7 Things to Know About Clairvoyance


Many people think the abilities that psychics have is rare. They seem mystical, especially when they appear to pull information out of nowhere. This type of thing has always fascinated humans. Ancient kings always employed a seer to help make major decisions about battles and ruling the kingdoms.

However, everyone has some psychic ability. It’s just that many people don’t understand it or how to effectively access and use it. Here are seven things to know about clairvoyance:

Energy is everywhere and it travels.

Energy comes from everything and has always been on earth and in the cosmos, so it contains all the information that has ever been. Energy flows like radio, broadcast, or cellular signals. It’s got paths and a true psychic knows how to get on that highway to get information.

Have you ever had an idea out of the blue and then a month or a year later someone else has a product or service based on your idea? The idea was flowing, and that other person captured it, just like you did, but they did something with it.

To get access to this information, you must be willing to receive it. Many people block it either because they don’t believe in the world beyond this one or because they just aren’t paying attention.

Understand the “third eye.”

Formally, the “third eye” is called the third eye chakra. It is a real physical thing, called the hypothalamus, and is located between your eyebrows. Most who study this agree it is attached to the pineal gland of the brain and is the root of spiritual awareness.  Rene Descartes refers to it as “the principal seat of the soul” and the third eye has always been believed to have mystical and metaphysical properties.

Psychics and clairvoyants believe concentrating on the third eye clears the mind, which opens you up to receive external information.

Your psychic abilities are connected to all your other senses.

All of your body works together as a unit. Do you remember how miserable you were the last time you had a toothache? It wasn’t just your mouth that hurt. You probably also had a lack of concentration and maybe even a headache. It is the same way with your senses. You can’t taste correctly without the sense of smell. You must enhance all of your senses to enhance your sixth sense.

Get rid of negativity.

Negative energy dulls psychic abilities. Negative energy operates on lower vibrations. Clairvoyant messages operate on high vibrations. So, those operating in negativity can’t obtain messages in the higher vibrations.

It’s not all positive.

When you open yourself up to spiritual worlds, you are entering a world of both good and bad. Those who are not experienced with this world can inevitably tap into evil forces. Clairvoyants learn how to allow only positive, or those in higher vibrations, to communicate with them and block those that are harmful.

The first step is to relax.

You have to first allow your mind to relax to tap into this world. Most clairvoyants find a relaxed sitting position on the floor or in a chair and begin by doing breathing exercises, then counting down from 10 to one.

Enhance your experience.

Be sure to do this away from all distractions and use things to build upon your other senses. Things like relaxing, beautiful cello or violin music, a scented candle, and dim lighting all help enhance other senses and relax you to tap into these other abilities.

Many curious people may see acquiring this new ability as being fun, but it is much more than that. It is serious as you are delving into an unknown world. Be aware of that and be deliberate and cautious in how you approach it. Once you start discovering your abilities and learning how to use them, you will be more discerning in how and when to use your new skills.

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