Banishing Fear from Your Life Forever!

Banishing Fear

People frequently ask if I see something that they don’t like during a psychic reading, can the future be transformed? My answer is definitely “YES”.

However, there’s one catch!

You have to be aware of the future before anything else. There’s no way you can change the result of any situation once it begins unfolding.

Why? Because below is how this works:

  • The only way to change a negative, unwanted, or painful outcome into a positive one is to know about it in advance.  Only the future can be transformed!
  • We cannot change anything in the present.
  • Changing a negative situation to a positive situation when it has already occurred is not easy. This is because once something starts happening you will now rely on fate for the outcome.
  • You can only try to minimize the fallout once an event has unfolded but you don’t have enough power at this stage of the problem.

Comparison between your destiny and your health

There is a comparison between your destiny and your health. When you exercise, eat healthily, go for regular checkups you make it hard for diseases to invade you.

After your checkup, if anything comes up you will have already known before it becomes worse. During this time, you can take the necessary precautions because you discovered it before it turned into something bigger.

However, if you don’t eat well, don’t exercise, and never go for checkups, when something happens it becomes hard to make the transformation that will prevent a serious disaster.

  • What you can do at this point is just hope and pray since you are now at the hands of fate.
  • Several individuals live like the second example and the truth is they don’t have to.
  • Fate cannot be changed while destiny can be.

Don’t Let Fear Make You Avoid the Answer

Do not forget that if you are faced with a serious problem, the best thing is to know the outcome in advance for you to change it rather than avoiding the answer out of fear. Fear makes it hard for you to know what you need to do to turn the outcome of your wishes.

This is why you should have a psychic reading because it lets you take charge of your destiny by letting you know what will occur before it occurs. Rather than being controlled by your fate.

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