Humanity for Sensitive People

Sensitive People

Everyone has their own ideas, thoughts, gifts and therefore each thing that happens to someone is unique.  Everyone even hast their own sets of vibrations.  The vibrations that we have help to attract people towards us, our lovers, friends and even our partners.  The vibrations that we have can even attract things that happen to us.

They help to determine if we can access information or if we are going to be able to connect with our lives. When we can interpret what we feel then we have a psychic gift, and this can make you Clairsentient.

If you are an empath, you might be very sensitive and can feel the emotions and feelings of other people that go by you are that you live with.  This can also help you to have muscle memories and feelings that will be absorbed in you by your environment.  You might feel the vibrations even of objects that you come in contact with.

An empath might be more evolved spiritually than other people are but can feel the pain and sorrow of other people and this can cause an empath to have a variety of emotions that have nothing to do with them at all.  Being an empath can be hard and challenging and there have to be certain skills that can help an empath to make it through their life.

Being a Clairsentient Empath can allow you to be more in tune with the universe and the vibrations.  There are practices that can allow the emotions to have higher senses and to use the vibrational frequencies in the world to help them.

They can grow into different roles, but they must learn to forgive, meditate, and release their emotions so that they do not lose value in their gifting.

Claircognizance is another word of knowing things and this can be to know what someone is thinking, saying, or doing.  This is something like being a psychic because a psychic is someone that can answer specific things when they see the energies of others and are connected.


If you have the skills and the sensitivities of being clairsentient, you might have these abilities inside of you:

  • Know when someone is positive.
  • Know when something is negative.
  • Feel other people’s pain as your own.
  • Can name a feeling someone has.
  • Is aware of danger.
  • Able to sense questions.
  • Selective about who they are friends with.
  • Knows without question.
  • Has an understanding of someone’s pain when they meet them.
  • Have feelings that are emotional and intellectual.
  • Feelings of sensitivity when being criticized.
  • Knowing about the universe.
  • Feel information about people around you.


Clairsentient and empath mediums or just a medium is a person that has higher energies and senses things from a different dimension.  They are able to use this information to get information about a person’s past and their feelings and can connect with the spirit world.

Can They Help You?

Anyone that is able to get information from a different universe can help you.  They can help you to improve your physical life and your emotional life.

If you know an empath, clairsentient, or a psychic, you should open up to them.  They already know you and have been gaining bits of your emotions and thoughts.  Allow them to work with you and to help you through your conflicts.

When you meet them, talk to them, and let them absorb who you are, and you can release your emotions to them and let them connect with you. If you know someone like this, respect them and love them and know that they are feeling pain of others.  Pay attention to them and allow them to help you and serve you.

Loving the Empath and Medium in Your Life

These people should be trusted, and you can tell them your secrets.  They already know them, and you can remove your burdens of your life and give it to them.

Sometimes an empath or a clairsentient might be confused by the walls that you have up because they can already see them, and they will wonder why you don’t trust them.  It can make them to doubt who they are and why you don’t give them your problems.  There are things that a person with these gifts want to tell you, but you have not shown them that you are open to them.

An empath or a psychic person can be overwhelmed easily, and this can happen suddenly and make them confused or dizzy.  Give them water and sit with them and let their energies reconnect.

Be open with these people and give them space.  If you invite them to something busy and they decline, it could be because they cannot take in anymore emotions.

Nurturing Them

If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, you need to take time to think about your emotions.  Take a day to explore yourself and see what is trapped inside of you.  Take time to journal and to release these emotions.  With this comes wisdom and recognition.  You might not advance if you don’t do this.

Each morning take time to sit and meditate.  Let your hidden emotions come out and this can give you insight.  This can give you peace and take away your anxiety. You will become more aware of yourself, and you will see that you are able to have benefits that will deepen your feelings and work through you to help you live a happy life.

The world needs more of these people who are artists, empaths, healers and more.  We need sensitive people to commit to others and to be kind. When you figure out your divine self, always give thanks to the spirit guides for caring for you and giving you light into who you are.

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  1. This is utterly preposterous. The notion that one’s ‘vibrations’ can affect real-life interactions and relationships is pure pseudoscience. We need to rely on empirical evidence, not mystical mumbo jumbo.

  2. Oh, what a magical way to look at the world! If only my grocery store clerk could sense my vibrations and psychic pain, maybe they’d give me a discount on my milk. This is laughable.

  3. What an enlightening article! The intersection of vibrations, empathy, and clairsentience is truly fascinating. It’s empowering to think that our energies can shape our interactions and experiences so profoundly.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Debra. The idea that we can tune into the universe’s vibrations is both profound and hopeful. It makes me appreciate the subtle connections in life.

    • Indeed, Debra and Bunny! Understanding these aspects can genuinely enhance our emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships.

  4. It’s curious to think about how our ‘vibrations’ might interact with others. While I remain skeptical, I can’t completely dismiss the idea that unexplained connections and intuitions might have some basis in our energies.

  5. Sure, let’s all become clairsentient empaths and solve the world’s problems with good vibes and meditative mornings. Next time I’m in a busy meeting, I’ll just decline and say I’m overwhelmed by the emotional energy!


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