Are Psychics Always Right?

Are Psychics Always Right?

Some people visit a psychic so they can find out about their job, life, health, or love.  Sometimes though, people are worried about seeing a psychic because they don’t think they will be accurate.

Maybe you thought about seeing one, but you agree and wonder if they are really accurate in their readings.  You probably wonder if they can be wrong about relationships and giving advice?  You probably wonder how often they are right.  The truth is that the results will vary depending on who you see and how good their abilities are.

If you have had a psychic reading in the past and it hasn’t come true, then you don’t know if they helped you or not.  There might be many questions you have. We can look if psychics can be wrong and how often they get things right.

Wrong About Relationships?

Some people swear they get good results with a psychic, it is possible that they can be wrong because they are human.  Some methods that they use can develop their readings and this can cause different variations.

Sometimes, you might get the same results but that is unlikely, but they should be common.  The psychic reading is very accurate, and this depends on who you talk to and what their experience is.

8 reasons a Love Reading Can be Wrong

Being Resistant

If you are a nonbeliever but decide to try a psychic, you will see that they can pick up on that energy.  They will allow you to stay for a reading, but you have to take the session serious.

People who visit for a reading will ask specific questions like what day they will meet their soul mate and other things, and this is just wasting time for the psychic.  If you ask them what you had for lunch, this is not serious and can cause things to be inaccurate.

Being negative won’t help to make the session good and it won’t create a positive relationship with the psychic.  Try to have a good connection and be a believer before going in.

Free Will and Fate

Some things are effectively set in stone for your future while other things are chance.  That means that free will can have a bigger impact on your future than you think.  Just because a psychic gives you a good recommendation it doesn’t mean you will take their advice.

A suggestion that your relationship might go bad may not cause you to decide to go to therapy or break up with them.  Sometimes having an impact on the path doesn’t require guidance from a psychic.

Fate also can determine some things and tell us things that are not changeable.  There is no real way of knowing exactly what will happen in the future because of chance. Seeing a psychic can guide you towards the right path and help you to prepare for events that you don’t expect to happen.

Off Days

Having an off day can be because of stress or illness.  This can also happen if your personality clashes with your psychic.

You want to chat with a psychic who is experienced and in a good place in their mind. They need to be stress free but remember that even psychics have an off day here and there.

The Future Hasn’t Come

Sometimes people will hear great things from the psychic and then they get disappointed that it hasn’t happened. This doesn’t mean they are wrong; it just might not be time yet.

It depends on the individual psychic and can cause people to wait for a long time and give up.  People who are impatient want things to happen now. Sometimes it takes patient to see your reading take off.  This is true especially in relationships because you need time to find your person.


Part of a psychic reading is to figure out what is happening in you right in the present. They can pick up on your feelings and feel that something is wrong.  If you have strong emotions about a relationship that you are in, the psychic might interpret that and feel the relationship is more serious than it is.

When your emotions send out vibes it can enhance your reading.  It can also cause the reading to be inaccurate.  Much of their work comes from reading the universe and paying attention to you and your feelings.

Try to control your nonverbal feelings when getting a reading. Don’t be nervous and show nervous habits because it can influence your reading. Remain calm and neutral so that your reading is most accurate.


Psychics will need to be neutral and be detached.  This is hard when the psychic is a good friend or has knowledge of you in the previous times.  It is possible to build up a relationship over time with your psychic, but you need to be careful, so your reading is accurate.

If you psychic is concerned about hurting your feelings rather than being truthful, then you might get an inaccurate love reading.


If your psychic has political or religious views that are different than yours, it can impact how they do your reading.  They might skew their predictions in their favor rather than what is true.

Here are some cognitive biases that are sometimes seen in readings:

  • Confirmation bias-this is when a person takes more of their own perceptions and looks for a way to confirm it so that their assumptions are right.
  • False consensus effect-this is where you assume other people act like you do and this can affect your reading because they can assume that the person understands what is being said.
  • Self-serving bias-someone that blames failure on everyone but their own self.
  • Fundamental attribution error-when we judge people based on their external factors instead of what has influenced them.

If you find a psychic that has good integrity then the predictions will always be honest, even if they aren’t always accurate.

Always Changing

The last reason why psychic readings are sometimes wrong is because the future is always changing based on free will. It means that there is a chance that your future will change based on things around you.  If you break up with a boyfriend that isn’t good for you then you will change how your future is going to work out.

Also, psychic predictions can change with outside influences, and this means having different readings won’t always give you the same answers of your future. If there has been a lapse in your sessions or you made life changes based on your first reading, then you can’t expect your other readings to be the same.

Should You Believe?

It might be hard to decide if you are going to believe your readings or not, but the trick is that you need to listen to your gut feelings about your readings.  If you confirm your intuition and feel that your reading is too good to be true, then chances are it is.

If the psychic predicted something that like your partner was unfaithful and you had signs that this was true, then you might need to leave the relationships.  Sometimes you can see real signs if you look.

Sometimes these things can be a coincidence while sometimes these things won’t happen.  Psychic readings are based on predictions, intuition, and observations.  A love prediction might be accurate if you and your partner attend a reading together.  This can give the reader a chance to know both of you better.

What Should I Do if it Seems Wrong?

If the reading you got seems wrong, then you can try another reading.  Sometimes, you can visit another psychic and get a second opinion.  Maybe things have since changed and maybe things need to be looked at from a different perspective.

If your boyfriend was supposed to be the one and he asked you to marry him and you said yes, the relationship could still fall apart later.

There is intuition that plays a huge part, and we have control over our lives by changing something if our future seems bad.  Don’t stay in a bad relationship even if your reading says you should. If you ask a psychic to tell you if someone loves you and they do then the information is still up to you to find out who.

It Can Still Come True

If you receive a prediction and it hasn’t come true, it doesn’t mean it won’t.  Most psychics don’t give out dates or timelines because it can cause you to miss out on what is happening now. If you get a reading that is incorrect, you might think the reading is just wrong, especially if they say something will happen in a certain timeframe and it doesn’t.

Take time and remember that free will plays a huge role plus the fact that there are other people on the planet that can affect what comes your way.  If you have a psychic that can give you a subtle reading, such as saying something will happen in a few months, then you will understand a few months can be now or close to a year.

This means that you are needing to be relaxed and believe in your reading.  Don’t get too involved too fast and have a relationship that can break your heart.  Just be careful when getting a reading and have fun with it.

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