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There’s Reality In Psychic World

[responsivevoice voice=”US English Female” buttontext=”Listen to this”]   Thanks to a popular television program, a lot of people become more familiar with the idea of string theory—the world of matter in which we live is not actually solid, but is composed of a series of smaller particles or “strings” which are the bonding forces that hold the universe and multiverse together. This type of study is also reinforcing something psychics have always known: All matter and perceived reality can be altered. There is far more to our reality than what meets the eye!

It is my hope that you can better understand and utilize your own psychic energy fields after reading this article. It is written to help you create the world around you in such a way as to empower and illuminate you and all with whom you share your life’s journey.

The Ripples 

How many times have you been thinking of someone and suddenly, out of the blue, you will hear from this person? Was it simply a coincidence? The current data is showing that you may very well have picked up on the “ripples” that the person in question was sending forth. Once those ripples connected with you, a change took place.

Negative and Positive Ions 

It has long been accepted that negative ions from large bodies of moving water (such as Niagara Falls) will cause people to simply feel better. Positive ions, such as the ones flowing from large nuclear power sources or overhead electrical lines, often cause people to simply feel like they are in a bad mood for no apparent reason. These are just two examples of unseen power that flows around us and through us.

We Respond to Energy 

You have the ability to receive or repel positive and negative energy. Through Kerlian photography, we have been able to witness the electrical impulse field around living matter. This field can change depending on what the object had been exposed to prior to the photograph. Another example of the power of extended energy can be seen in the famous studies by Dr. Masaru Emoto. When frozen water crystallized, the frozen composition would reflect whatever word or action had been presented prior to freezing. Knowing that we, as humans, are primarily water (over 62%) it stands to reason that we respond to energy just as quickly and powerfully as the individual molecules of water Dr. Emoto studied.

You’re Ignoring the Four Elements 

A dear friend of mine was the shaman for the Western Shoshone nation. He was an elder and greatly revered. One day, while we were walking the hot sand near the Nevada Nuclear Testing Site (which is on Western Shoshone land), he told me what the land used to look like when he was a boy. Then he spoke to me of a vision that came to him during a sweat lodge. He spoke of how the elements of life were weary of trying to gain respect from humans. He told me that each of the elements came to him, one at a time, and spoke of how they were inside of every living creature on this earth, but humans were the only ones who ignored them. So ignored was water, earth, air and fire that each element was going to withhold its gift of life from the humans until we restored the balance of both the physical and spiritual worlds. Although my friend transitioned from this life a few years ago, his vision is now being embraced by climatologists and other scientists everywhere.

Science and Spiritual Awareness 

How wonderful to live in an age where science and spiritual awareness are finally beginning to converge! These are two disciplines that are far closer than some might think. The field of energy that flows through you, around you and from you is composed of all the elements of which my shaman friend spoke. It is up to you as to whether you will acknowledge and utilize their power within your life.

As sentient beings, we also have a fifth element of spirit that connects us to life in all directions and dimensions. When the sixth sense is added (such as ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.), a psychic experience begins!


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