Understanding Psychic Attacks

Understanding Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are real spiritual phenomena that manifest as negative attacks on one’s energy field.  When harmful thoughts are directed at a person either consciously or unconsciously that target will experience sensations including fatigue, anxiety, doubt, fear or even pain.  Damage is inflicted at physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental level.

Psychic attacks can occur at the conscious or subconscious levels and harm both the target or those close to them.  Conscious attacks are specifically targeted at an individual whereas an unconscious attack is characterized by negative energies sent without specific intent to harm and can wear off faster after the attacker settles their mind.

In both cases, there are steps a person can take to reduce the effects of a psychic attack on themselves.  It is important takes decisive action immediate if they suspect they have been a target of a psychic attack to lessen the negative impact on their life.

Psychic Attack Symptoms

The following are a few of the many signs you may be experiencing a psychic attack.

  • You feel like you are being watched
  • You see or sense shadows around you, especially when you are alone
  • Disturbing dreams
  • Visions of the attacker during dreams, mediations, or thoughts
  • Unexplained fatigue or chronic tiredness
  • Unexplained recurring aches or body pains
  • Persistent feeling of self-doubt or listlessness
  • Nagging fear
  • Frequent negative thoughts that won’t leave your mind
  • Sudden and unexplained illness
  • Recurring odd accidents

Why People Psychically Attack

Although reasons are varied and numerous, frequently negative energies are directed at a person in the form of a thought.  Typically, these thoughts are a result of jealousy, frustration, anger, envy, or misdirected self-pain.

Scenarios that could lead to a psychic attack include the following: frustration of you getting a promotion the attacker thought they would certainly receive, a recent break-up or an ex starting a new relationship, or the attacker is in such deep inner turmoil they are misdirecting their frustrations onto someone else.   Remember, someone negative feelings toward you are out of your control.

If you directly contributed to the root issue, take responsibility for your actions immediately and seek reconciliation.  If things are truly out of your control, find peace in knowing the universal laws of intention state if someone causes a person to harm the ramifications will bounce back onto them three-fold.  What goes around truly does come back around!

  1. Stopping a Psychic Attack

If you think you are the victim of a psychic attack it is important to take responsive actions immediately.  If you are experience physical manifestations, get yourself to a doctor.  Read on to discover five important ways to take addition control of your situation and find the comfort you deserve.

  1. Have Awareness

In order to heal yourself, you first must recognize something is amiss in your life!  Next, realize this is only an energy attack.  This will help you regain a sense of power and control over your part of the crisis.  Then, be cognizant of the timing of the attack.

Frequently, attacks occur when a victim is vulnerable or in a period of transition.  Consider if you are embarking on a new chapter in your life or elsewhere stepping outside your comfort zone, both of which are common times for a psychic attack to take place.

  1. Cleanse Your Energy Field

You need to get rid of this negativity!  Begin by seeking help from your spirit guides.  They can help stop or better protect you from this attack.  Also, you can perform rituals like organizing your personal space, sage smudging, or mindful bathing.

When bathing, try to use natural salts or clean yourself using baking soda instead of soap.  Afterwards moisturize yourself with coconut oil massaged into the entirety of your skin.  As previously mentioned since attacks are common when you start a new life chapter.  Consider cleansing yourself ahead of a birthday, new year, new job, moving into a new home or when you start a new relationship.

  1. Keep Positive

No one wins with negativity, and if you meet the attack with malice, you will only get hurt further.  It is important for you to know the person attacking you is doing so because they are weak and in extreme pain.  Instead of seeking revenge, work to active choose the path of compassion.

If you feel the negativity swirling around you, fight its effects by sending thoughts of love, healing, and positivity.  Only then can the darkness begin to lift.  Surround yourself during this tough time with happy people, joyful or peaceful moments and choose to watch more comedies or listen to uplifting music.

  1. Maintain Inner Strength

The best way to keep your wits about you during this tough time is to rely on your inner strength.  By staying emotionally stable you can maintain lightness in your life and avoid returning their negative thoughts.  Lean on your spirit guides for protecting and guidance if you find this difficult.  Work with your health care providers to keep yourself as physically and mentally healthy as possible.

  1. Get Yourself in Order

If you find yourself anxious or fearful, direct your energies by cleaning your home or organizing your mental self.  Reclaim your voice by reevaluating your priorities and creating an action plan for lingering issues in your life.  Clean and tidy your bedroom, bathroom, and the rest of your house.  Consider changing your linens and towels and ensure you wash and fold the sets you were using during the time of the attack.

By directly altering your visual fields and inner outlooks you can reset your energies and find a renewed strength to be the best version of you possible.  By doing this, you can work through this psychic attack and come out stronger.

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