Understanding Relationship Types

Relationship Types

A relationship should be with someone that you care about. You have to understand that even though people can be confusing, there are different types of people and there are different types of relationships. When you meet someone and you change their life, this is a connection that you make and you form a relationship. These relationships can be family, friends or even lovers. The connections that you have are for a purpose.

Different Relational Styles

Before you form a relationship, you have to know that there are different kinds of relating that will happen. Here are some common relational styles:

Being Independent

A personality that is independent is one where the person relies on their own self. They don’t really rely on others. The problem is that we are social beings and we often find that we are soft when it comes to other people.

We need to have relationships so that we can survive and there has to be connections with some people. Some people will not want to be in these kinds of relationships because they don’t think that they need it, and this will make them feel that they don’t connect well or that they are not as bonded as other people.

This can lead people that get closer to them to feel that they are cold or that they are not supporting of them. This kind of person will meet their own needs and will not rely on others to help them.

The good thing about being independent is that everyone can figure out who they are and they can be strong in themselves. Also, they don’t become clingy or overly emotional.


A person that is co-dependent will be someone that is responding to some kind of trauma. They will often isolate themselves and they will be someone that is connected deeply. There is no real balance in this kind of person.

Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is someone that is in a bad relationship. These people are often disconnected, and they have a hard time growing. They lack having communication and being honest and there is no real reason for solving negative things.


A person that is interdependent are people that have balance and they do their best to help each other out. They bond and they share their space and their goals with their partner. They are both able to live their own life while living life together.

Kinds of Relationships

There are also different kinds of relationships such as:

Friendship Relationships

These are relationships that take different shapes. This can be friends that spend time doing things together or just being together. They have fun and they are not often romantic.

Family Relationships

Families help to make things better. They are people that are bonded rather they want to be or not. These relationships can be great but they can also be toxic, depending on the people in them. These are relationships that cannot be broken or chosen.

Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships happen when you meet someone that you are interested in. This can be sexual or just relational.

Sexual Relationships

Some relationships are just based on sex. These can be people that are committed to each other or not. These can be relationships where there is sexual activity involved.

Monogamous Relationships

Monogamous relationships are ones where you are only with the one person. This can be sexual and this can end up being more than sex.


This kind of relationship has more than one party. They are with different people and they can be romantic with people that they agree on. This kind of relationship will not be considered cheating if they aren’t with their partner.

Situation Relationship

Some relationships are just situational. You meet someone and you connect with them. This can be a friend, sexual, someone in a crowd, anything. When the person moves away or gets a different job than you are at, the relationship will likely come to an end.

Inside the Relationship Shape

Relationships don’t have a real shape. You can be in different kinds of relationships and some of them can even work together. You can be in a monogamous relationship and still be friends or you can be a family member and still work together. Sometimes relationships are sexual and sometimes they aren’t.

Relationships can be confusing and it is important that you set boundaries. Make sure that you are dealing with any emotions that come into the relationship and that you are handling them correctly. There are different kinds of relationships, and you can choose the ones that you want to be close with.

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  1. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of relationships. It’s enlightening to understand the various relational styles and how they impact our interactions.

  2. The notion that relationships ‘don’t have a real shape’ seems self-contradictory given the rigid categorizations presented. If relationships are so fluid, why the detailed segregation?

    • I think the categorizations are there to help us make sense of the complexities. Understanding fluidity doesn’t negate the value of categorization.

  3. The content here is quite informative. It neatly categorizes the types of relationships and relational styles, providing a clear framework to understand human connections.

  4. Ah, relationships simplified into neat categories. Because, clearly, my emotionally turbulent life just needed a label change to ‘situational relationship’ to make it all better. Brilliant!

  5. Honestly, the article is rather redundant. We all know that relationships come in different forms. It lacks deeper psychological insights and feels overly simplistic.

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