Can a Psychic Help Me Find Real Love?

Find Real Love

The most common topic that clients ask me about is their relationships, particularly the romantic aspect. Do I have a soulmate? Is he/she the one? Will I ever fall in love? When will I fall in love? I can’t answer some of what clients are desperate to know, but there is so much I am able to do for them in terms of finding hope, identifying what’s holding them back, and opening themselves to love.

Opening to Love

Many clients have energetic and emotional blocks to receiving love. For example, I had a client, Cherry, who was in her late 30’s. She was attractive, interesting, and had a good job—all of the aspects she felt were important in attracting a partner. She had dated a bit but had never had a relationship that lasted longer than six months. She was deeply ashamed of this fact.

In her reading, I discovered she had a soulmate contract with a soul who wasn’t incarnated. This was keeping her from feeling free to attract another soul as a mate. She also had a sluggish and distorted third chakra which created and sustained her feelings of shame—it was a vicious cycle.

In addition, she had past life vows to a religious order which were keeping her energetically “hidden.” There were also other issues with her mother. I cleared the contract and the vows, gave her some meditation and healing rituals to cement that work, and referred her to an energy healer and therapist to work on the rest. Her next reading with me a year later was focused on where she and her fiancé should move to.

Karmic Contracts

Like Cherry, people often have karmic contracts with other souls that they need to honor. Karma mates, soulmates, and, more rarely, twin flame agreements are possible for a psychic to see or find out about. If those souls are not presently incarnated, that can create blocks to attracting another partner. If those souls are incarnated and if the relationship is nearing, a psychic can often perceive it in their client’s field.

My client Ginger had been asking for a couple of years about a relationship. We had worked on becoming more open and healing from a past hurt. Then, in one reading, I saw a man very clearly walking down a road with a St. Bernard dog. I described the scene to her, and she was very excited. I couldn’t see the nature of the contract but felt there would be a relationship.

A month later, she was driving to see her parents in a rural part of the state and passed a man walking on the side of the road with a small sheepdog. She stopped and asked if he needed anything. It turned out that he did need a ride but hadn’t felt like hitchhiking with his dog. She took him to the ranch where he worked, and they ended up starting a passionate affair. At this point, it seems like it will be a brief fling, but Ginger is enthusiastic regardless of the outcome. And she was never fond of St. Bernard’s anyway since one chased her in childhood. She’s aware of the potential symbology of the breed of dog and the importance of keeping both common sense and openness in her new relationship.

Other Energetic Blocks

Other blocks that psychics can perceive and work with are relationship cords, past life issues, chakra dysfunctions, or negative beings that attach themselves and prevent the manifestation of a healthy relationship. Negative thought forms, entities, or implants can carry the energetic programs of dependence, disempowerment, or victimization, to name a few.

I’ve worked with several clients who had histories of co-dependent and even violent relationships. When we resolved the negative attachments, they were able to make better choices, cultivate self-love, and attract more positive energies.

Timing of Events

I don’t personally like to predict the timing of events, although I usually won’t perceive a relationship unless it is near. Astrology and Tarot both have aspects that can suggest timing, but when you are working with the free will of two people, the level of change possibly makes exact timing hard.

I have colleagues who don’t mind predicting timing, but I’ve found specific predictions tend to make clients get very fixated and anxious, which doesn’t exactly encourage love or even openness to meeting someone new. I like to encourage clients to trust in the unfolding of events and will give general timing if I receive it.

We all want to enjoy love in our lives, and I believe we have the free will choice to do so. Sometimes souls incarnate with contracts and sometimes not. Most of us have some blocks to receiving love to work on. But the nature of the universe is love! And I believe that it is available to everyone in some form and at some time. I enjoy helping clients get to a more receptive place and seeing them fulfill their relationship dreams.

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  1. The detailed case studies provided in this article are quite informative. They offer concrete examples of how different kinds of energetic blocks can impact one’s romantic life. It’s a valuable read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of spiritual and emotional blocks.

  2. Oh, sure, my next relationship is probably being held back by a ‘soulmate contract’ with a spirit that’s too busy haunting the astral plane to date me. Does anyone else feel like they’re in a spiritual soap opera, or is it just me?

  3. This article provides such a refreshing and compassionate perspective on the complexities of romantic relationships. The way the author integrates spiritual concepts with practical advice is both enlightening and hopeful. It’s comforting to know that energetic and emotional blocks can be identified and resolved. Truly inspiring!

  4. The idea of a soulmate contract with a soul who isn’t incarnated sounds fascinating, but it’s also highly debatable. I find it challenging to reconcile such concepts with a rational worldview. The article is well-written, but some of its claims warrant a more skeptical examination.

  5. While I appreciate the effort to offer guidance, I find the reliance on metaphysical explanations like soul contracts and chakra imbalances rather unscientific and unhelpful. It’s important to ground relationship advice in more tangible and evidence-based approaches.

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