Breaking a Curse That Means to Hurt You

Breaking a Curse

A curse is something that is targeted at you, and it is meant to cause harm or pain.  There are many different types of spells that can affect you or your life.

Chaos Curse

The chaos curse is a spell that can make harm come to the target.  This can be bad luck or even death.  The thing about this curse is there is no real reason to how the harm happens, just things seem to go wrong.  A lot of things that go wrong in a row could be signs that someone put a curse on you.

Binding Spell

When someone puts a binding spell on you, it can come to you as depression and stress.  It can also come to you in a way that sabotages the plans that you make.  If you find that you are not able to make real decisions, you might be under the binding spell.

Lesson Curse

The lesson curse is when justice of right or wrong are coming on you.  This curse can mean that they put a hex on you so that when you do something, the punishment will fit what you did.  If it is someone that lies, they will be lied to and if they steal, someone will steal from them.  If you are all of a sudden getting a dose of your own doings, you might have a lesson curse placed on you.

Special Curse

A special curse is a curse that can be different.  The spells have specific things associated with them and are usually good at their results.  Someone could say that you will have 100 cats at your house and then all of a sudden, you have 100 cats at your house.  Each of these signs have a genuine sign and so they are easy to point out.  When your life starts feeling like you are the star of a horror movie, you might have a special curse on your life.

Putting on a Curse

Hexes are spells that are intentional.  These are never an accident and are usually cast by someone that knows about witchcraft.  Curses are different because something that is not done on purpose can put a curse on you and this can happen when someone talks bad about you.

How Do I Know?

People who are having hard times in their lives will sometimes think that someone put a curse on them.  To know if you are really cursed requires that you look inside and ask yourself if you are being honest and if things are coincidence or not.

If you really believe that you are cursed, there are ways you can check.  If your area has been close to an occult group, you could be able to find out there, or use the steps below to figure it out.  You can use playing cards or Tarot cards to figure out if you are cursed.

Sit with the deck and take out the jokers.  Shuffle the cards slowly, not using a regular shuffling noises.  Don’t let the cards make any noise.  Ask the question, “Am I being cursed,” and then stop shuffling.

Put the stack in front of you face down and one by one put a card on the top of the deck face up.  Stack the cards until you find an ace, or the pile gets 10 cards in it.

Do these three different times, you will have 3 stacks.  If you have no aces in the stack, then you have no curse on your life.  If you see one, there is a 33.3% chance you have a curse.  If there are 2 aces, there is a 66.6% chance you are cursed.  If there are 3 aces, you are 99.9% cursed with bad luck.

What if You are Cursed?

If you are cursed, chances are it is an amateur that put the curse on you because professionals are occupied with other things.  Amateurs can still have a lot of power and can be very dangerous.

If you are cursed, you have to figure out what curse you have.  You have to learn to protect yourself and this can take a lot of time. Another way is to use a spell that anyone can do without practice.

Curse Breaking Spell

First, you need to be there if you are the one cursed.  Get a tub of water that is large enough for you to wash in.  Use enough sea salt so that there is 110:1 water to salt.

Do this for ten minutes and then drain off the water.  When you are finished telling the Earth and water thank you and then let your curse be released.

The down part of this is that you might not be able to get rid of the curse if it is a strong one and you will need real training for that.

Curse Rituals

If you want to try another ritual, you can try some of these:

  • When the sun comes up, burn sage to cleanse your house.
  • Soak in a river or natural water source and let the curse be taken away.
  • Use selenite to break the curse.
  • Create a tea that is made of curse-breaking herbs and then toss the water out?

Reflection Spells

If you use a mirror and reflect the curse back to the curser, this can work but is not recommended.  It can just be your imagination and then you will curse yourself.  Unless you know who really cursed you, you do not want to blindly send out a curse into the universe.

The law of three means that even if you are sending out curses blindly, they can come back to you some day.  It is better to just clean them up.

Preventing a Curse

Once you get rid of a curse, you are only done halfway.  You have to make sure the curse doesn’t come back.

Make sure to cleanse yourself and your home or any person that you think was affected.  Use amulets to block other curses and do this for as long as you need.


A curse is nothing to play with and dealing with them can be scary for the person that gets the curse and the person trying to stop the curse.  Make sure that you diagnose what is going on with you and make sure that you know you are cursed before you try to take any steps.  Protect yourself and take good care of your life.

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  1. This article is fascinating! I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of curses, and this really dives deep into different types and how to handle them. It’s a bit eerie, but incredibly informative. I can’t wait to try some of these methods, just out of curiosity!

  2. Oh great, now everyone will think they’re cursed just because they stubbed their toe or missed the bus. It’s ironic how these ‘cures’ are as complicated as the supposed curses themselves. Maybe we should all just take a deep breath and not blame witches for our daily inconveniences.

    • Well said, Chief! It’s often easier to blame external forces than to confront our own challenges head-on. A little bit of skepticism and self-reflection can go a long way.

  3. Honestly, I find this whole discussion rather disconcerting. The idea that someone could curse you without your knowledge and cause such turmoil in your life is quite upsetting. I’m skeptical about the effectiveness of these rituals and would prefer a more scientific approach to dealing with life’s hardships.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive guide to various types of curses and spells. It even includes some historical context and practical steps for protection and cleansing. However, readers should approach this information with a critical mind and consider both psychological and cultural factors.

  5. Isn’t it amusing how we still entertain these medieval notions in the 21st century? The whole idea of using playing cards to determine if you’re cursed is laughable. Perhaps we should focus more on tangible solutions to our problems rather than attributing them to mystical forces.

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