Can Your Destiny be Controlled?

Destiny be Controlled

What is destiny? Can it be managed and controlled?  We hear the word destiny, and it seems to be cloaked in mystery as it beckons you towards your future.   Some feel that destiny is entirely responsible for their future. Those who have been challenged by the day-to-day obstacles of their lives sometimes feel that destiny holds better things for them.

The Definition of destiny

The root of the word itself is from the French.  The root of this word means fate or purpose.  The word fate takes on a life of its own. It looms as something as unavoidable as a family dinner. It also has the potential for drama and pain.

How do you view destiny

The idea that destiny will cause your life to change direction is not new.  Some people wait for changes as if it were beyond their control.  The hope is that things will take a turn of the better.  And, of course, sometimes this happens.  Romances are built around the idea that the lucky couple is meant to be and that destiny, steered by the wheel of fate plopped them next to each other.

The turn of the wheel

There are a number of things that are beyond control.  There is an unpredictable inevitable sense of the world that over us from place to place.  In the Tarot this is called the Wheel of Fortune.  Must we resign ourselves to accepting this turn of the wheel, no matter what it brings? And if it is unavoidable, how do we handle it?

Hidden Blessings

The adage about some adversity being a blessing in disguise is true. Sometimes fate will challenge you and the situation may seem dire.  Eventually, once the overall picture has developed, the good part will be revealed. Many times, we don’t see our world as objectively as we should. Our all too human emotions cloud our perception.  Once time has given us some distance away from the problem, we can see that something wonderful was waiting for us all along.

Changing your perception

There are some things that are completely and totally unavoidable. However, we do have complete control over how we react to the circumstance.   A good way to do this is to stop and take the time to look at what is happening around us as fate drops things in our lives.   Look at the instance from all sides. More likely than not, there will be some hidden joy and lesson that will overall benefit you.  We may not be able to choose what happens in our lives, but we can certainly choose to retain our power by handling strife well.

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