Dangers of Opening the Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye

Opening the third eye is important but there are dangers in this that people don’t always see. Even though opening your third eye can allow you to see things beyond the physical realm, this is something that you need to know more about before you begin to try opening it.

Before you make any decisions on opening the third eye, there are things that you need to know. You need to understand how this can impact and change your life and how you can adjust to make it good for you.

Should You Force Your Third Eye to Open?

Most people would say no about this. Everyone is able to do what they want to do because of free will but when your third eye is ready to be open, it will do it on its own. If your third eye isn’t open and your intuition is telling you not to force it, you need to listen.

The third eye should open up on its own and there are not things that you need to do in order to make it happen faster. As you go through your spiritual journey, you will see that the plans for your third eye are already known and will happen in the right time.

Side Effects of Opening the Third Eye

Here are some side effects of forcing your third eye to open:

Increased Sensitivity

As your third eye is opened, you will see the world change around you. This happens because this is where the spiritual world is, and you will see things that you were never able to see before. This can be your chakras and the things around you. This will change all of your senses and make you more sensitive to the world around you.

You might hear sounds and you might even see brighter colors. It will take time for your body to adjust to these things and it will happen naturally.

Difficulty Sleeping

Chances are that as you go through your awakening that you might have a hard time sleeping. This happens because you have a hard time seeing things as you did before and if you are surrounded by negative energies, you will feel it when you are trying to sleep.

Also, the lights and things that you see will cause your mind to disconnect when you are sleeping and make you more awake.

Increased Anxiety

As your senses increase, you will begin to hear, see, smell, taste and feel things that you might not want to know. This can cause your life to not feel normal. Even if the third eye opens slowly, you will be more sensitive to things around you.

Strong Dreams

People that open their third eye will have a hard time with their dreams. These can be nightmares, vivid dreams and more. These dreams will come to give you messages.

Leaving Reality

You will have a chances of leaving your normal reality. This can mean that you will have a hard time focusing on multiple planes.

Headaches Increase

When the third eye opens, it can cause you to have physical problems such as headaches. This can happen because of all the changes in your life. As you have the Kundalini energy coming to you, you will see that this is a spirit energy that comes over and over again. This energy comes from the base of the spine as your awakening starts and will go through all of your chakras. You might have a headache in the middle of your eye brow.

Astral Projections

Some people will have astral projections even when they don’t want to. This can be out of body experiences and will often happen when someone is sleeping or laying down. As the soul leaves, the physical body will take them to a different plane. This can give you more knowledge, but it can be dangerous and scary.

There are attacks that can happen when your spirit is out of the body such as energy attacks and this can be scary for many people.

Strong Intuition

As the third eye opens, you will have more intuition. This will allow you to know things that you might not want to know. You will not be able to turn this information off and you have to learn to be able to forgive and get over things that come to you in the form of information.

Chaotic Feelings

As things change fast and your third eye opens, it can cause you to have trouble sleeping, headaches and other strong feelings. You might feel chaotic in your life, and you might see that your mood will change over and over.

Ending Relationships

The third eye opening will show you things about people that you might not want to know or feel. This will sometimes cause you to have to leave relationships that you are comfortable in. Also, sharing this information with some will cause them to not want to be around you.

As your intuition comes stronger, you will be able to know if people are telling you the truth or if they are being rude to you. You might decide that you want to cut these people out of your life.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you know the dangers and the concerns about opening your third eye. Remember that you might face attacks that come into your life if you force your third eye open. If you want your third eye open, take time and allow it to come at its own pace.

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  1. This article is incredibly enlightening! The depth of insight into the potential side effects of opening the third eye is something that everyone embarking on their spiritual journey should be aware of. Thank you for highlighting the importance of caution and natural progression in this spiritual practice.

  2. Seriously? Increased sensitivity, headaches, and anxiety? Sounds like a regular Monday morning to me. But on a serious note, isn’t spiritual growth supposed to be uplifting? This depiction makes it sound like a horror show. Maybe we ought to rethink our ‘awakening’ strategies.

  3. Interesting read! The information about the side effects is quite comprehensive. It’s vital to approach such practices with caution and respect for the process. People often underestimate the profound impact of spiritual awakenings. This article serves as a good reminder.

  4. Oh great, just what everyone needs – another reason to be anxious and sleep-deprived! Might as well add ‘becoming a mind-reading insomniac’ to the list of life goals. Thanks for the heads-up, I suppose?

  5. I must say, this piece feels excessively alarmist. While it’s true that the third eye opening can bring about changes, the article leans too heavily on the negatives. Spiritual awakening is a personal journey and shouldn’t be shrouded in fear. Balance is key.

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