Is Your Husband Lying to You?

Husband Lying

Do you feel that your husband is lying to you or that he is hiding something? There are some signs that you can look for so that you can know what he is doing. Maybe your husband is being distant or maybe he isn’t giving you a real conversation. He might show body language that shows he isn’t interested in talking to you. These things can mean that he is up to something.

You need to pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. You can look at the signs and find out if you feel that he is being honest or if you think that he is hiding something from you.

Signs He is Lying or Hiding Something

Here are some top signs that your husband might be lying to you or hiding something from you:

  • His Phone

When your partner won’t let you look at his phone, chances are he has pictures or conversations that he doesn’t want you to see. He might be talking to someone else and he doesn’t want you to be able to catch him.

Trust your gut with this and see if you believe that he is hiding an affair from you.

  • Taking His Phone to the Bathroom

A guy that goes to the bathroom might take their phone so that they can have something to do but if he acts like he doesn’t want you to touch his phone and he takes it with him, this can be totally different.

  • Looking at His Phone

Another sign is that he is always looking at his phone like he is waiting for something. When you can’t get your husband to have a conversation because he is always distracted by his phone, this can be a sign. You need to have a conversation and find out why he is doing that.

  • Avoiding Looking at You

You might see that he is avoiding you and that he isn’t looking into your eyes. If you don’t know if he is hiding something, see if he looks you in the eye.

  • Acting Nervous

A person should never act nervous around you. If he is fidgeting around or he is acting like he is uncomfortable with you then he might be hiding something.

  • Stops Having Conversations

A guy that is honest will have a real conversation with you. If this has happened before and now it stopped, he might be hiding something.

  • He is Telling You Strange Things

He explains things to you and they don’t make sense to you. If it seems like things don’t add up, they probably don’t.

  • Changes the Subjects

When you try to talk to him and he is always changing the subject, there might be a problem. He needs to talk about the problems you are facing.

  • Excusive Behavior

Does he always make excuses for why he is doing something or why he isn’t giving you attention? There are reasons that this is happening but is he telling you the real reasons?

  • Spending Time Away

A guy that is being honest will want to devote to his relationship. If he is spending more time away from you than with you, this can be a problem.

  • Whispering

When your man is whispering on the phone, he is probably thing to hide something. You need to have a healthy conversation.

  • He Seems Nervous

Your partner should not feel nervous around you. he should be calm and collected. If he is acting nervous, then you need to find out why.

  • Talks in the Other Room

When your husband is having conversations in the other room so that you cannot hear him, this can be a problem. This can be a sign that he is talking to someone he shouldn’t be.

  • Sleeping Somewhere Else

Your partner should be sleeping in your bed. He shouldn’t be wanting to sleep on the couch or in a different room. He should want to be with you at bedtime.

  • Sex

You aren’t having sex anymore then this is a big sign something is wrong. He might not be interested in having sex with you, but he is probably having it with someone.

  • He is Lying

If your partner is lying then you need to figure out what the truth is. Don’t let him tell little lies and get away with it.

  • Sneaking Out

When you wake up and your husband is gone, this probably means he is out seeing someone else.

  • Enjoys Being Away

Your partner should never want to be around you all the time. Being away here and there is different but if this is happening all the time then this can be a problem.

  • He Doesn’t Ask About You

When he is interested in you then he will show this interest. If he isn’t asking about your day or caring about what is going on in your life then he is probably hiding something.

  • He Stops Asking Things

Does your husband ask questions about your life? If not, this can mean he is not being honest with you.

  • Defensive

Men that are up to no good are often defensive.  If your partner is defensive about everything then this can lead to bigger problems.

  • You Don’t Talk

You and your partner should be talking all the time. If he isn’t talking to you then he might have lost interest in the relationship. Find out what is going on. Ask questions and see if he is going to give you yes or no questions or open ended questions.

  • He Stops Dating

When he doesn’t want to take you on dates anymore then he might be wanting to date someone else.

Final Thoughts

Do you feel that your husband is lying to you or hiding something from you? Do you have a hard time getting him to listen to you or to have a real conversation with you? This should send you a red flag and make you question what is going on in the relationship.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you but there are obvious problems that are going on in the relationship that need to be addressed.

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