Clearing and Opening Your Third Eye

Third Eye

Many feel that only people with special gifts or powers are able to connect with the spiritual realm. While transcendence and higher communication takes extra practice and care, we all have the tools within us to make those connections. Our third eye, or our sixth chakra, is our own conduit for connecting and communicating with spirits and angels.

Our third eye is the home of our higher consciousness, our intuition, our imagination, and our memory. It’s also the very foundation of transcendent communication and higher seeing. Following are several tools that aim to sharpen and clear the focus of our third eye, plus some helpful advice about manifesting messages that originate in higher realms.

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, vivid nightmares, or depression, you may have a blocked third eye or sixth chakra. Often, such symptoms may lead a person to feel an overwhelming sense of skepticism towards the world in general.

If you feel like you want to reduce such symptoms and instead connect to a higher understanding and a higher truth, clearing that blockage of your third eye would be a great place to begin. The third eye represents a higher knowledge of the world and a higher self that isn’t tied to your physical senses or to the realm of spirits and of angels.

Once you begin clearing your third eye, you open yourself up to the experience of a sign of a divine or a higher plan. You’ll notice that your skepticism is being replaced with joy, wonder, and awe.

This process is not as intimidating as you might think it sounds. The beginning of virtually all energy work involves an intentional decision care for forgotten parts of your spirit and your body. As with other journeys, the hardest part of this one may be to start it. But once you’ve committed yourself to the process, you’ll find that it feels relevant to you, and that you’re eager to continue with it.

A wonderful way to manifest this intentional decision to focus and to care is to meditate. To begin meditating, comfortably seat yourself in a place that feels welcoming and relaxed to you. Breathe slowly and deeply, and close your eyes. The more time you spend focusing on your breathing, the better your experience will be. Don’t rush your breathing. Instead, take note of how it revives your mind and your body.

Continue with your slow and deep breathing, but focus now on your third eye, located at the center of your forehead. Imagine there is a soft purple sphere of light that is gently passing through it. Purple is the color of the third eye, and imagining this light will help you clear away any stagnant or negative energy.

Repeat the process as often as you need to, for as long as you need to. The amount of repetition needed varies from person to person. If you feel like you need an extra boost of energy healing, gemstones such as quarts, lapis lazuli and amethyst are all associated with higher seeing and the third eye. Try wearing some as jewelry, carrying some in your pocket, or placing some around you while you meditate.

Once you’ve opened the door to higher consciousness, aim to take more time to focus on the understated and complex rhythms of the cosmos. Allow everyday circumstances to manifest the spiritual realm. You’ll find yourself filling with wisdom and deep love when you begin focusing on these rhythms.

Trust that what you’re sensing is a higher truth, and that everything is interconnected. In our culture, it can be difficult to slow down and take the time to notice such connections. But you’re in a place where you can be conscious of them and grateful for them and can work to ensure that they can continue. Instead of being weighed down by your physical senses, you’ve been gifted with beauty and ascension, able to communicate with divine sources such as spiritual guides and angels.

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  1. This article is absolutely enlightening! The way it explains the process of connecting to our higher consciousness through the third eye is both detailed and inspiring. Meditation has always been a cornerstone of spiritual practice for me, and this piece provided some new insights that I can’t wait to incorporate into my routine.

  2. Oh, sure, let me just find my ‘purple sphere of light’ and clear my third eye… right after I finish talking to my unicorn. Seriously, who writes this stuff? If only harnessing higher consciousness was as easy as waving some gemstones around!

  3. It’s fascinating to see how different cultures and belief systems address the concept of spiritual transcendence. The article does a commendable job of introducing foundational practices such as meditation and the use of gemstones. However, I would recommend additional scientific research to substantiate these spiritual claims.

  4. I can’t help but roll my eyes at this. The notion that ‘third eye’ and chakras can solve serious mental health issues like anxiety and depression is not just misleading but potentially dangerous. People suffering from such conditions should seek professional medical advice instead of relying on this kind of pseudoscientific drivel.

  5. Isn’t it amusing how articles like these tell you to ‘slow down’ and ‘focus on the understated rhythms of the cosmos’ while bombarding you with instructions and steps? I’m intrigued by the concept, but the execution here feels almost counterintuitive to the supposed serenity it’s aiming to promote. Perhaps less is more?

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