Positive Results of Meditation

Meditation is the timeless art of calming and stilling the mind and achieving a state of profound and deep inner peace. To the average person, meditation may seem intimidating, or even unproductive. But meditating yields many benefits, and it’s possible to experience them by sitting quietly for just a few minutes each day.

Quieting the constant noise inside of your head can serve to connect you with your core self, helping you clear thinking, manage stress, and discover new and unique insights within yourself. Here are some more tangible benefits you may experience from meditating:


One challenge of meditation is that it’s not easy to sit quietly. But as you practice meditating, you learn to ground yourself through the quieting of your mind. This serves to give you a greater ability to focus on your day-to-day life.

Meditation isn’t intended to keep you from thinking. That’s not possible. Meditation helps you in pushing away your thoughts with no emotions or judgments attached. If you can do this while meditating, you can teach yourself to do it during other times as well.

Picture yourself as a large tree that has deep roots. Every time you meditate, your roots grow deeper. Your roots serve to keep you sturdy and to anchor you, which allows your limbs and your branches to be strong as reach for the sky, and your trunk to grows taller. Like a healthy tree, you’ll bend in the wind, but you won’t break.

Emotional Release

Throughout your days, you may find you’re so preoccupied and busy that you don’t take the time to just sit and be alone with your emotions. But when you’re meditating, you can process all of your emotions, and then release them. You won’t ever know what’s going on inside of you if you don’t give it the opportunity to surface. Meditating allows you to feel deeply, which teaches you understanding of your inner being.


As you’re meditating, try to take note of where your mind is wandering. This can help you become more aware of yourself. If your endless list of things to do keeps looping through your head, take notice.

If you can’t stop reprimanding yourself for doing this while you are meditating, take notice of that as well. Meditating can allow you to see how comfortable you can be when you’re quiet and all by yourself. Commonly, the people who most strongly resist practicing meditation are the ones who need it the most.


The skill of sitting alone and meditating is a difficult one to master. Therefore, learning to meditate helps develop self-control. A good way to exercise restraint in your life is to keep yourself quiet and still. Once you’ve mastered meditating, you may find it easier than it was before to think before you speak, or to pause and take a deep breath when you face a difficult challenge.

Discover your authentic self and find your true-life purpose with regular meditation. What do you have to lose? You’ll learn where you are, and you’ll see where you’ll be able to go!

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  1. While I agree that meditation can be an effective tool for emotional release and self-awareness, it’s important to recognize that it’s not a cure-all. The benefits can vary greatly from person to person, and some might need more active methods of managing stress and achieving self-control. Balance is key.

  2. Discover your authentic self and find your true-life purpose? Sounds like the plot of a cheesy self-help book. What’s next, meditating to grow taller? While the article makes some valid points, the overly idealistic tone makes it hard to take seriously.

  3. Oh please, yet another article singing the praises of sitting still and doing nothing. If only life were so simple. Some of us have real responsibilities and can’t afford to sit around like trees. Unproductive and impractical for the modern world, if you ask me.

  4. The benefits of meditation are indeed profound and transformative. I’ve practiced it for years, and the sense of inner peace and clarity it brings is incomparable. The comparisons to a deeply rooted tree are quite apt—it beautifully captures the stability and strength meditation provides to our lives.

  5. Ah yes, because who wouldn’t want to sit quietly and ground themselves like a majestic oak tree? Let’s completely ignore the fact that many of us have minds that race like a Formula 1 car. Maybe meditation works wonderfully in an ideal world, but not all of us inhabit that realm.


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