Things to Avoid to Have a Good Reading

Psychic readings are very intense, and it varied in experiences. There’s no two readings that could be the same and every advisor is unique with their own set of gifts and nuanced delivery and overall style. So, when you go into a reading, you absolutely need to be going in without expectations. You must be open and in a grounded place mentally and emotionally to fully receive the information that’s presented to you.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to accept every reading as being a 5-star reading (you may find your connection with a particular advisor just isn’t right for you), if you’re not in a place of openness, you’re going to receive a poor reading.

In order to make sure you get the best psychic reading you can, here are the top three mistakes customers make when talking to a psychic.

Being Dishonest

First of all, you shouldn’t be going through life lying in the first place, so don’t start now with a psychic reading. Dishonesty is the fastest way to taint your reading, rendering any information you may perceive from it to be entirely worthless. If you’re lying to begin with, what makes you think you’re going to get accurate information?

Psychics work best when they connect with you honestly, and essentially, any type of lie cuts through that connection immediately. Psychics also work with the information they receive differently, piecing it together in various ways, so if you’re lying about a certain bit of information, they’ll be deciphering it in a particular way that is based on a lie.

Avoid receiving false information and be honest. A psychic reader is not there to pass judgement on you—they’re there to help guide you.

Comparing Psychic Advisors

We say it over and over again—there are SO many different kinds of psychics. No two psychics share the same gift. Everyone has a different gift, and on top of that, they may use different tools that truly make every reader and their style of reading unique.

You can ask the same question to a thousand psychics and receive a thousand different answers, but all of those pieces of information fall into a bigger picture. Try to relate to what information you’re receiving from your reading and know that it may very well differ from another reading.

Everyone’s gifts are different and could be focusing on different meanings in any particular situation. So, avoid comparing one psychic (or more!) to another.

Playing “Test the Psychic”

Ah, a favorite game of many, but the most damaging to any reading! Many people believe that in order for your psychic advisor to be good, they need to be able to answer questions like, “What’s my favorite color?” or “What’s my brother’s name?” These are things that a psychic wouldn’t know—they’re not mind-readers and they don’t have all the answers.

Again, they work in so many different ways, with varied gifts and talents, tools, and styles. If you’re playing “Test the Psychic,” you’re coming into the reading not just with false expectations, but with false preconceptions about the outcome you’re supposed to receive.

Fortunately, makes it easy for you to learn about different psychic advisors before reaching out to them. You have so much information to make a decision about who is right for you, from profiles to feedback and rating points from other customers.

Use these tools to help you find the best psychic for you and your situation. Don’t waste your time—and money—by calling psychic advisors just to test them. You’re not going to be happy with the result.

Psychic readings are about finding different pieces of a bigger puzzle and putting them together. It’s about adding information, insight, and value to your life to help guide you to something more positive. There’s no use in learning what you already know. Avoid these top 3 mistakes and stop tainting your readings. You’ll thank us, we promise!

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  1. This article is absolutely enlightening! It’s refreshing to see a well-rounded perspective on psychic readings. Honesty and openness are indeed critical for meaningful experiences. Kudos to the author for emphasizing these values!

  2. Oh, sure, because we all know psychics are just misunderstood puzzle solvers! Next, they’ll be asking us to bring our own tea leaves. This article could’ve been an episode of ‘Psychics Say the Darndest Things!’

  3. The author’s insights on the nuances of psychic readings are compelling. Understanding that different advisors bring unique gifts and methods can help in choosing the right one. A valuable read for anyone interested in psychic consultations.

  4. Honestly, I find this post quite dubious. The idea that psychics need honesty from their clients is laughable. If they were truly gifted, wouldn’t they see through the lies? Seems like a convenient way to blame the client for a failed reading.

  5. While the article raises some valid points, it fails to address the inherent skepticism many people hold towards psychics. The notion that one must avoid comparing advisors seems to oversimplify the complexity of finding a truly credible psychic.


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