7 Ways to Know Your Twin Flame Wants More

Twin Flame Wants More

Twin flames are unique because they have the same likes and dislikes but aren’t soul mates. Yet, they have such a close relationship that it’s hard to distinguish the difference. Twin flames can often be close friends, even developing a sibling-type relationship, even if they are the opposite sex.

However, they can also go far beyond friendship into a love relationship. How do you know if your twin flame wants that? There are 10 clear signals that will tell you.

  1. Body sensations, goosebumps, and shivers

Everyone has these sensations sometimes and there isn’t an explanation for most of them. However, getting these types of sensations when you’re with your twin flame or thinking about them tells you something. It tells you that you want a deeper relationship.

  1. Energy shifts

Twin flame energy is a strong force anyway but the energy will shift when the relationship starts transitioning to a romantic one. You will feel it and may even be slightly embarrassed or feel awkward about it at first.

The close intimacy of friendship starts turning into unbelievable sexual chemistry. Suddenly, being close to them gives you a different feeling than it did before.

  1. Thoughts of them.

You will find yourself thinking of your twin flame in different ways and more often. There is a telepathic connection between twin flames so it’s likely they are thinking about you too. This could even include erotic dreams of them.

You must be careful of your dreams. Dreams often feel quite real and could make you act as if it happened. They can also leave you feeling a bit embarrassed or ashamed around your twin flame, which can strain the relationship since they know nothing of your dream.

Another event that could happen is that your libido may hit a peak. This is preparing you for a change in the relationship. It may feel unusual but it isn’t.

  1. There is communication or a visit.

Some twin flames don’t communicate for a while. They can float in and out of our lives. You may not have thought of them in a while and suddenly they call or email. They are planning a visit to your area and want a reunion.

It could be they weren’t ready for a committed relationship before but never forgot you. This could be a sign they want something more.

  1. You are thrilled at hearing their voice.

The sound of a person’s voice has a certain amount of power. Those who smile or are thrilled to hear the voice of their twin flame are likely to want more in a relationship. This type of thrill shows they place a high value on the other person and that they bring them joy, which is a precursor to a love relationship.

  1. Your intuition tells you.

We all have an inner voice that guides us and we somehow just know when we meet the right person. Those who are falling for their twin flame just intuitively know they are the ones to spend their life with.

  1. A psychic or a tool tells you.

It’s nice to have verification of your feelings and sometimes a psychic will confirm what you are thinking and feeling about your twin flame. Some may use a tool, like tarot cards, to make such a confirmation.

The Take Away

Pay attention to what you’re thinking and feeling about your twin flame. Remember, you two are a lot alike. If you are having feelings of romance, likely, they are too. It’s best not to approach discussing this right away but to consider it for a while to make sure your feelings are real and not just some of the loneliness.

However, you will need to address the change of feelings at some point with your twin flame. Then, you will know for sure if they are feeling the same way.

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  1. The notion of ‘twin flames’ is just another romantic gimmick. Humans have an innate desire to find deeper meanings in relationships, and this concept exploits that. Real relationships are built on mutual respect and shared experiences, not mystical signals.

  2. Intriguing article. Some aspects, such as the telepathic connection, have parallels in psychological literature about deeply bonded partners. It’s important to critically assess these claims while acknowledging the powerful role of emotional connections in our lives.

  3. Oh, wonderful! Now I can add ‘looking for goosebumps’ to my dating checklist. Special thanks for making the quest for a love relationship even more complicated! Who needs straightforwardness when you have twin flame telepathy and psychic verifications, right?

  4. Fascinating read! The depth of connection between twin flames is extraordinary. It’s a rare kind of bond that transcends typical relationship boundaries. It’s refreshing to see a topic that delves into the nuances of human connections.

  5. Honestly, this sounds incredibly vague and pseudoscientific. Body sensations and energy shifts? It reads more like a horoscope than something grounded in reality. How do we distinguish genuine emotional signals from wishful thinking?

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