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What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is a powerful capability.  The brain, being the most powerful tool in our human bodies is at work here. telekinesisThe mind and nothing else is being used to influence things. It may sound unbelievable but it is a thought that can be fathomed.  One can use telekinesis to move objects and an advance one can also use it to manipulate time, energy, and space.  The ability of Telekinesis can also be used to distort material items.  It has been cited as the power used to manipulate random number generators.

The term telekinesis originated in 1890 with Alexander N. Aksakof, a Russian researcher who specialized in psychic phenomena. Telekinesis is also referred to as psychokinesis, which originated in 1914 with the book, On The Cosmic Relations, by Henry Holt, an American author. J. B. Rhine, the American parapsychologist, was a friend of Holt’s, and began using the term in 1934.

It was first used as a means to explain the movement of objects by ghosts, spirits, and the like. Later, when it was theorized that living human beings might actually be exerting the influence instead of deceased individuals, the term psychokinesis came into use. Psychokinesis differs from the original telekinesis in that telekinesis usually stipulated a spiritual setting or event, like the channeling of the dead, whereas psychokinesis could occur anywhere. Psychokinesis became the umbrella term for any ability that involves using the mind to influence/manipulate/move matter/objects.

telekinesis (1)Professional parapsychologists prefer psychokinesis as a term, and some would like telekinesis removed from modern usage. However, popular culture has made telekinesis the more common term to denote instances of mind over matter. Some cite its similarity to words like telepathy and teleportation.

Recently, telekinesis has again been established as one specific area of psychokinesis, and is used to cover only instances of moving stationary objects, as opposed to influencing time or causing spacial distortions. This was included as part of the Teleportation Physics Study done by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in 2004.

girl telekinesisFor the most part, some would consider both telekinesis and psychokinesis interchangeable, but this recent development would mean that psychokinesis can be used as the more all-encompassing term, whereas telekinesis relates only to its pop culture usage which is the moving of objects through no physical means.

There are limitations to the ability of Telekinesis.  It is said that psychic strength may be proportional to user’s capacity, meaning an opponent with physical strength stronger than the user’s mental strength may break free, or even be immune to the ability altogether.  Also, the ability may be weakened or nullified by stress, fear or distractions and a Telekinetic may only be able to manipulate targets of certain number, size or weight at once.  There is a lot to understand about Telekinesis and we will continue to learn more about it as we go along.

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