Defining Telekinesis

The brain is a very powerful organ. It is perhaps the strongest tool that human beings possess. The mind itself can manifest actions.  Not only can our brains move us, it can also move objects.

The act of using the brain to move things is called Telekinesis.  This term also refers to the power to handle space and energy and maybe even time.

The name telekinesis was created in 1890 by a man named Alexander Aksakof.  He was a Russian researcher who studied the phenomena associated with psychic power.  In 1914, another term, psychokinesis, was associated with the movement of objects with brain power.

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Both terms were used as way to describe the manipulation of matter by spirits, particularly ghosts. Eventually it was acknowledged that these objects were being moved by the power of people in the room  where the movement was detected. Still later  the division of terms came to mean that psychokinesis was used for the power of the living and telekinesis was powered by the spiritual world.

Telekinesis is the more common word used to describe the manipulation of objects by the brain. 

In 2004, telekinesis was used to describe the movement of inanimate objects.

Paranormal psychologists are encouraging the use of psychokinesis as the main term to describe both powers, particularly since the brain has been seen to bend the energy around matter and not just the matter itself.


There are limits to the power, perhaps linked the strength of the user.  This could mean that a challenger could over power a weaker opponent. It is also possible that the person’s brain could become exhausted by the everyday stressors we all face, including distractions.

Like any other innate human power, more study is necessary to truly understand and enhance the power of someone who can move things with just the strength of their mind and psyche.

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