The Reality of the Psychic World

The Reality of the Psychic World

In recent years, many people have gained a working knowledge of the string theory. String theory is the idea that the world that we live in isn’t entirely solid.  Instead, it is made up of a series of small particles or strings that are forces that help hold the universe together. This also affects what is called the multiverse; the idea that many possible universes exist in parallel to each other.

To psychics, this not new information.  They have always known that all perceivable reality can be changed and that there is much more to reality that we can see with our untrained eye. The world around us can be understood and our energy fields can be manipulated to see what is happening on all aspects of our life journey.

People have psychic gifts and even though many do not know this, many have learned to love and embrace the gifts that the universe has given them.


One of the most common psychic phenomenon’s is seeing someone moments after you have been thinking of them.  This can happen no matter how long it has been since we last saw them.  The theory behind this is that we have picked up on the thought ripples that the person send forth.

Positive and Negative Ions.

Some people feel better when they are the receiving end of the negative ions that come from moving water. Positive ions, such as the ones coming from energy plants and electrical lines can make people anxious and unhappy. These are just two examples of how unseen energy can affect us.

We React to Energy

As mentioned, we can receive energy, but did you know that we can repel negative energy. There is a type of photography, called Kerlian photography, that allows us to see the electrical energy fields around living beings.  The energy fields change in relation to the exposure the object has had prior to the photograph.

Dr. Masaru Emoto observed energy through the crystals of frozen water.  When water is frozen, the composition of the crystals reflected the energy around it just prior to the freezing.

The Four Elements

Native American wisdom has handed down tales of what the land feels and holds from the changes of time and mankind.  They tell us tales of the elements growing weary from the disrespect of mankind.   Thus, the elements themselves are beginning to withhold their gifts of life until they regain the respect they are denied.  This is being seen as the severe climate change happening around us.  It seems silly for us to ignore what has been handed down for decades.

Spiritual Awareness and Science

Today we are seeing a new age. This age is of the coming together off science and spiritual awareness. This allows us to take full advantage of the wisdom from both.  We have the energy and life force of the elements.

As living creatures, we have a fifth element, that of the spirit. The spirit helps connect us to life all around us. When the sixth sense of a psychic and psychic energy is layered in with this, we can see the world of the psychic experience.

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