Can You Get Lost in Astral Projection?

astral projecting

Astral projecting is when your soul exits your physical body to travel to the astral realms.

Those who engage in astral projection at times give descriptions that they are seeing their physical body from above during the whole procedure. You can travel anywhere and experience several distinct beings in the Astral Realms.

Here are some things that can happen in astral projection:

  • You are not dreaming in astral projection, but you are in a different realm
  • The following are the benefits of astral projection
  • It boosts psychic abilities
  • Enhances intelligence and imagination
  • Increases confidence
  • It gives more restful sleep

Fear of the Unknown

Nevertheless, some individuals fear to go into another realm since they are scared of unknown dangers even though astral projection is very important in one’s spiritual journey.

Individuals who don’t know much about astral projection fear getting lost.  They think that when they travel to different places, they won’t remember where they came from and will discover they don’t have a physical body to go back to.

The truth is you can’t get lost in the astral plane.

You are still connected to your body even when you are still astral projecting

There exists something called “silver cord” when you encounter astral projection. It links your consciousness to your body. It helps you pull yourself back to the material plane anytime you want.

This cord gets permanently severed and the soul is freed from the physical body forever when people die.

Prepare well for astral projection

Because you are visiting distinct astral planes, preparing your conscious for the trip is necessary.

Before traveling to the astral planes, one important step that you can take is to keep your vibrations high. If you are doubtful or scared, it will be hard for you to astral travel, therefore, it’s important to stay positive about the whole experience before you start.

The common practices you can engage yourself in to raise your vibrations while astral traveling is visualization, positive affirmations, and meditation.

Before you exit your body, you should have set your intention. You should know where you want to go and what you want to do there. Know that you can travel anywhere with this realm.

Protect yourself in the astral plane

You must protect yourself since several beings are roaming around the astral plane. The risk of visiting a different place is having a lower spirit attach itself to you when you return to the material plane.

Ask your spirit guides to protect you, that’s one way you can make sure you have a safe journey. You can do that through prayer and meditation.

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