Are You Spiritually Awakened?

Spiritually Awakened

Being awakened spiritually is comforting and encouraging. It’s able to give you that feeling of being linked to something beautiful. However, you may miss the hints that you are awakening the spirit if you criticize and doubt everything.

Be confident and discover indications that you are embracing the unseen and blessed realms. You can ask yourself the following:

  • Are you empathetic?
  • Do you possess powerful dreams?
  • Are you able to sense presences?
  • Do you possess premonitions?
  • Do you hear voices often?
  • Do you have the ability to encounter all-powerful love?

Are you empathetic?

Someone empathetic usually feels the suffering and struggles of others. At times you might not be sure of those feelings because you are becoming absorbed by the needs of those around you without knowing.

This has a psychic aspect although it doesn’t seem supernatural. Your being is getting used to those of others so the obstacles between you are loosened.

You must be careful of your boundaries if you are an empath. You will have to protect yourself from anybody who might want to harm you. Do not forget that your wishes matter too. An empath must care for him or herself.

Do you encounter powerful dreams?

Other dreams are important. Maybe because spiritual beings come to you in them. They can be angels or family members who died. You may have had dreams that have predicted the future or given you an answer to a problem. Any important dream is an indication that you are awakening.

Let recording dreams become your habit. You must embrace them rather than successfully interpreting them. With time, they will link you to the spirit.

Have you felt the presence of those who died?

There are several ways you can sense the presence of a deceased person. If you are lucky, you might see them. You might hear them, smell them or just sense that they are around. Never question your perception. Take them seriously always and see them as a privilege.

Due to that, you can start attending spiritual churches. This is because you will meet others who are the same as you and you can share your experiences. You will also meet professional mediums who will help you understand what’s going on. Worry not if you can’t embrace the beliefs and teachings. They are just the only way of making sense.

Do you experience premonitions?

There are times you feel like something is going to happen. You may find yourself speaking so loudly without preparing them and know that it happens. This might be scary. You may end up being anxious then negativity is attracted. Nevertheless, embrace those negative thoughts and do not repress them.

Be positive always. Write down the positives thoughts in a notebook and read them whenever you need to lift yourself.

Do you hear voices?

Hearing voices in your head sometimes happen when you are just about to fall asleep. It’s a sign of spiritual awakening.

You are likely to hear voices sometimes advising you or warning you. Respect that, follow the advice but be very cautious, several beings may make their presence felt as you open up psychically. Make meditation a habit. Do it a few minutes a day.

Are you able to feel love around?

Being vibrantly conscious of love is one-way spirits can be awakened.  Such moments should be treasured. Therefore, be calm and love yourself because love is all you need.

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