What Happens to The Spirit After Suicide?

Spirit After Suicide

It is true that there are quite a number of individuals who have taken their own lives at some point.  When life becomes tough and it seems like there’s no way out, suicide becomes the first option as an exit plan to end one’s troubles.

Regularly I receive questions asking me about what happens to the spirit after a person has taken his or her own life. As a spiritual person and fortune-teller, I have the capacity to bestow that sense of calmness to friends and family by sharing with them my encounters with the spirits who committed suicide.

Due to the fact that each individual’s soul is unique, there’s precisely no way a suicidal attempt can be foreseen. This also relies on the lifestyle the spirit chose to have before getting epitomized.

Nevertheless, what I came to understand about spirits on the opposite side is that there are three essential directions they can decide to take after death.

Staying around

A few spirits who have taken their own life decide to be around for a brief period of time and opposed to moving promptly into the light. I trust this is what transpired when one of my closest relatives took her own life. Seven days after her passing away, I could feel her existence strenuously around me. I was obtaining a lot of indications from her which made me realize that she hadn’t completely traversed.

At times spirits don’t traverse immediately to avoid being remorseful of the choices they might make. They anticipate that by being cognizant they might be able to return and continue with their previous existence notwithstanding their living conditions.

More frequently, however, they stay around on the verge that they need to speak with their friends and families that are still alive. Immediately they sense that’s it’s unrealistic for them to return or feel like they have communicated whatever they needed to say to their friends and family on earth, they traverse with an acknowledgment of what they have accomplished and unite with the source having a confident feeling they are not the only one. Their soul aides and blessed messengers help them to progress easily and acknowledge their new physical existence.

Move away to have some alone time

Spirits who have taken their own life at times choose to initially think about their life before they traverse. They usually move away to find a resting spot that will enable them to think without any disturbance. By being in this position, which is disregarded as being limbo, the spirit takes the time it needs to grapple with its activities and discharge negative vitality that may cause traverse problems.

This space is serene, cherishing, and vivacious.  In this resting place, the spirit can get help from soul guides and other partners to exempt disgrace, blame, and outrage. This enables them to embrace and acknowledge their death so as to proceed the opposite side. Spirits can decide to what extent they’ll stay in that resting place before completely showing up.

Some stay for like two minutes while others remain for quite a long time contingent upon what vitality they’re thinking about. While they are in the resting place you as their cherished one will not feel their presence.


After shedding bad vitality build up or reasons that led to them committing suicide, they can completely traverse into the light to be with the source.

As soon as they show up, they aide the living by being their soul guiders They frequently help those who believe that taking their own life is the only way they will end their miseries or those who are managing comparable life circumstances they survived.

Life after death is peaceful. Spirits are at peace until they feel prepared to resurrect once more. As soon as you are there, you’ll have the capacity to feel, perceive and even speak with your cherished in paradise in the event that you wished to.

What Can You Help With

In the event that somebody you cherish has taken his or her own life, you may feel powerless. I did feel so when my aunt passed away.

You may be sorrowful at their death since you were not able to bid them farewell or even stop them from taking their own life.

However, there are certain measures you can take to make both of you peaceful

  • Be free with the spirit, this will ease communication between you and your cherished one.
  • Persevere and converse with your inner self. This enables you to be touchy with the spirit and reignite the connection.
  • Maintain frequent communications with them. Make them feel wanted.
  • Make them understand you since they are able to converse as long as they are able to.

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  1. So let me get this straight, you expect us to believe that spirits just hang around and have ‘alone time’? What’s next, they also have book clubs and tea parties in the afterlife? Sarcasm aside, this seems highly implausible.

  2. This is just preposterous. Offering solace to grieving families by fabricating tales about spirits and the afterlife is utterly irresponsible. People need professional help, not mystical nonsense.

  3. Thank you for sharing such an insightful and calming account of what happens to spirits after suicide. It’s comforting to know they find peace and can even help guide the living.

  4. It’s fascinating to read about these spiritual perspectives. However, could you provide more empirical evidence or studies to support these claims? The mind seeks both comfort and verifiable truths.

  5. Oh great, because what we all need is another reason to talk to ourselves. At least now I have an excuse for those one-sided conversations. ‘No, I’m not crazy, I’m just chatting with the spirits!’

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