Meanings of the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

If you are at all familiar with astrology, then you likely already know your sun sign, typically called your zodiac sign. Still, there is much more to learn. When you look deeper into your birth chart, you realize you also have a moon and rising sign. What they mean is shared below.


The sun, rising, and moon signs each rule over specific character parts and when combined, make up your personal astrology. It can be difficult to fully relate to only part of our zodiac sign but having the other components can clarify. The sun signs are descriptive of your basic nature. The moon signs rule over femininity, sensitivity, and emotion. The rising signs impact the way others see you.

Sun Sign

The sun sign is positioned in reference to the sun in your birth chart. Most people know this sign because horoscopes are based upon them. To calculate this element, you need to know only your birthdate. This represents your core, your strengths, attitude, and passions, as well as your understanding of things. These are shared below with basic characteristics.

Aries Strong and impulsive
Taurus Stable and logical
Gemini Fickle, yet wild
Cancer Loving and sensitive
Leo Vain and passionate
Virgo Sensible and smart
Libra Kind and ethereal
Scorpio Focused and brave
Sagittarius Funny and cheerful
Capricorn Strong and caring
Aquarius Fun and giving
Pisces Dreamy and highly creative

Moon Sign

The moon sign is associated with the emotive parts of the personality. This is thought to be the key to unlocking your soul, though the traits are not readily noticeable. Individuals often back hold these traits. The lunar signs are often more important for women than men because they are associated with femininity and sensuality.

Still, these are present in men. Many people secretly identify more with this sign, but fear putting themselves out in the world in this way.

Aries Independent and impatient
Taurus Conservative and organized
Gemini Chatty and charming
Cancer Peaceful and calm
Leo Idealistic and bossy
Virgo Dedicated and ambitious
Libra Flirty and fair
Scorpio Faithful and individualistic
Sagittarius Pleasant and helpful
Capricorn Bold yet sensitive
Aquarius Attentive and jealous
Pisces Compassionate and loving

Rising Sign

The rising sign is the sign on the eastern horizon when you are born and related to the traits you show the world. It influences style and how you present yourself to others in a unique way. This sign never changes.

Aries Loyal and committed
Taurus Focused and smart
Gemini Spontaneous and honest
Cancer Open and authentic
Leo Passionate and wise
Virgo Intelligent and humble
Libra Welcoming and charismatic
Scorpio Courageous and outgoing
Sagittarius Inventive and optimistic
Capricorn Resolute and strong
Aquarius Visionary and originality
Pisces Tolerant and gentle

Hopefully this will help you understand the pieces of your personality better.

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