How to Cut Spiritual Cords

Spiritual Cords

When you are in a relationship, how do you know when it is time to step away and end that relationship? Sometimes relationships are spiritual cords and when you are in a strong relationship then chances are that you have formed a cord with this person.

Are you in a toxic relationship with someone or do you feel that you are addicted to that person you are with? Have you or your partner begin to put other things over the relationship? There are so many reasons that relationships end.

When it is time to end a relationship, you might feel guilty for breaking things off, but you need to not feel these feelings. You may feel that your emotions are going to never heal or on the other hand, you might feel that your partner doesn’t even care if you leave them.

Being in a relationship that has made things better for you or being in one that has caused you emotional hurt means that it can be time to break these cords. Just being in a relationship to not have to breakup and refusing to move forward can cause you to miss out on relationships that better your life. There are many reasons that you should leave your relationship.

How to Cut the Cord

You sometimes just have to tell someone that the relationship is over and move forward. You might need to have closure, but you can do this when you really break up and move on. It is easiest to cut the cord with someone by doing a clean break.

Don’t Be Available

One of the best things that you can do when you break up with someone is to not have contact with them anymore. Get them off your social media and don’t answer texts or calls. Block them if you have to. If they are a violent person, get the police involved if you have to.

Stay with Your Decision

No matter how much you miss them, stick with your decision, and just say no when they want to see you.

Don’t Be Repetitive

You already explained to your partner why you wanted to break up and you don’t have to keep telling them over and over.

Other People

Do not let your family or friends talk you into getting back with this person. If you are finished with them, be finished, and move forward. Don’t let them talk you into something else.


Even though you might feel guilty for breaking up with them, the real reason is because the relationship wasn’t good for you. Don’t feel guilty and just move forward.

Stop Loving Them

You might wonder if you will ever be able to stop loving this person but if you have never really loved them then you can move on easier. Did they really love you? What caused the relationship to be over? Remember these things and it will be easier to walk away.

You don’t need to worry about not loving that person but how to make decisions for yourself that are best to give you physical and mental safety.

Knowing Its Over

You will just know when the relationship is over. You will be able to see that the relationship is no longer benefiting you. Being alone in a relationship is often worse than being alone out of a relationship. Once you realize that things aren’t the same, you can move on easier.

Giving Too Much

You can stop loving someone too much by looking at the faults and the mistakes that are made in the relationship. Even though you should fully love someone, you need to not be the one that is always giving.

A healthy relationship means that both people are giving. Loving someone takes more than one person. You need to cut yourself off from that person and stop caring so much and if your partner refuses to listen or change, walk away.

Cutting Karmic Ties

You cannot get rid of karma that you have already accrued but you can learn to move forward and to pay back your karma and move on. Start living your best life and being positive.

Do not be in situations that are abusive or that are hurtful to you but end that role and move on. Don’t look for drama but cut the energy cords and let your emotions be strong.

Cutting the Cords

You can look online and find a spell that can help you to cut the cords that connect you to other people. Talk to the person that you need to end the relationship with and learn to tell yourself no when you want to go back.

Don’t communicate with this person anymore and cut them completely out of your life. Tell them that you have grown apart and that you need to move on.

Ending the relationship can be hard but as time moves on you will see that cutting these cords is better for you and that you are getting out of toxic relationships is what is healthiest for you. No matter how much time goes on, you will see that your heart will begin to heal, and the attachments will be gone.

To cut the cords and do a ritual, you need to go through the house and get all of the things that this person gave you together. You want to break these connections that you have with this person. Get rid of these things and then speak a blessing over your house and cleanse it.

You can also light a candle in a dark room and put a mirror in front of you. Look at the space around you and see the energies that are there that you didn’t know about. Get rid of anything that is there that has energy that you do not need in your life.

Tell the bad energies to leave your home and open the doors and windows and let the energy leave. This is a way to cut the cord.

What if Someone Cuts You Out?

You might not know that the relationship that you are in is over and your partner might be cutting the cords of the relationship. You can tell this is happening and the best thing for you to do is to communicate with your partner and find out why.

Figure out why you are feeling in love with them, but you don’t feel the love back. When a relationship is over, they aren’t the one for you and you need to move forward.

Be thankful for the past with them but do not let them control your emotions anymore. You will be okay even if it is ending and you love it. Once you heal you will see things from a different perspective. You will love someone else at another time and this was only love that was meant to last a while.

When a cord is cut you will feel freedom, but you might also feel grief. This happens because energy cords go deep into your heart, and it can hurt for a while. You have to stop talking about it and being negative and the best way to heal is to start being positive.

Let them go and find relationships that are healthy in your life. Cutting energy cords form your ex is the best way to get over them.

After you cut the cords, rather it feels good or bad, you need to do what is necessary to move forward. Relationships can sometimes be saved but sometimes they can’t be. Take the action that you need to do what is best for yourself to live a happy and peaceful life.

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