All About Angel Orbs

Angel Orbs

Spheres of light that can be colored or even white are often called orbs. We will see the orbs show up in pictures or some people will see them with their physical sight. Many believe that these are angels that are following them, and this can be true because angels travel through light rays. They sometimes use orbs as a vehicle for their energy to travel in and so this is not unforeseen.


The energy field that we have consists of energy of all things and angels will use electromagnetic energies to help them. Humans are part of light and angels sometimes use light or orbs as a way to travel from one area to another. The orbs are a good place for angels because the energy is so strong that it is not restricted in any way. The orb is a circular shape and so it can cause you to be whole.

Angel orbs will travel from universe to universe and will be at a high vibrational frequency. They will help you reach people, and they will reach their own people and they are often detected by these circular shapes.


The light that happens or appears in pictures can be a spiritual work and can be something that is part of a particle or a bead of light. Sometimes this is not an angel, and an angel orb can sometimes be even simpler than one seen in pictures, but it is more complex when looking inside of it.

When you look at an angel orb up close, you will see that it is made up of different shapes and patterns and colors and is the aura of angels that are traveling.

What Kind of Angels?

Angels that use orbs are good angels but there can be fallen angels that also use orbs of light. You always need to learn to identify the spirits and to protect yourself from dangerous things.

Orbs help to give feelings of love and happiness and if you are upset or afraid when you see light, it means that it can be an evil spirit. Spirit orbs can be ghosts and angels and some believe that the ghost can come after they die and that some are evil.

Spirits in orbs are usually kind and have good intentions and are usually there to give you guidance.

White Light

When an angel comes in a white orb, it is there because it is a guardian angel that is traveling to be close to you so that it can protect you.

A guardian angel will come inside of an orb to encourage you or to keep you safe. You have to make sure that you are able to be aware of their presence so that they can bless you.


Angel orbs can be in different colors, and it depends on the energies that they have. Here are some colors you might see:

  • Blue-courage and faith.
  • Yellow-knowledge and good choices.
  • Green-abundance and health.
  • Red-wisdom and strength.
  • Purple-protection and mercy.
  • Pink-peace and love.
  • White-pureness and holiness

Some orbs can come in other colors such as silver (message) gold (unconditional love), black (evil), brown (danger), orange (forgiving).

People can see faces sometimes in an angel orb and this can be an emotional message if you are waiting to hear from your loved one that has passed away.

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  1. The association of electromagnetic energy with orbs is quite intriguing. It aligns with some scientific perspectives on energy fields, although more empirical evidence would be welcome to substantiate these claims.

  2. Fascinating read! The concept of orbs as vehicles for angels’ energy is truly captivating. The detailed description of colors and their meanings adds a rich layer of understanding. Intriguing and thought-provoking!

  3. This is one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever read. Orbs as angels traveling through light rays? It’s hard to believe we’re still entertaining such medieval superstitions in the modern age.

  4. Oh, so now we’re supposed to believe in colorful bubbles bringing messages from beyond? Next thing you know, we’ll be saying rainbows are just unicorn farts!

  5. While this article offers a whimsical view of orbs and angels, it conveniently skips over the fact that most orbs in photographs are merely dust particles or lens flares. Let’s not confuse pseudoscience with reality.


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