10 Steps to Uncover Your True Calling

True Calling

Do you already know what you really want to do in life? Or are you still confused on where to go?

We all need to find the “path” to our own happiness. There’s a lot of things that we can do or places we can go but the question is: “Are you on the right path?” Here are some tools to help you find your way if you are lost in the way of life.

  1. Analyze your unhappiness and the lack of satisfaction with your life. It will provide clues to what aspects of your life need to be reconsidered or changed.
  2. Who did you want to be when you grew up? Explore not only your dreams and goals of your youth, but also your work history. Make a list of the types of things you enjoyed doing—your favorite parts of a job or project. What have you excelled at in the past?
  3. Now in order to make a change—to bring about a correction to your navigation—you need to check in to where you’re at now. Take an inventory of what’s working for you and what you like about your life now.
  4. Make a list of the tools, strengths, achievement, or skills you already have. Write down any and all things you are good at and enjoy doing. They don’t have to be work-related!
  5. In what ways do you want to change direction to get to that place of feeling satisfied and happy in your life. Allow yourself to really be open minded about it! No matter what that dream is, you can use that information to get closer to what it is that will bring you joy.
  6. Now it’s time to tune in to your future. Make two columns: In the first column, talk about where you would like to see yourself in the future (your ultimate goal). In the second column make a list of all the actions you think you need to take to get to where you ultimately want to be. Now divide those actions up in time periods. What will you be doing in the next year, five years, or decade (if necessary) to create the future you want? This is your life path map!
  7. Transitions may not be easy. Some may be rather difficult. However, the goal must always be kept in sight—satisfaction with your life is no small goal, and you deserve to be happy with your life. Enlist family and friends to help you wherever they can and be as positive as possible. Accept that it will take time and work to manifest these dreams and put your energy into the changes.
  8. Create a workbook with all this information to guide you along the way. It’s sometimes easy to get distracted or caught up in one of the challenges. Writing it out will keep you moving forward!
  9. Make commitments to a calendar date for different steps of your transition. Set down deadlines and keep them posted not only in your notebook but also in your calendars.
  10. Take action!These plans, maps, and workbooks are nothing without follow through. If you find yourself procrastinating, it’s time to get firmer deadlines! At the same time be willing to be flexible. We are talking about a balance of energy here—not obsessive behavior.

Follow these steps to have a fulfilled and happy life. Don’t let anything hold you back from reaching your goals and your dreams!

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  1. This article is genuinely refreshing. It feels like a roadmap for anyone who feels lost in the labyrinth of life. However, I can’t help but wonder, do people really need such extensive planning to find happiness?

    • Absolutely, Slick. Some people thrive on structure and planning. It gives them direction and purpose.

    • Come on, Slick. If you need a map to be happy, maybe happiness isn’t what you’re chasing.

  2. While the steps outlined are quite methodical and seem helpful, the reality of transitioning from dissatisfaction to contentment is often much messier and less linear than this. It’s a noble attempt but somewhat idealistic.

  3. Ah, another self-help article that promises the moon and delivers a bunch of lists. Honestly, if finding happiness were that easy, we’d all be living in utopia by now!

  4. Oh joy, another ‘success in life’ manual. So, if I just make lists and follow this ‘life path map,’ I’ll be thrilled forever? Sounds like a surefire way to develop obsessive-compulsive tendencies instead!

  5. I found this article incredibly informative. Breaking down the process into manageable steps is not only practical but also empowering. I appreciate the holistic approach to achieving personal satisfaction.

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