Curses, witchcraft, and clairvoyant scams

Curses, witchcraft, and clairvoyant scams

Below are things you need to know when getting a reading:

  • You are likely to feel terrified and panicked or even anguished when getting an intuitive reading because you are most probably working with a fake intuitive who is looking forward to instilling fears in you and use them for their own gain.
  • Other individuals use their accurate intuitive gifts for nefarious purposes. The fact that you might be given accurate reading does not mean that an individual is not a scam.
  • It costs thousands of dollars to source special eggs, salt and candles.
  • The death of your loved one or your own death cannot be caused through a curse. Nobody can stop you from finding love or make your relationship fail through a curse.

Of course, there are individuals who cast spells and curses on others. However, these curses don’t affect us since they don’t have power.

We cannot experience bad things just because another person agrees to it.

It’s our behaviors, words, thoughts, and actions that trigger the things that happen to us. The other remaining things are in the hands of God, not other individuals.

I trust that before we even get here, once we’re incarnated, our souls may put in place specific conditions, relationships, and events that we are likely to come across. This will enable us to have specific encounters and learn specific lessons.

These experiences and lessons revolve around themes that are likely to be carried over from one lifetime to the next.

It does not mean I’m cursed if somebody wrongs me in the current generation and I give them too much power over me. It might mean that I’m just here to transcend since I am slipping into old patterns of victimhood.

Therefore, you need to be cautious about this scam.

Finally, this scam follows a pattern

  • If you go for reading to a clairvoyant who doesn’t charge much money, to my experience it is frequently a psychic who works out of a new-age shop.
  • She makes accurate predictions about you and your life and you begin to trust her abilities.
  • She says that it’s a curse that was supposedly cast by someone else is the thing affecting your relationship and making you unhappy.
  • She will ask for a large amount of money so that she can release the spell. And if you don’t give her the cash, she will try to threaten you that there are things that are likely to happen to you.
  • She is likely to come back and tell you the curse removal didn’t work just to get more money.

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