Intuition: Your Psychic Gift and Inheritance

Intuition: Your Psychic Gift and Inheritance

Most healers, psychics and intuitives are born with their gifts and are able to tap into them it will. And, often people find that after they consult a psychic for a reading, they will become aware of and start developing their own psychic abilities.

All of us have inherited the gift of intuition. We come by our sixth sense as naturally as we would inherit physical traits, such as our eye color. Police officers and first responders often report sensing danger before entering a situation, or having “gut feelings”about a person. And you’ve probably experienced similar feelings as well, where your intuition told you to stay put were to run from a situation. When it hits, it’s so urgent and compelling that there’s no way that we can ignore it. It’s an instinct that we’ve learned to trust.

It’s a word that can refer to or hint at other similar abilities, such as psychic ability, telepathy and empathy.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

The word “intuition”comes from the Latin word “intueri”, which means to consider, or to look upon or towards. This suggests an external vantage point, something from the outside looking in. It was suggested by Carl Jung that there are primitive forms of thought called archetypes, which are ever- present and accessible pools of knowledge that we can draw from. Dr. Roger Sperry proposed in his research on what he called “split- brain”that intuition may have a neurological origin in the cerebral hemisphere. Plato said that there was a realm of ideas where information came from and that we dip into it and refer to the “knowing”that we get from it as intuition.

How to Tap Into Your Abilities

How can you access and develop your natural abilities? Start by considering them as an essential part of everyday life. Your intuition is ever – present and guide you through every day. Meditation is a great way to not only access, but strengthen your abilities. Unplugging from technology and spending some time in nature periodically is another way to exercise your abilities. But, most importantly, remember to use your gifts every day!

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