Finding Your Patron Deity and Why It’s Vital

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People often talk about deities when they are into witchcraft. The idea of deities and witchcraft go hand in hand. You can find people that worship all different kinds of gods or goddesses and since there are so many different religions, everyone has their own way to worship and to find who they want to follow. Most places are even tolerant of the different religions that people have.

Witches will have different kinds of patron gods and goddesses that they serve, and this might not be who you serve. You might not even have a patron that you want to serve. Maybe you are new to witchcraft, and you are trying to figure out what you actually like.

Maybe you have been doing crafting for a long time, but you are not sure you even believe in patron deity, and it makes you uncomfortable. Or maybe you feel like a deity has come to you and you have not accepted their invite into your crafting.

Whatever reason you have, it can be hard for someone that has no gods or goddesses in their magic. There is a lot of pressure in the crafting world for witches to find deities that will fit into their lives, but the problem is that there is so much information that is wrong that it can cause people to miss out on what they want to do.

Do not let this stress you and you can learn to let gods and goddesses into your crafting, and you can learn more as to rather you want to have a patron deity or not and then find out which ones are perfect for what you want in your life.

Do You Need a Patron Deity?

It is important for witches to look into the patron deity to see if this is actually right for them. This is important to know if it is important for you because some people feel that they need a deity and some feel that they don’t. Many witches believe that witchcraft is a religion and if they don’t have a god or goddess to practice with then they don’t really know magic.

You never have to choose to pick a patron deity or even ever choose to work with one in order to do magic. They are not necessary for you to be a witch and you can practice your magic with a deity or you can use the power of something higher in order to do witchcraft. This will work fine with a deity or without.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot choose later to pick a deity, some people will start with none and then before they know it, they will have three or four. After you read books and research, you can find out if you want to have a deity or if you want to leave things the way that they are in your magic.

Does Magic Come from Outside?

One thing that is important is to understand where your magic comes from. Your magic doesn’t come from a power outside of your body, it comes from you and who you are. It doesn’t come from the earth or from your ancestors or from other powers, it is something that is inside of you. It is energy that you have, and it is inside of you.

Each person has the power to access their own energy and they can do magic if they choose to. Having spiritual power is not something that comes from the gods, and no one can take it away, even if you don’t have a god to worship.

If you want to find a god or goddess to worship because you need to have power so that you can be a good witch, you are searching for the wrong things. This means that you are likely struggling with yourself, and you need to just figure out where your magic comes from. Not having a god or goddess to worship is not going to stop you from doing magic. What stops you is not having the knowledge that you need to use your powers.

If you are wanting to be more powerful in your magic, you will not want to look to external things to give you power. You need to start reading and studying your craft. You need to get books and get as much knowledge as you can. Watch videos and listen to podcasts and you will see that having a relationship with a deity is not going to make you stronger. If you feel stuck in your magic, this can be because you are not accessing your internal power.

You can find a way to meet your magical needs by looking deep inside of yourself. You need to figure out how to balance your life and how to not let things manipulate you to lose your power.

Should You Work with Deities?

One thing that people often get the idea wrong about is that if you work with a god that you have to have a goddess as well. There is no rule that says that you have to balance the masculine and feminine power. You do not have to worship whom you don’t want to. The idea of working with a god or goddess is okay but you don’t have to choose to be with one or the other or both, it is up to you.

If gender matters to you then figure out which one you want to worship and base your spiritual ideas and relationships on that deity. Be comfortable with what you want. If you choose to work with just the gods, that is okay. There are gods that can be off the gender spectrum, and you can work with them, and it will not unbalance your powers.

The concept of having to balance the masculine and feminine powers is something that you can put out of your mind. You don’t have to match the gods with the goddesses to have a patron deity in your life.

Why Work with a Deity?

Some people choose to work with deities because they want to have a relationship with them. Whatever you put into this relationship is what will come back to you. Having a relationship with a god will help you like any other relationship, but you have to learn to build up communication so that you can have love and trust for them and them for you.

This is something that might work well for you if you deal witch emotional problems, and you need support from someone or something. It can also help you depending on the different magic that you do. Each relationship will be different depending on who you are and what you do to make the relationship work.

Remember that even the gods and goddesses all have different personalities and so you cannot expect one to be the same as the other. You will have a different relationship with one god than you do with another god.

You should only go into a deity relationship once you know what you want. This should be completely up to you, and you need to realize that your relationship will be your own. It will be different than other relationships that you have, and other people will have different relationships with their deities than you do. Do not be discouraged if you expect something and it doesn’t happen.

If you are looking for someone to have a romantic relationship and you think that you will get these feelings with your god or goddess, you need to start learning about your deities and see what kind of relationship you will have with them.

This is important because when you know what kind of relationship that you want, you can figure out what deity that you want to communicate with. For example, if you are afraid of death and dying, you might not want to deal with a god or goddess that deals with death.

If you want to work with a deity to help you grow your magic, use Hekate or Odin to help you reach your magical goals. But, if you want to have home magic, use Freya or Brighid to help you.

Another reason to know what kind of relationship that you want is because you need to make sure that you don’t just pick up any relationship that you have in front of you. These will not end well because you have no idea what you are looking for or what you want. You need to find a deity that will fit with your personality and will be able to help you in whatever you need.

No matter what you think, know that deities can manipulate you just like people can and you should always have boundaries when you get into a relationship with them, and you should know what you will allow and what you want before you even consider it.

How to Do Deity Work?

Working with deities can be a great thing and it can be a positive part of doing magic. It is not something that you need to rush right out and do but you need to start focusing on what you want and what you hope to accomplish with a new kind of deity relationship. You have the power you need to do magic inside of you and no one or nothing can change that, so make sure that is not your reason for wanting to have a deity in your life.

If you find that you are interested in the idea of a deity, look inside deep and find out what you want to know about them. Research them and find out the myths about them and what you can learn with your magic about them. Find out what they have to say and do with relationships and make sure that you talk to someone that has a deity in their life.

When you are interested in this kind of thing, it will be because a god or goddess is trying to contact you because they have noticed you. If you have met them because of this, great job, if not, not every deity will come to you. You should know if a deity is trying to communicate with you and if you think one is, do a ritual to tell them about who you are.

Remember that once you start doing deity work that you can stop it anytime you want, and you should always have boundaries. Tell them what you want in the relationship and if you have to end it, do it. Just because they are a deity doesn’t mean that you have to stay with them forever.

You can meet them and decide a week later that you are no longer interested in the relationship and move on. You can be kind and cut off the communication and find something else that you are interested in. It can take a long time to form a relationship with a god or goddess and if you have a relationship and you need to rethink the terms, that is on you.

A relationship has to be two ways, and this includes a deity relationship. If you have a deity that will not listen to you, you need to part ways with them. It is your right to change your mind and to find another god or goddess to talk to.

Picking a deity should be something that you take your time doing. You should never run into this fast without researching and thinking things through. Just like any other relationship, this takes time, and you should not just talk to a deity because they agreed to talk to you but find ones that you have similar interests with.

You have many options on choosing a deity and don’t feel like you have to have one right now. Find the ones that work best with you. You have all the time in the world to connect with a deity, until then, use your magic just the way that it is.

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