putting it in the east sector.
  • Put it in the northwest to open communication with the spirit guides.


Citrine is a very popular stone and is known to bring wealth. IT has good luck and is different in colors ranging from orange to yellow.  This crystal is able to get rid of negative energy and bring positive energies.  It doesn’t absorb the negative energies, but it shifts them when necessary.  The citrine does not need cleansed.

Using Citrine:

  • Use it to bring wealth.
  • Put it in the east to bring luck.
  • Put it with clear quartz to increase the luck.
  • Put it in your children’s room to give them luck.
  • Wear this as a jewel or put in your purse to give health and wealth.

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is a strong energy crystal and is used to increase powers.  This stone uses the elements of the universe to get its power and can be used to increase luck and energy.

Using the Clear Quartz:

  • Put it in the northwest to bring luck.
  • Put it on the study desk to bring help with tests and quizzes.
  • Increase your wealth by putting it in the east.
  • Put it on a crystal ball to help improve your job.

Activating the Clear Quartz

The clear quartz can be activated to do specific things for you.  You have to meditate with it and tell the crystal what you want it to do.  Next, wear it around your neck or put it in your pocket to bring to life whatever you have asked it to do.

Fluorite Crystal

The fluorite crystal will protect you and get rid of negative energies.  This crystal is blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, and even clear.  This can be a rainbow of colors and is great for feng shui luck.

Using the Fluorite:

  • Put it to the east, if it is green, to bring in health.
  • Put a purple one in the south to bring luck.
  • Put it in the bedroom to bring love.

Rose Quartz

The choice of bringing in love energy comes from the rose quarts.  If you are looking for a soulmate to come, this is they crystal to use.  This crystal can bring love and heal you if you have a broken heart.  This crystal can help make your marriage better.

Using the Rose Quartz:

  • Put it in the southwest corner for romantic luck.
  • Use it in the house to increase happiness in your marriage.
  • Put it in an apothecary jar to attract love.
  • Carry it to meet a soulmate.
  • Use it as a key fob or a pendant so it can always be close to you.

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is gray but almost clear.  It can be dark or light and helps to ground you and bring stability in your life.

Using the Smoky Quartz:

  • Put it on the desk to bring in business.
  • Let it be used for taking tests, in the study area.
  • Put it in your pocket or purse or wear it so you can increase your education luck and your creativity.

Crystal Balls

Most crystal balls are found in different orb shapes and come in different sizes.  You can put them together so that you can increase your career, stability, energies, wealth, and other things in your life.  These can be made of different crystals.

Put the crystal balls in the main area of your home so that they can bring overall good luck to your life.  Put them in groups on your desk to bring you luck in your career.

Good Luck

Place the crystals in different areas of your home or body in order to increase your positive energies.  You can carry crystals in your pocket, on key chains or on your neck to enhance your life.

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  1. This article provides a great overview of different crystals and their uses in feng shui. It’s quite informative and well-structured. I particularly appreciate the detailed instructions on where to place each crystal for optimal benefits.

  2. Oh, come on! Using celestine to communicate with spirit guides? If that worked, I’d have angels helping me with my taxes by now.

    • Haha, I love your sense of humor, Cupcake! Though, I think some people do genuinely find comfort and positivity from believing in such practices.

  3. Fascinating read! The idea that crystals can influence different aspects of life, from creativity to health, adds a mystical layer to daily living. I’d especially be interested in trying out Alexandrite for enhancing creativity.

  4. Why spend money on expensive Alexandrite when you can just use a $5 quartz? This article feels like a fancy sales pitch for shiny rocks.

  5. I have to express some skepticism here. While the historical context provided for crystals like Alexandrite is intriguing, the claims about their metaphysical properties seem more like pseudoscience. Buyer beware.


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