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Can You Control Your Destiny?

destiny 1What is destiny and can you control it? Destiny is an idea evoking a demeanor of secret and its indications at a journey anticipating you. The word destiny gets hurled around a considerable measure, particularly when individuals are talking about the future, objectives, trusts, dreams, adoration and one’s life reason. Many believe destiny plays a significant role in their lives. In fact, at different times, one might feel fated for something more, as if destined for something important.

Defining Destiny

Destiny stems from the French term destinée, meaning “intent, fate, or purpose.” Most of us see fate as something that will happen to us no matter what we do. Fate is not always seen as friendly either; it’s like some Divine hand that comes out of nowhere and, like a mythological trickster, either it gives us wonderful, unforeseen but often appreciated blessings, or tosses a monkey wrench into the mix of our daily lives.

How Do You Perceive Destiny?

The idea that destiny will suddenly steer you in a new—perhaps better—direction is quite common, and sometimes this ends up being the case. Some of us are just waiting for the power of fate to swoop down and put us on the right course so we can finally recognize and achieve our greater purpose. Still, others speak of destiny when talking of relationships with a sense there are those who are meant to be together: soulmates magnetically drawn to one another through the power of a predetermined fate.

The Wheel Spins

destiny 2 featuredAdmittedly, there are many things we have absolutely no control over in our lives. This energy is in “The Wheel of Fortune” of the Tarot: it is the unavoidable, inevitable force beyond human control that leaves us having to deal with the hand we are unexpectedly dealt. But must we solely resign to accept the hand destiny deals us? If so, how do we handle something we supposedly have no control over?

Blessings in Disguise

When fate brings seemingly unfavorable conditions into your life it is often a blessing, although you might not recognize it while in the midst of a situation. Not every blessing is immediately clear, especially if you are not capable of seeing the bigger picture. Our emotions can very often get in the way of our ability to see everything as objectively as we otherwise would. A good example of this is when you believe you are destined to be with a particular person, but that relationship dissolves. At first, naturally, you’re left heartbroken and wondering how life can be so cruel as to keep you and the one you feel destined to be with apart. A year later, you fall in love with a wonderful partner and cannot even imagine life without this new person—someone who is far and away better suited for you than your previous partner. In this scenario, it was the initial heartbreak you experienced that was necessary to open the door for the relationship you were ultimately destined to find.

destiny 3Altering Perceptions and Accepting What Is

While it’s true there are some things that will happen in our lives that we cannot change, we have free will in deciding how we will handle each new circumstance. When the force of fate comes into play and blessings feel like a distant dream in your life, take a second look at what is happening. Ask yourself if there is another way to view the situation, or if there’s a hidden blessing or life lesson to be uncovered; more often than not, there is. By altering your perception and expressing a willingness to embrace change, you have the upper hand when destiny delivers something seemingly unchangeable into your life. How we handle a situation or choose to perceive our condition is truly our ultimate power.

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