Dolphin Spirit Animal Signs

Dolphin Spirit Animal Signs

We all have spirit guides, and some spirit guides are our spirit animals. People that have dolphin spirit guides are playful, fun, and like to laugh.

There are many different species of dolphins but some of the most known are the Bottlenose Dolphin.

When you want to connect with your spirit guide, you have to let them know that you want to talk to them and get information from them. If you are clairvoyant, you can talk to your dolphin guide through your feelings and tell them that you trust them and need them.

A dolphin spirit guide can help you to have a happy life and to help you to find your inner healing. They can help you to help others through healing. Since the dolphin spirit animal is playful and fun, chances are that if you are playful and fun that you have these guides to help you.

Signs You Have a Dolphin Spirit Animal

There are different signs that you have a dolphin spirit animal in life and one of the biggest signs is that you love the ocean. You are addicted to different colors that are gray, blue, or other hues of blue. You might love these colors because you love the color of water.

When you change your clothes or your wardrobe, maybe you have found that most of your clothing is blue, and this is because your guides are watching over you and you are drawn to them.

Your guides can show you they are there by guiding you what color outfit to wear. They will also be there when you see the colors of the sunset or the colors of the shells. Maybe you have picked out ocean patterns and this is another sign.


If you want to be who you are but you always get waves of excitement, it could be because of your dolphin spirit guide.

If you want to be anything, what is it? If you said you want to be carefree then chances are that you like to flow, and you like to be part of the earth. This is a sign that your dolphin guide is guiding you to nature.

The guides will go where you feel the safest in your life and will show you signs. They want to give you what is best for you and to guide you down the right path.


Being at work can be hard and stressful and if you have found that lately all that you want to do is play, your guides might be reaching out to you. Maybe you are playful at meetings and maybe you are socializing and having fun.

You might even use things to engage in playful activities. If you see that your soul wants to play, it could be your dolphin guides trying to help you find your old, loving, and light lifestyle that you used to love.


Dolphin guides will use their mind to communicate with you. They will do this by sending you out waves to your mind and your thoughts.

When you are able to pick up the vibrations from your dolphin guides, you are picking up their energies and you are able to communicate with them. You can use your clair giftings to guide you and to help you get closer to your guides.

Energy Healing

Dolphin guides are there to help you increase your life and to heal your own body and to help heal others. The guides can help you to heal by sending sound healing to you. They can also send you Reiki or Vibrational therapy.

Healing can be done through vibrations and through sound and the dolphins will help you achieve this by sending you harmonized waves in your body and mind.

If you realize that you are being guided by your dolphin guides, do not forget to say thank you for all they have done for you lately.


If you have the energy of your dolphin guides close to you then you can get closer by putting your bare feet on the floor and putting your hands up. You can close your eyes and open your mind and ask your dolphin guides to come to you.

That is the first step. When you find that you are being more playful, this is a clue that you are connecting to your guides energy and that you are able to be playful and fun so that you can help yourself and others.

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  1. While I’m open to diverse spiritual beliefs, this article seems to stretch the boundaries of plausibility. Dolphins as spirit guides influencing our wardrobe choices feels more like whimsical fiction than a tangible reality.

  2. Oh great, now not only do I have to worry about picking the right outfit in the morning, but I also need to consider the opinions of my dolphin spirit guide. Maybe they can help me with my taxes next!

  3. The concept of spirit animals guiding us through life is deeply rooted in various cultures. Dolphins, known for their intelligence and playfulness, could be quite fitting as guides. However, one must critically examine the cultural appropriation aspect when adopting such beliefs.

    • Absolutely, both of you make valid points. It’s essential to approach such beliefs respectfully while recognizing their potential to bring positivity and personal growth to one’s life.

    • I agree, Sunny. Respecting the origins of these beliefs is crucial. But at the same time, finding personal meaning in them can be deeply fulfilling, as long as it’s done with reverence and understanding.

  4. This is absolutely ludicrous. The idea that our clothing choices and love for the ocean are indicators of spiritual guidance from dolphins is beyond belief. It seems like an oversimplification of human behaviors and preferences.

  5. What a fascinating read! I’ve always felt a deep connection to the ocean and playful nature, and learning about dolphin spirit guides highlights why I might be this way. It’s wonderful to consider that such energies might be guiding me in my daily life.


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