Why Men Leave Good Women

Men Leave Good Women

Some men will leave a woman and it seems like it is out of nowhere. There is no real explanation, but the truth is that this probably means that your partner has a secret that he is hiding. This can keep him from saying what he is feeling.

You might think that your man is open and that he is very real with his emotions and feelings but all men have a hard time expressing themselves. Once you understand that this happens to all men, you can get over it if he breaks up with you or maybe you can make the relationship work itself back out.

Why Men Leave Good Women

Here are some reasons that men leave good women:

Feeling Pressured

A man that is feeling pressured might leave. Are you always chasing him and do you want to have more affection or love than you feel that he is giving you? If so, you need to fix things.

These things can happen and they can cause your relationship to be unbalanced. This can cause him to feel pressured and can make him run from you. Men will sometimes run when the emotions are too high and they feel that they are not able to give you what they want.

Some men are not able to deal with things like this and he will feel that he isn’t good enough for you. Men that have these feelings will leave because they can’t deal with the pressure.


When a man feels that he has to compete for control in the relationship, it will leave him feeling that he isn’t good enough. He wants his woman to love and care for him and he won’t want a woman that tries to always be in control.

This is important for you to know. You cannot be in control over every aspect of the relationship if you are the woman. This isn’t fair for you or for him. This can leave both you and your partner feeling like they are competing. Here are some signs that you are doing this:

  • You get into arguments over who is right while you are alone or in front of friends.
  • You make more money than he does.
  • You are the one that is always making all of the relationship decisions.

When you feel that you are against your man all the time then chances are he is tired of playing the game and afraid of getting hurt.

You Don’t Respect Him

Men will want to be with a woman that loves and respects them. He will want someone that has his back and that cares about him more than anyone else does. He will want you to be there with him when he is weak and when he is needing a partner.

For this to happen, you need to be kind and loving towards him and you need to help to meet his needs. You will see that he is more willing to take a risk for you if you are this way or he might as well leave and be free.

Final Thoughts

One you know the reasons that men leave, you can realize the actions that you need to take to keep him or even to get him back. Learn how to break down your own walls and see what he needs and what he wants. By doing this you will learn to trust him and you will be calm and understanding of what to give him.

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  1. This article sheds light on an often overlooked aspect of relationships. The idea that men may feel pressured or in competition is insightful. It reminds us that mutual respect and understanding are pillars of any healthy partnership.

  2. The article appears to be based on generalizations that lack empirical support. The reasons given, such as feeling pressured or needing control, can apply to both genders in various contexts. A more nuanced view is necessary to understand the intricacies of relationship dynamics.

  3. Oh, so now every time a man leaves, it’s because he’s harboring a secret? Brilliant deduction, Sherlock. Next, you’ll tell us the sun rises in the East because it’s scared of the West.

    • Haha, Sammie, your sarcasm is on point! This article does seem to oversimplify things a bit, doesn’t it?

  4. I am profoundly skeptical of this post’s content. It paints a reductive and stereotypical picture of men, suggesting they cannot handle emotions or competition. This seems far removed from reality and undermines the complexity of human relationships.

  5. Why does it feel like this post is from the 1950s? Are we really saying women should tiptoe around men’s egos just to keep a relationship going? Maybe it’s time we all learn emotional intelligence, instead of burdening women with more responsibilities.

    • Well said, Beauty! It’s about time we moved past these outdated notions and started focusing on equality and emotional maturity in relationships.

    • Exactly! Relationships should be about mutual growth and understanding, not about catering to one person’s inability to manage their feelings.

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